Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Goin' to Grandma's House

I have such wonderful memories of going to my grandmother's house and her cottage at the Thousand Islands.

This view looks exactly like the one I had as a kid looking out onto
the St. Lawrence River from my grandparent's cottage

We called her Ga because that is all my oldest sister could say as a toddler. We lost her to liver disease when I was 12 but I can still describe her home and cottage (right down to the décor items!)and the things we did there.

I want to make those memories for my grandchildren.

I have a big, old Victorian house with lots of charm and cozy comfort. The kind of house you think of when goin' to grandma's house.

My grandchildren Cassidy, Chloe and JC are here at least once a week, sometimes more. There are routines they have here and familiar things in my home that I hope are creating memories for them for years to come, even though they may not realize it now.

This is the walk up to my front door.....NaNa's house

This is the door that they press their noses up against to see if I am coming yet to answer it.

Chloe said "NaNa! Why are you taking a picture of us coming in?!"
They usually go straight to the toy chest, which really doesn't look like one when there are no grandchildren around....

But open it up and there's all kinds of kid stuff that needs to get organized!

Usually lunch follows soon after they arrive. Chloe likes to wait and eat lunch at NaNa's. I bought this great, 1950's red Cosco step stool/chair to sell but as soon as Chloe saw it in my kitchen, she claimed it as her own. JC soon joined in with a toddler seat on a dining room chair.

After lunch Chloe will go off with her bag of animals and go into my dining room to play. This solid wood truck was a decoration in my son's room when he was little. Chloe likes to put her animals in the windows and the driver seat.

Making memories.....

This is the spot they are not supposed to go....behind the chairs in the parlor. Lots of fragile things on the shelves on either side and vintage dolls, NOT to be played with. I know, I know, I am tempting them, but I want my things out where I can see them! They will learn not to touch as my girls and my son did. We have already survived the pulling down of the vintage Victorian lamp from being where we weren't supposed to! 

And, of course, there will be memories of going to NaNa's to see the new kitties. Cyrus is tolerant of children, Sprite is not. She is not anywhere to be seen when they are over.


There are the seasonal things I like to do with them at my house, like decorating pumpkin cookies before Halloween. I hope they remember that and carry the tradition on to their children.

For Cassidy, who is 10, there are different memories being made. She already experienced all that the younger kids do now, but now likes to go on the computer when she comes over and play with my ancient flute. She does her homework here and sings silly songs with my husband.

When Chloe is older I hope there will be memories of prancing around in my garden in the summer.


Or petting the deer...

Or playing in the little red and yellow car that both Cassidy and Chloe have played in, and JC will this Spring...

Mostly I hope they remember the love and hugs and time they spent with me, my husband, Nonno to them, and my son Michael (he doesn't want to be called Uncle yet!).

There is nothing like having a special Grandma in your life.

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. A day in the life. This is so sweet and these small moments really are what matter most in life. Your grandkids are adorable. I spied some beautiful red hair!

  2. So cute. You are making wonderful memories for them. It is amazing what they will remember doing at your house years from now.
    Mine were/are taught there are boundaries also, and certain things are to be looked at not played with.

  3. What a sweet post AnnMarie! I have such fond memories of both of my granny's and their homes. I can't wait to become a grandma myself. I have been ready for a few years now but neither of my children are married yet. I hope it won't be too many more years though! I am so ready for grands. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post. Your grands are beautiful and so is your home! I used to dream of living in an old Victorian home! Have a great rest of the week!

    Hugs, Vicky

  4. You and I are a lot alike, AnnMarie. I, too, often think about doing things just for a memory maker for my grandkids. A lot of their memories will be of faeries at Nana's house. Also of snuggling down under soft fuzzy blankets with a fire roaring in the fireplace.

    I used to live in a historic old house, too, and loved every moment of it. I thought we would be there forever-but we weren't. Those "old house" memories are the best ones, I think.

