Monday, February 11, 2013

Take Your Christmas Decorations Down! It's February 11th!

Okay so you can tell by my title that I am a little bugged by this. It just so happens that there is a house in our neighborhood that is guilty of this every year. Not only are their decorations old and worn out looking at best, but they leave them up till March!

It's Valentine's Day in 3 days!

Santa, go back to the North Pole!
I get the whole decorating the day after Thanksgiving which is supposed to be the official start to the holiday season. We tried that and I found that having everything up till January 1st was WAY too long. But this year I saw lights on trees in the window of houses before Thanksgiving. It's the whole pushing everything up, mostly controlled by the retail industry.

Can we just enjoy the holiday or event when it happens and not have to hear about it 2 months ahead of time? And then look at it's remains 2 months after?

Is anyone else with me on this? Can anyone explain this to me?

Please don't tell me you still have your decorations you?!

Okay, I vented and now I feel better....a little.

AnnMarie :)


  1. Hmmm....well first of all, you are hilarious! Secondly, I do agree about my own things looking worn and stale past the first of January, but still...when driving through the neighborhood during a dreary, endlessly cold winter, I like it when I catch a glimpse of a still-glittering tree inside a home that's populated with happy people who just don't care that it's Valentine's Day cuz they love their Christmas lights and don't want to let them go!

    1. You are just too sweet and I have to try and follow your example!

  2. There have been Christmas lights going at the house across the street, and seeing those bright and colorful lights every night and morning are getting really, really old. So no - you are not alone! They are so very bright, and right out our front door. (By the way, gorgeous old house in the picture!) And thank you for the opportunity to vent. I've been trying to not complain, but.....did I mention how bright they are, and right out our front door???? ;)

  3. do white lights count? I love white lights any time of year. and yes that is a gorgeous house.

  4. Heehee we are such a people. Lol not till march, but at least Febuary. I am never ready by Jan1st heehee

  5. Soooooo, I answered the front door recently. It was my dear neighbor. My house wasn't really visitor-ready, so I only cracked the door open what I *thought* was a little bit. My neighbor's eyes are instantly drawn in.... and up. "Christmas tree, huh?" he says.
    I told myself that I might just decorate it again and make it a Valentine's tree. Why not?

  6. LOL!! I can't believe it! they almost take them with spring :)

  7. Go home, Santa, you're drunk! LOL
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