Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Creatures in My Shop

I haven't talked about my Etsy shops on this blog in a while, so, if you are interested in what's new, read on.

I was so excited to get an order this past weekend for 10 of my vintage button items from The Button Lady shop from a woman who wanted to sell them in the gift shop of the Texas Quilt Museum in LaGrange, Texas. I think my items are a different but unique compliment to sell along with quilting items.

I am always striving (and shopping!) to come up with unique, different vintage items to put in my Etsy shop NaNa's Things.  As I was going through and tweeking my listings, I realized that I have a lot of creatures in my shop. These are the nice, woodland, cute creatures, not monsters and slimy creatures. I also found some unique vintage figurines from the 70's that I will be listing soon.

This cute creamer is handpainted to look like a bird...

I fell in love with this little fawn souvenir from the 1000 Islands....

This pair of swans are a planter, attached to form a heart....

I LOVE this cow creamer and bucket sugar.....so 1930's!

There are also fish, a hen, a fawn and doe, a stork, a horse, a couple of rabbits and Mickey Mouse.

So here are my new finds from the 1970's. Do you remember when "I Love You This Much" was so everywhere you looked and the most trendy thing to say? I found two of those along with a World's Greatest Grandpa, Greatest Golfer and World's Best Boss. Someone must have dropped off their whole collection of figurines from the W & R Berries Co. circa 1970 to our local goodwill. I picked up a "few" plus two chalkware banks including one Cuss bank....

The colorful clown looking one in front is the Cuss bank. On the back it reads:

I'll make you put in money
But I'll change you if I can,
From using rough, tough swear words,
Even a quiet little damn.

For just a naughty word from you
A five cent charge will do.

But if the word is "rough" this time
That, of course, will cost a dime.

For using language you should not oughter,
The charge will be a great big quarter.

I'll leave you with that. Of course we all know that the tongue is the wickedess part of our body and so we always have control over it.....right?!

AnnMarie :)



  1. I do love that bird pitcher and the cow pitcher.

    I gave my DEH that I love you this much figure back in the 70's. It is around here somewhere.


  2. The bird one is my favorite! Although I like the cow one, too...

    and yes, we have control over in it, through Jesus! Our own ability is nothing compared to Him :)

  3. Nice collections. Blessings Niki x

  4. I love the cow creamer and sugar set! SO cute! :)

  5. Thanks for the tour of your shop...........

  6. I'm with the majority in loving that cow set. So sweet.

  7. How fun to think your button items will be appearing in a Texas museum shop. I can hear the Texan shopowner telling her customers about her supplier, The Button Lady from New York. :)

    Your 'creatures' are darling!

  8. Great listings from the past -- I remember those figurines -- It's amazing what you can find at the thrift store -- I need to take another trip there soon.


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