Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back in Business!

Coming home from vacation involves a lot of emotions....sad to leave being in "another world" for ten days.....of warmer weather!......glad to be home in my own bed......sad that there is no food in the house.....glad that my daughter invited us to dinner tonight.....EXHAUSTED.....wondering if vacations are ever relaxing....glad the pilot knew what he was doing.....sad to be doing a lot of laundry.....very mad to come home to a 46 degree house because our furnace wasn't working.....glad for emergency furnace guys.....$140 later.....

This soothing picture helps a little bit with all that.

I am excited though to be back and to get back into blogging and my Etsy shops. I left them both open while I was gone and so I was treasured alot.....many other sellers used my items in their see some click here....NaNa's Treasurys and here The Button Lady's Treasurys. If you are not familiar with Treasurys, they are a way for Etsy sellers to spread some love and give some promotion to other Etsy sellers by putting different items from different shops in a themed block of items.....they are fabulous, to say the least. And so I missed the Etsy community of Teams and Circles and buyers (come back please!) and sellers, mid-week blog blitz's, twitter and facebook.

I will be adding new items to NaNa's Things and just jumping right back into things as soon as possible.....or when the laundry gets done....whichever comes first....

AnnMarie :)


  1. Welcome back AnnMarie! It would be so hard to leave a scene like that.

  2. Welcome back! I know the laundry is a pain, but the memorize of the trip are yours to cherish.

  3. Lovely picture! Glad to see you had a nice trip and made it back safely.

  4. So glad you shared the picture of your vacation, AnnMarie. It must have been hard to leave such a lovely place!

  5. I made cuccidate for Christmas too. They're gone now - pity.

    I'm going away soon too - to a sunny, warm climate and seeing beautiful granddaughters who I miss too too much. But I know I'll long to be back in my own bed and back at my old haunts.........

    Welcome home

  6. Welcome back -- sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation!

  7. Welcome back. Glad you had a chance to get away!

  8. Welcome back! Lovely photo and you obviously had a lovely time. No place like home though eh?


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