Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year....Brave New Me!

So I finally took action and a step of faith, went out on a limb, out of my comfort zone, over the top.

I got new eyeglasses yesterday......yikes!

I look in the mirror and ask myself...."who is that?"

Still getting used to my "new" look.

Every start of a new year I get the bug to update, improve, slightly change and better MYSELF (throughout the New Testament scripture tells us to examine ourselves).  Partly how I look. Partly my attitudes, thoughts, perceptions, actions, etc......

The last part is a little harder and more time consuming.

The cosmetic outside stuff is easier and a quicker fix.

I only get insurance covered eyeglasses every two years so my choice has to be near perfect. Since I wear glasses all the time, my choice determines how I look everyday. It is me. It says who I am and what I know about style. And I am stuck with it for two years!

I have worn the full spectrum of eyewear styles over the years. This year I wanted to be different, funky, edgy. I had to fight myself to stay away from the safe choice.

I have worn this style for the past 6 years, wanting a soft, lighter look....

Here is my brave new look.....

I know....it's gonna take time to get used to!!

Hopefully in two years I won't look at this blog and say "what was I thinking!"

Okay, now to get to all that other inside stuff I have to work on......check back in two years to see how I'm doin'.....!

Have you made any significant changes since 1/1/13?

AnnMarie :)



  1. Hi AnnMarie!
    I just found you, via the Etsy Castteam thread about visiting blogs. I love your new look! It is "so cool," as the kids would say. Nice blog! I hope you will return the visit and join my blog, which gets a lot more traffic to our blogs. Blessings!

  2. Love them. When I got glasses, I kept going for thick tortoiseshell, retro styles. I finally changed my look and it took me awhile to get used to the frame difference too. Hope you decide you love it!

  3. Love this! I have new glasses in the making. It is so hard to pick them out. Especially since I can't see well enough to really know if I like them until I get them back. The optometrist is a friend and so he had ideas about which ones I should choose. Hope he was right. Your glasses are very pretty.

  4. Love the new glasses AM. I am a big fan of funky glasses. If you have to wear them, they may as well be "knockouts"............

  5. I love your new glasses! You look like a super chic, hip, styling momma!

  6. I like them!!! :)Your scarf and hair color look wonderful too!!

  7. The new "you" looks great! Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy New Year!

  8. I like your new specs, they are funky!
    I am on an exercise kick since the start of the year. So far have done eight days straight of exercise. Not 24 hrs a day of course, just 30 mins, but I am proud of myself!

  9. The new glasses look great on you!


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