Monday, July 23, 2012

What is it with Owls?

I usually don't give in to trends. I like what I like and just because something is the "in" thing to have or wear or do, I resist, standing my ground on my own individuality.

Except recently, with all this craze over owls.

I never cared about them before. They are cute and ugly and spooky and have a dark quality to them. I would look at them at the zoo but would run if I saw a live one in the woods.

Leave it to the wide world of arts and crafts to make this creature of the night into something cute and cuddly and irresitible.

They were a popular decorative item in the 1970's. I recently sold this retro pair of wallhangings within hours of listing them.

Anyone remember the macrame owl shaped wall hangings made out of jute or hemp? They were usually hung between two pieces of branch for a natural look and were considered really cool at the time. Here is one from Elegant Seashore on Etsy.

Etsy has a huge variety of owls in any medium you, crocheted, felted, ceramic......

This  pendant from Rainnua Art Pendants is so real looking and very appealing.......

Who can resist an owl on top of your baby's head? There are 120 pages of owl baby hats on Etsy....this one is from Simply Soft Baby Loft

This little owl family is felted and made my ScratchCraft on Etsy...

I recently found an owl I had to have for my garden. The gentleman who carved it just left it behind when he left the shop I bought it from. I spotted it and was able to buy it from the manager. It had been there, outdoors, for awhile!

I have an owl or two in my NaNa's Things shop on Etsy. One area I will try to follow the trends on is what is selling and the why really doesn't matter! I have to find vintage owls, though, so I have been keeping my eyes alert for them. Here is a vintage ceramic owl bank I found recently.

This one is not listed yet in my shop because I don't know what to make of him! He is very rusty and looks like he is hand cut. He falls into the scary category of owls I think, because all I think of is that he could be hanging in one of those forbidden Indian burial grounds you see in the movies....ya know what I mean?! Very tribal looking...but very appealing. If anyone knows anything about him, please share it with me!

Anyone else taken in by this fascination with Owls?

AnnMarie :)


  1. The obsession with owls hasn't re-hit me yet. I had a couple of owls carved from wood years ago. I'm wondering if they are still in the attic, hum!

    I like that last owl very much. Actually I thought he looks like he is seeing something scary. Either way I've never seen another one like him!!

    1. If you've got those owls in the attic they could be vintage! Nothing more appealing than vintage owls in the attic!

  2. I like them:) I always think of wisdom when I think of owls so I love using wisdom scriptures when painting owls:))

  3. I had an owl collection in the 70's. I have always loved them.


  4. I haven't really joined in with the owls yet. And of course that owl hat is super cute!

  5. That last one is really interesting, AnnMarie.

  6. OK... the owls are almost as freaky as the mustaches! But seriously, when I was a child, my Grandmother used to take me to a place called "Takapushka", it was like a sanctuary for owls. That's all I remember. I don't like them particularly, but think it's cool that some can turn their heads all the way around.

    Now, Octopuses... THOSE I can dig :)

  7. I have a friend who did her nursery in owls . . .lol Of course they were cute little purple owls ;) I've always been fascinated by them. When I lived in the mountains of Big Bear Lake, California we had a Great Horned Owl nesting in our yard. I used to love sitting on the back porch watching it. Isn't funny how trends come full circle:)

  8. Hahahaha! I have a fellow Etsian friend who most definitely loves them. I think of her every time I see an owl listing of any sort show up in my activity feed! :)

  9. I like owls, but I have always liked things from the 70s. I had a teeny tiny crocheted owl brooch, his "ears" were attached to a pin and his feet were on a branch. This thing was crocheted in very fine thread, and had been starched so it was stiff.
    Sadly I put it through the wash on my blouse and that was the end of that..have been looking for a replacement ever since!

  10. That is so true that owls are very popular. I have my own owl clock in my shop.

  11. I like the cute owls. Some can be freaky. I would do something with owls if I had a stamp or a die cut.

  12. I'm impressed with the etsy research you did for this post.

  13. I love barn owls and enjoy painting cute ones regardless of trends. A lovely selection you've found. Blessings Niki x


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