Saturday, March 3, 2012

Decorating with Garland....Button Garland, that is!

This past Christmas I was given a beautiful, all ivory button garland for my tree by a friend that knows I am passionate for buttons! As beautiful as it looked on the tree I wondered if I could create button garlands out of different colors and styles of buttons to use as decoration year round. My first was this red and white garland I made just in time for Valentines Day.....some very smart lady grabbed it up and it is no longer in my shop The Button Lady , but I wanted to show you how pretty I think it looks.....

I can always recreate this if you have to have it for the red room in your house! Of course all my buttons are one of a kind and vintage so no two garlands will ever be alike. I went on to make a green, blue and white one (that matches my kitchen perfectly!) and an all neutral one with ivory, white and pale beiges and tans that goes anywhere. I started hanging them and placing them all over my house. What do you think?


These are the actual garlands up close.......the colors are perfect for Spring decorating. Each one is 6ft long with a loop on each end for hanging. They are both available in The Button Lady shop on Etsy.

I can custom make any length or color you may need. Send me a conversation through The Button Lady shop or leave a comment here and we can talk colors, length and price.

Happy Weekend!
AnnMarie :)


  1. These are a great idea! Well done =)

  2. Really lovely, AnnMarie - I love all the ideas you have for using them different places. For example, I would never have thought to put a garland on pictures and yet, that's such a great idea!

  3. Such a great idea. I had not thought about using them in a garland

  4. Annemarie, your garlands are delightful and seem to fit so well into your decor - I love the paint colors you've chosen! My home is very monochromatic - I'm so afraid of color.

    1. Oh! Don't be afraid of color....go for it! My husband and painter thought I was crazy when I wanted to put a Ballerina pink ceiling in the parlor where the walls are Cranberry. They had to admit it was fabulous when it was done! A different color in each room is really uplifting, especially the jewel tones.

  5. Stunning pieces! I love that old powder box you have the button garlands strung around.

    Very nice blog


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