    Blessings and I hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  5. What a lovely post! It's fun seeing other Grams with their little ones. I have a toy box in my living room for mine and they go straight for it, too. Sometimes, when it looks like things are getting a little crazy, I rescue my antique oil lamp and move it upstairs. My parents found the lamp and electrified it when I was a baby but the new shade cost more than the lamp is worth! Other than that, they pretty much have the run of the first floor. They're only little for a short time...

  6. Love this post Ann Marie! Making memories at Na-Na's is the best. I am trying to do the same. I didn't grow up with any grandparents. All had passed before I was old enough to remember. I had Aunts and Uncles that were a lot like grandparents. I cherish the memories I have of them! I am hoping my grands do the same!

  7. Oh AnnMarie, that was so sweet. My kids have never experiences that special kind of grandma in their lives, unfortunately my mom doesn't put grandkids at the top of her priorty list. I want to be the Grandma that you are. That photo you took of the kids coming through the front door is priceless, especially that pumpkin hat! So very cute. I just adore kids!
    Have a great rest of your week,

  8. I so agree. It's so nice to see Grandma's that love their grandchildren like this.

  9. A beautiful share AnnMarie. Setting traditions and making your Grands visit special and memorable will linger in their minds long after they are grown, just like your precious memories at Ga's house.

  10. What a lovely home. A home full of life, love and hapiness. A home with sweet grandchildren.

  11. So sweet. I remember the days at my grandmothers' houses. So many really great memories. Thanks for stirring them up and sharing your own! :)

  12. Your grands are adorable AnnMarie and it looks like they have such a great time at Na'sNa's (your) house. These memories will stay with them forever. I still can remember my nana's house and everything in it and how it was arranged. Your home is beautiful!

  13. Your grandchildren certainly are blessed AnnMarie :) I loved seeing how they spend their time with you and some of the special things they like to see and do. How delightful they are!

  14. Such precious little grandchildren and I am quite sure they will have lovely memories of going to Nana's beautiful house the rest of their lives! I want to come over and play! I might have to be naughty and touch the forbidden dolls, though! :) x Karen

  15. This is the sweetest and dearest glimpse into your life with your precious grandchildren. I love how you have taken such time to mindfully create these fleeting moments and cherish them. These beautiful grandchildren will always remember these priceless moments with you!

  16. AnnMarie, this is such a sweet post. I have very similar memories of my grandmother and have always felt the way you do about making memories with my only grandson. When they moved to CO a year and half ago, it broke my heart! Thank God for Face Time! Though it's not the same as weekly sleep overs, at least we can see each other when we chat. I'll see him at Thanksgiving and cannot wait! Your grandchildren are blessed!

  17. AnnMarie, this was so special to read! There is no doubt in my mind that you are creating very special memories! You are so fortunate to have your grandchildren nearby, and visiting so frequently! Enjoy them - I know they are enjoying you!

  18. You're a very blessed woman, AnnMarie, to have your grandchildren so close and to have them visit you so often. And they are very blessed to have you as their NaNa. Hugs.

  19. Your grandchildren are adorable, AnnMarie, and you are making wonderful memories for them. I was also close with my grandmother so this post is extra special to me.

  20. I'm sure they will have happy memories of NaNa's house when they are grown, remembering more than you can imagine right now - little things - like the smell of something on the stove or a special hiding place or even a piece of gum (that's one of my memories from my Gramma's house)

  21. There is no place like Grandma's :) Your grandchildren must LOVE going to your home as it's such a sweet place and so full of love.

    It's truly a joy to visit you, my friend. How I have missed you! Hugs!

  22. Without a doubt you ARE creating memories...priceless, precious memories. My maternal grandmother lived with us, so yes, she was very special to me. You are very fortunate to see them regularly, as are they. They're adorable AnnMarie!

  23. Grand Parents...aren't they just the best of the best!!
    Your babies will be blessed as they come and learn from you through a grandmother's tender love and care. It sounds like memories are already being made, such a joy.

    I have such fond memories of the grandparents on both sides, and I will forever cherish them, as long as my memory holds out. :-)
    That step stool chair in your kitchen looks just like one I sat on as a little girl in my grandparents home.
    It brings back memories.

    Blessings, Debbie


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