Monday, December 17, 2018

Stephanie's Ornament Swap

Did you join in on Stephanie's Enchanting Christmas Ornament Swap?

If you did then you know how fun it is to shop and 
put together a box for someone you really don't know
 and then get a box of goodies from another 
someone you really don't know!

The cute black and white checked tin 
with the red truck and tree in the 
picture above is my gift from 
Cindy at Consider It All Joy

Inside the goodies were wrapped in black 
and red tissue paper with black and
 white snowflake and red plaid ribbon.
A lovely card with a 
personal note was included.

Look at all the goodies inside!

The pierced tin ornaments are just my style
 and look great on my eclectic tree.

I just love the black and white checked
napkins with the red snowflake.
Not sure if I want to use
them this week at
my girlfriends party 
or keep them to craft with!

The vintage Christmas card and set of snowman cards
are adorable and perfect for me as I like
to still send a handwritten note
via snail mail now and then!

The pretty ornaments themselves would have been
enough, but I do appreciate the time
Cindy took to match and 
coordinate all the 
nice things she sent
my way.

Thank you Cindy! 

I found a new blog friend and 
a new blog to follow.


I was thrilled when the name I was
given to gift to was Lauren

We like a lot of the same things 
so I had fun choosing
things to fill the box with.

I love Lauren's blog....
it is filled with lots
of cute and fun DIY things.

You will have to visit her at her blog
to see the gifts from me
since I packed it all up
without taking a single picture!

Here's a hint...
there was an ornament in there!

Thank you Stephanie for hosting
this fun swap!

If you'd like to see lots of pictures of
gifts sent and received,
by other participants,
visit Stephanie's blog
The Enchanting Rose

AnnMarie xoxo