Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crazy Cat!

I have a crazy cat!

I have had cats in my life since I was a little girl and I don't remember any of them being as crazy as Miss Kitty.

Well, maybe my first cat Nosey, was a little eccentric. She was a white, black and brown calico with a white face. She loved spaghetti least the one time we let her try it! Unfortunately the sauce stained her fur around her mouth and she had an orange spot there for the rest of her life!

Other cat lovers have told me that my Miss Kitty is not that weird, that their cats do some of the same weird things.....she is a Maine Coon and I have never had one of her breed......maybe that's it?!

She has the whole floor to sit on but chooses anything NOT for sitting, to sit on! Like this mesh back supporter for a chair.....

Or the Christmas decoration boxes I am trying to empty....

Or the project I am working on.....

Some of the things she plops herself on cannot possibly be comfortable at all! I had a sewing project with pins, thread, a needle and scissors on the couch that I was working on while watching TV. I left the room and when I came back she was sitting right in the middle of it.....the needle was inches from her face!

This CANNOT  be comfortable!

I do understand the places that are ultra comfortable and I realize she is just being a cat.........that's my husband under the blanket she has plopped herself on....

And who could resist this?

The one thing I will NEVER understand is the attraction to plastic bags and the need to lick is just too weird!

Poor Miss Kitty didn't know that her antics were being documented and that she would end up in my blog someday!
She was a Christmas gift from my husband and I have had her for a little over 13 years.
She is so cute and precious to me that I can forgive any of her antics anyday!

Do you have a cat that acts a little weird? I'd love to be reassured that I am not alone!

AnnMarie :) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in Business!

Coming home from vacation involves a lot of emotions....sad to leave being in "another world" for ten days.....of warmer weather!......glad to be home in my own bed......sad that there is no food in the house.....glad that my daughter invited us to dinner tonight.....EXHAUSTED.....wondering if vacations are ever relaxing....glad the pilot knew what he was doing.....sad to be doing a lot of laundry.....very mad to come home to a 46 degree house because our furnace wasn't working.....glad for emergency furnace guys.....$140 later.....

This soothing picture helps a little bit with all that.

I am excited though to be back and to get back into blogging and my Etsy shops. I left them both open while I was gone and so I was treasured alot.....many other sellers used my items in their see some click here....NaNa's Treasurys and here The Button Lady's Treasurys. If you are not familiar with Treasurys, they are a way for Etsy sellers to spread some love and give some promotion to other Etsy sellers by putting different items from different shops in a themed block of items.....they are fabulous, to say the least. And so I missed the Etsy community of Teams and Circles and buyers (come back please!) and sellers, mid-week blog blitz's, twitter and facebook.

I will be adding new items to NaNa's Things and just jumping right back into things as soon as possible.....or when the laundry gets done....whichever comes first....

AnnMarie :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vacation and My Valentine's

Yeah! Vacation time is here!

Myself  and two Valentine's of mine (my husband and son) are off for a much needed time away....10 days to be exact. I wanted to let you know a few things for while I am gone regarding my Etsy shops, The Button Lady and NaNa's Things.

I am open now and shipping items out until FEBRUARY 10TH.

While I am gone I WILL BE LEAVING BOTH SHOPS OPEN! You are welcome to browse, favorite items, shop and even purchase an item. Just know that I will not be shipping out again until  FEBRUARY 23RD.

I also will not beable to respond to conversations in my Etsy shops till FEBRUARY 23RD.

I will miss Etsy and all the interaction there is everyday!

Valentine's Day happens to fall during the time we planned our,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are two more Valentine's.....

My grandaughter Chloe

My granddaughters Chloe and Cassidy

Do you have a Valentine? Or more than one?

AnnMarie :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Found Treasures in My Own Attic!

So, as my blog title implies, I am a vintage junkie...have been for over 30 years. I am also a pack rat and find it very hard to part with my things.

It is a big deal to me that I opened a shop on Etsy purposely to sell some of my things.....I admit, I have had sellers remorse when something is sold and I have to send it away. But I get over it pretty quickly because I have more to sell and there is a whole world out there of  vintage waiting for ME to buy!

I recently went up into my attic looking for things to put in my NaNa's Things shop on Etsy and I was amazed at what I didn't know I had! I have lived in this house 16 years and it has a full attic and basement. Perfect for me because when I moved from my 1900 farmhouse, I could KEEP all my stuff that I wasn't going to use right away. The memory fades after 16 years and so it was like a treasure hunt for me when I started opening boxes and finding things. The pictures are of things that I found and that I am working on
adding to my shop to sell. Consider this a preview of  NaNa's treasures to be found on Etsy.........

I lived in Williamson, New York in the heart of apple country and I actually lived in an apple orchard with an orchard lane on one side of my house. It was all very cozy, country feeling and there were fabulous gift, antique and thrift stores around that I visited often. Not there anymore, but my favorite was The Leaning Barn in Marion, NY. Anyone remember that quaint store? I always came home from there and all the others with lots of treasures.

My house reflected my love of vintage, primitive, antique and country things.....

An old flour sack I had hanging from a cupboard....

Graniteware, tin, Mr. Sheep and 2 cowbells.....where did THEY come from!?!

Some punched tin wallhangings, a fabulous oval frame and a Mirro
cookie press set in its' original box.....

There is so much more to be found in the attic and each has a memory and a story attached to it for me. I have enjoyed them, loved
displaying them and having them in my surroundings for many years. Now I pass them on to you.....

Visit NaNa's Things and check back often as I work through getting all of these things listed.

See anything you like?

AnnMarie :)