Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Decorating my Garden

I have always loved working on my gardens. I am not the best green thumb but I do know what I like to DECORATE my gardens with!

Last year the theme seemed to be frogs....you know how when your friends and family know you like or collect a certain thing, that's all you get for gifts for forever?! I had frogs everywhere.

This year I was a little lax in decorating and even in planting new flowers from spending too much time in my other passion...... hunting for great vintage finds. Until I went on vacation. The landscaping at the cottage we stayed in was so pretty (the above picture), that I was inspired to come home and refresh mine. I "stole" some ideas and started hunting for my garden decor immediately.

With my new perspective, I had a keen eye for just that special item. There, while still on vacation, in the local Amish farm market was my first find. My generous husband let me buy this metal windmill with the silver ball....a style and look I had been eyeing for a long time!

(You'll have to forgive the following pictures of my gardens for their lack of life....we are struggling to keep the flowers and grass alive in Upstate New York with our unusual 90+ degree weather and no rain. Everything is crunchy! Try to just look at the items I am talking about!!)

In a local antique shop there in Penn Yan, I met Paul, an 80 year old sweet gentleman who builds model sailboats on the side. I found this great all brass and completely rusted and weathered floral stand.

One of the ideas I "stole" was to put pots of different colored Impatiens around the gardens. This white one is hanging in there! The deer nestled in the periwinkle was lovingly painted by a woman who had just passed. Her son wanted too much money for it at his yard sale, for sentimental reasons, but then decided to part with it for a lower price for my garden!


My new sunflower is about 5' tall and all metal from Mexico. I got it at a shop on Main St. in the town I live. Another potted Impatien peeks out from the white iron chair.

My most favorite additions to my gardens are the next two pictures. I have always loved the free spirit of fairies and the magical fantasy that surrounds them ( I am a fan of Tink). My husband knows that and so for our 16th wedding anniversary last week he gave me a fairy door and windows to put on our huge, old pine tree.

Since our wedding day I have called my husband "My Knight in Shining Armor". For our anniversary he also gave me a castle.....

So, despite the hot, hot weather and the sun poisoning I got on my arms from the hot, hot sun I am enjoying the summer and my new garden decorations. Now we just need some rain to decorate our gardens with and bring everything back to life!

How is your summer going?

AnnMarie :)


  1. I love the floral stand and your castle..what a sweet gift! It is hot and crunchy in IL too.

  2. So beautiful! Makes me want to bring my bible and just sit with the Lord for a while!

  3. I love the sunflower with the sweet white bench beside it! The weather here is gorgeous and has been for a couple of weeks. We're starting to have to water.

  4. It does look slightly crunchy, but I am sure it will all revive once it rains. My favourite bit is the castle. How romantic!

  5. You have the sweetest husband. Ever.

  6. Garden decorations sure add fun to the garden!

  7. looooove the fairy door and the castle!!! so cute!:)

  8. Fantastic garden decorations! I love the fairy door and the metal windmill :)

  9. I enjoyed having a tour of your garden, AnnMarie


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