Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Autumn Traditions

I am always sad when October comes to an end....it is by far my favorite month of the year.

The weather changes to colder, gardens fade and are put to bed, porch furniture is put away, the trees are ugly and bare.

There are things I feel I must do every October to take full advantage of all it's glory.

I must go to as many farm markets as possible to get fresh apples, butternut squash and gourds. This year my husband and I went on a tour of many different farm markets along the lakeshore, tasting apples and taking in the scenery. We even visited Chimney Bluffs on Lake Ontario.

I must get my pumpkin for a dollar on the flatbed truck a few miles away.

I must bake Pumpkin Cookies. My granddaughter Cassidy comes over and decorates them every year.....

And my son Michael eats them!
I must make homemade pumpkin bread, apple crisp and applesauce.
I must go to  Schutt's Apple Mill and farm market in Webster for the best cider and donuts around.
This year I added some new must's that I wanted to make sure I accomplished.
For the past 16 years I have wanted a row of different colored mums in my garden to remind me of my old farmhouse.
I did it this year!
I have always wanted to make a pumpkin pie out of a fresh pumpkin. I did it and you can see the tutorial for it here.

And finally, I have always wanted a scarecrow in my garden. Not those kitschy ones from the craft shows or the dollar store....a real respectable, looks like a homemade, scarecrow. I found one at a garage sale. Can't believe this woman was selling him but she was moving and couldn't take him along. He has a wool shirt, a silk tie, real jeans and a real straw hat. Just what I was looking for....now if I could only find the faux crow I had to put on his shoulder!
I haven't carved a pumpkin in years but my daughter and granddaughter have and they carved the ones at the beginning of this post. Can you tell what they are?
The first one is an owl and the second one is a hamster. My daughter is into owls right now and my granddaugter has a real hamster at home. Cute!
AnnMarie :)



  1. Cool. I love fall too, especially after a hot summer. Nice post.


  2. They did a good job on the pumpkins. I recognize the owl and the hamster. The pie and cookies look delicious. Fall sure is a beauty to behold.

  3. What a delightful post! Cassidy is darling, the carved pumpkins delightful. I love the row of mums - a flower that will always remind me of upper state New York in the fall. My only fall tradition left to do is gingerbread, fresh hot out of the oven with real whipped cream!

    1. That is interesting to me that gingerbread is a Fall tradition for you. I may have to add that in! I make gingerbread cutout cookies for Christmas....in my head that is what I associate gingerbread with! Going to look for a good gingerbread recipe now....

  4. Great pictures! Yummy food. I didn't recognize the owl and the hamster. You are so creative!

  5. October is my favorite month too. I'm sad that it's aleady over. Your mums looked amazing, by the way!

  6. Love the lanterns. I just realised, I've never had pumpkin pie.


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