Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Tradition of Christmas Tree Ornaments and Etsy Specials

Christmas is Coming!

Around this time of year when the retailers start stocking their holiday decorations, I find myself mostly drawn to the ornament displays. I have always had a thing for Christmas tree ornaments....my Mother gave each of us children a new one every year, a tradition that I have done over the years for my daughters and son, and now my grandchildren. I love them so much that I have several themed trees around my house each year for Christmas to display my collection. I have a Victorian tree, a country tree with lots of snowmen, a doll tree, and then the main tree with all the ornaments I have collected or been given over the years. My husband and son each have their own trees too, tailored to their individual likes...which is mainly superheros! My most treasured ornament from my youth is the angel in the middle of the picture, dated on the back 1969. The other two were handpainted by my mother in her ceramics class when that was THE thing to do! They date back to the late 1970's.

I started making my own ornaments a few years ago when I became The Button Lady trying to find anything I could to put vintage buttons on! I love the idea of a photo frame ornament hanging on the tree....each year when you pull it out it is like looking at old pictures from the past. There could be many years of your childs or pets life represented on the tree. All the ornaments I make are photo ornaments and have either vintage buttons, puzzle pieces or both on them.
Till December 10th I am running a holiday special in my Etsy shop, The Button Lady.....
HOLIDAY SPECIAL UNTIL DECEMBER 10TH - Buy one or more ornament in the same order and pay shipping only on the first one. Shipping on each additional is FREE.
You can find them at http://www.thebuttonlady3.etsy.com/ or on my mini sidebar of the shop. Here is a picture of most of them together....

I am  offering another special in The Button Lady shop on Etsy for button hair accessories. Great for stocking stuffers! When I first started making the headbands and barrettes I wasn't sure how they would be received. My daughter is a hair stylist at an upscale salon in our area and she took them there to sell. The other stylists and women clients went crazy for them. They are so cute for girls, teens and women.
STOCKING STUFFER SPECIAL UNTIL DECEMBER 10TH - Buy one or more hair accessory in the same order and pay shipping only on the first one. Shipping on each additional is FREE.
Here is a sampling....

Happy Shopping this Christmas season!

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  1. How creative and beautiful! Your Christmas trees are great and I awesome you've a variety of themed. I especially like you hair accessories with the gold one being a fave! Thanks for sharing and you've a new follower. All The Best!


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