Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wedding Day and Bracelets to Wear

Good Morning! Today is the wedding day of my dear friends Lou and Bonnie. Lou's sister Debbie is here from Ohio for her brothers wedding....she is also a dear friend and a sister to me. She knows I have a passion for buttons so she has been buying and collecting buttons for me in Ohio and presented me with a HUGE stash of all kinds of colors and sizes of fabulous vintage buttons. I was overwhelmed! In the stash was the most spectacular bracelet I have ever seen. I first saw bracelets like this in an antique shop in Skaneateles, NY, behind the glass in a case. I believe it is the way these were originally made and I loved the look. I went home and started making them to sell in my Etsy shop, The Button Lady. I know the time and work that goes into making one of these bracelets, not to mention the time gathering and matching the buttons to be used. So you can imagine when I opened the box with this bracelet in it......WOW!

Can you say Vintage?! I actually am going to wear this today to the wedding because as it turns out it matches my outfit exactly! And I am bold enough to wear this and it is kinda ME!

Here are a few samples of the ones I made.....they are definitely more wearable and each one is one of a kind.......they are listed in The Button Lady shop. One of these with your holiday outfit is all you need to accessorize!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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