Friday, October 11, 2013

A Good Week in October!

I am joining Five On Friday once again, because, actually, it's really fun to wrap up your week in a neat little package, all in one place. If you want to join just click on one of the hostess' names and link up!

The hostess' are Darci, AprilChristina and Natasha. Just write 5 things on your mind today and post at the party! Then go read what others have been doing all week on their Five on Friday posts!

1) My Mom Jane and I celebrated her 75th birthday with a yummy Fall lunch and a game of SkipO, which she beat me at! You can get the recipes by clicking on the link.

2) The next day I celebrated my friend Bonnie's birthday at the cutest little café called The Chit Chat Café. Very appropriate for us because we chit chatted for 3 hours over multiple cups of coffee and pumpkin pancakes! The restaurant is owned by a family of all women and all the decorations are handmade crafts that you can buy.

3) Every Wednesday I have my granddaughter Chloe for the day. I signed her and I up for a toddler class at the library that is filled with singing, playing and story time. The "teacher" Sheila does a good job of keeping the kids occupied with a felt board, music, rattles, scarves to play peek-a-boo and a craft to take home. Chloe loves it and is interacting so well with the other children. I am going to brag right now......this past class a little girl wanted to hold Chloe's favorite baby doll. In return the girl let Chloe hold her frog bean bag. Of course Chloe loves "fogs" so it all worked out. At the end they returned each others treasures. So cute!

4) I decided I didn't like the Fall decorating that I did in my dining room so I removed it all and started over! I have had my birdhouse collection on top of my large cupboard for years. It was time to change it up. I like this much better. I can't wait for holiday decorating time because of the huge potential of the top of that cupboard!

5) Today is the day that I get ready to go away, just my husband and I, for a weekend in Naples, New York. What is the occasion? Just that my son is off to a youth group retreat and it is the middle of October....peek time for the color of the leaves in our area. The drive down to the south end of Canandaigua Lake is gorgeous! We will be staying at the Seasons of Life Guesthouse.....

Have a wonderful weekend!

AnnMarie :)

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  1. Chit Chat Cafe looks like my kind of place! Where is it? Visiting from Grace Grits and Gardening...

  2. Looks like you had a GREAT week! I love the idea of the Chit Chat café! And your little Chloe is ADORABLE!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend...we may be heading up to your turf (well, sorta) this weekend too! :)

  3. oh my, AnnMarie, that little Chloe is so precious!
    Your blog is lovely and I'm going to enjoy visiting often. Thanks for stopping by!

    Robyn @ simply fresh dinners

  4. Your granddaughter is just gorgeous!!!
    Loving the name Chit Chat Cafe - too cute and so perfect for a friend's hang out :)
    Hope you had a great mini vacation AnnMarie !!!

  5. Hope you weekend was wonderful!!!

    Suzie @ Dorothy Sue and Millie B's too

  6. You have had a great week. I love the library with your granddaughter, mine would like that too. I collect birdhouses too. I like the way you displayed them on the cupboard.
    I came from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop


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