Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crazy Cat!

I have a crazy cat!

I have had cats in my life since I was a little girl and I don't remember any of them being as crazy as Miss Kitty.

Well, maybe my first cat Nosey, was a little eccentric. She was a white, black and brown calico with a white face. She loved spaghetti least the one time we let her try it! Unfortunately the sauce stained her fur around her mouth and she had an orange spot there for the rest of her life!

Other cat lovers have told me that my Miss Kitty is not that weird, that their cats do some of the same weird things.....she is a Maine Coon and I have never had one of her breed......maybe that's it?!

She has the whole floor to sit on but chooses anything NOT for sitting, to sit on! Like this mesh back supporter for a chair.....

Or the Christmas decoration boxes I am trying to empty....

Or the project I am working on.....

Some of the things she plops herself on cannot possibly be comfortable at all! I had a sewing project with pins, thread, a needle and scissors on the couch that I was working on while watching TV. I left the room and when I came back she was sitting right in the middle of it.....the needle was inches from her face!

This CANNOT  be comfortable!

I do understand the places that are ultra comfortable and I realize she is just being a cat.........that's my husband under the blanket she has plopped herself on....

And who could resist this?

The one thing I will NEVER understand is the attraction to plastic bags and the need to lick is just too weird!

Poor Miss Kitty didn't know that her antics were being documented and that she would end up in my blog someday!
She was a Christmas gift from my husband and I have had her for a little over 13 years.
She is so cute and precious to me that I can forgive any of her antics anyday!

Do you have a cat that acts a little weird? I'd love to be reassured that I am not alone!

AnnMarie :) 


  1. She's precious--and quite typical except maybe for the licking the plastic bag thing. My cat loved spaghettios.

  2. I love cats -- I thought I would never have one because my husband hated cats but we found a stray kitten while on vacation camping. We took him home and my husband fell in love with him.

  3. I love your kitty's antics. We have 3 - Mango-an orange tabby.
    Inky - a tuxedo. Sweetie - a long haired calico.

    Sweetie does the same thing - plopping herself on anything. Inky will climb inside of anything and Mango hangs out on top of the kitchen cabinets. I love them all.

    I also have a doggie named Chichi who is now 14 and smaller than my cats.


  4. How sweet...we have a cat named Joe Bones and have had him for about 7 years...they tend to live in a world all their own!


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