Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Been Thinking About..........

......Pinterest since I finally joined and started my own boards and am getting the hang of it. It was something I kept hearing about but didn't have a clue how to join in on. Now I check in everyday to see what everyone is pinning and then I pin a few things of my own. I love pinning fabulous finds from all the wonderful shops on Etsy and have created boards just to go with the items I am finding. I hear it is addicting but can't say that I am yet! If you are already on, Follow Me !

......my two Etsy shops and how to keep them fresh and new and interesting with new items. I have been going to thrift shops and garage sales, a few estate sales and even some flea markets. I have found some new treasures to list in my NaNa's Things shop and did all that over the weekend. This mini oil can is my favorite new old treasure that I found. Makes a perfect shabby chic ring holder for your dresser!

And then I found these great silverplate horn candlesticks at an estate sale that has me thinking suddenly about Christmas!  I have always loved the Colonial, country style of decorating for the holidays with the pinecones and garland and berries. These just stir up all those memories.

I think if you are an Etsy shop owner, now is a good time to plan for items for the Christmas season, especially if they are things that have to be made. But the thought of getting into all those holidayish supplies and the red and green and bows and sparkles......it's a little overwhelming this time of year when out in my yard the flowers are purple and yellow!

Then I remembered Christmas in July! I believe last year Etsy had a promotion in July for shops to join in to sell Christmas items. I got to thinking that I would make more of my puzzle and button ornaments that were very popular last year and to introduce the button garland I just started offering this year in a longer length for the tree. I was in a warehouse type thrift store today and found 5 packs of these buttons.....what do you think of a button garland for the Christmas tree out of these?

It would end up looking like this only longer to drape on the tree....

It will be my 'sitting on the couch' in the evening project for the next several months!

Do you have any projects planned for the holidays yet?

AnnMarie :)


  1. Pinterest is so fun! I love your little oil can, what a cute idea for a ring holder. And I always love strings of buttons.

  2. Ooooh! Button garland is perfect! Imagine all of the fun you can have with that. Great idea.

  3. Cute button garland! I enjoyed your button garland blog too. I've not thought about a thing for upcoming Christmas. I'll probably have all kinds of ideas come to me now that I've read your blog. :)

  4. I actually have not thought that far, although I have some designs that I will relist. I however started something a few years ago that I drew on watercolor paper, but never painted.

  5. I just set up my second Pinterest account for my second Etsy shop. It's been slow in coming. If only I had about an extra year's time! :)


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