Friday, January 13, 2012

Hearts and Love and Friday the 13th

It is Friday the 13th but that doesn't bother me at all. You see 15 1/2 years ago I chose the
13th as my wedding day in July and it has been a blessing ever since. On our honeymoon to Italy I discovered that the Italians consider 13 as their lucky number so I bought a gold 13 charm for my bracelet that I still have and cherish.

We all know that next month on the 14th is the day of Love, Valentine's Day. My husband is not much for Valentine's Day. And with all the craziness the retail arena has added to it, displaying all the red merchandise right after Christmas, has made me not much for it either.

My husband and I don't need a nationally recognized holiday once a year to celebrate our love anyways. Ever since our wedding day, for the past 15 1/2 years, or 186 months (!), we have celebrated our love and wedding day on the 13th of each month. Today is one of those days. We give a small gift with a note expressing our love. That gift could be a candy bar or a bracelet. A box of Twinkies or a new pair of jeans. This morning I received a 6 pack of Pellegrino sparkling mineral water. I gave my husband a new pair of pajama pants....Iron Man. Perfect gifts for each of us!

Next month we will exchange something else on the 13th and we may or may not recognize the 14th. On that note I know there are alot of people that just LOVE to give LOVE on Valentine's Day. I wanted to make something to put in The Button Lady shop on Etsy just for that, so I sat on my couch the past few days handstitching these versatile hearts to help celebrate the day. 

This is mauve velvet with very unique shades
 of pink vintage buttons.

Looks right at home with my girls....

For those of you that love purple and red....a white felt heart embellished
with vintage buttons, red stitching and a purple bead chain.

Hang it from a doorknob for a Victorian look....

Blue and white is so soothing....
carved floral buttons add a shabby chic feeling

Hang a heart on a cupboard....

or a bedpost.....

Here is your true Valentine heart in red and white.
It is made of  red embossed felt

and looks great on a mirror....

Is it Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day?
 This heart will work for either one....

It can hang on a chair year round....

or add to an antique lamp

All of my handstitched hearts are nice additions to any room in your home to give it a shabby chic, Victorian or just a unique look.

If you give a gift on Valentine's Day to your Mom or sister, your babysitter or best friend, these hearts express love to her as well as giving her a year round handmade gift.

They can all be found in The Button Lady shop where there are more pictures and ideas for each heart.

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you give gifts to your extended family or just to your significant other?

Love to you from my handstitched hearts to yours........



  1. That is a wonderful idea - to celebrate each month on the 13th! My husband and I were just the opposite, we wanted to get married on a friday that just happened to be the 13th, so we got married instead on saturday the 14th! Tomorrow is our anniversary of 28 years!
    Oh, I'm a follower now.

  2. Love the hearts AnnMarie....have to Pin them!

  3. aww, what a neat idea. I think a heartfelt note means more than any tangible gift. Very cute!!

  4. very fun button hearts! The buttons themselves are very interesting!


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