Thursday, May 1, 2014

April One Day at a Time

Today I am linking up with Show Us Your April Link Party.

Every day for the month of April I took pictures of random things in anticipation of this party. I thought it would be fun and it was! Click on the link to join in on the fun.

Here is my picture story of each day in April...

April 1 ~

Yup, it snowed April 1st. Even my snowman has had enough and has given up.

April 2 ~

Wednesday is my day every week with my granddaughter Chloe. We go to the library for story time and then hang out at my house. She loves her bright pink rocking horse. I love that I got it half price on GMA's half price deals show!

April 3 ~

I saw this idea on another blog and loved it. I just happened to have all the parts to put it together. It is an old gallon glass jar with moss on the bottom inside, a faux nest with eggs, a doily for over the top and a silk butterfly clipped to the edge. Hint, hint Spring, we're waiting for you!

April 4 ~

Every morning before my husband Frank goes to work, Miss Kitty has to have her scratching time with him. A man and his kitty.

April 5 ~

My oldest granddaughter Cassidy was visiting for the day and had just finished dancing her heart out to "Be Happy" by Pharrell Williams. She is also into gymnastics as you can see by the pose!

April 6 ~

Ahhh, sunshine on my front door in late afternoon means it was a sunny, nice day all day....finally!

April 7 ~

 My youngest daughters' 29th birthday today! She let Chloe blow out the candles while hubby Britt looked on.

April 8 ~

Been shopping for Easter candy for the four baskets I make up every year. This is my stash as of today.

April 9 ~

A girlfriend had surgery this week so I made her and her husband a meal. It is Tuscan Chicken Stew, Italian bread, oatmeal chocolate chip M & M cookies and a few candy hearts!

April 10 ~

I went to my first garage sale of the season today and found this fabulous 1950's lime green vinyl sewing box. Let the picking begin!

April 11 ~

Today is my oldest granddaughter Cassidys' birthday - she's 9! I don't have a picture of at her party but I do have one of the snack I made for the adults....sausage bites. Oh my, are they good!

April 12 ~

It was finally warm enough to wear sandals! I had to polish up the toenails....first of the year!

April 13 ~

My friend Susan is a picker too and found these great items for me. That gorgeous blue pitcher is a Hall Cadet Blue Royal Rose Ball Pitcher, there is a moustache cup and a set of linen napkins. They are all listed in my shop.

April 14 ~

Elijah and Michael
These guys grew up together going to each others' birthday parties year after year. Just reunited after many years to hang out for some Nerf gun fighting and pizza.

Jason and Frank
These guys, the fathers, haven't grown up yet.

April 15 ~

Oh my goodness, these are the BEST jellybeans I have ever had! I haven't been able to find them until this year, there they were at Walmart! I bought two bags, spice and fruit flavor. I am the only one in the house that eats them so they are all mine!

April 16 ~

Yup, it snowed again! Just a dusting, but still! It looked like a blizzard while it was coming down!

April 17 ~

Spring break from school this week. One of the things Michael and I do to fill our days is have Sequence tournaments. He beat me pretty much this time around.

April 18 ~

It was warm enough again to put us in the mood for some soft serve ice cream at the local Chill and Grill. This place is crazy with their portion sizes. The one on the left is a kiddie and the one on the right is a medium.

April 19 ~

Chloe spent the night last night for the first time since being an infant. It was a little rough but she woke up to her favorite pancakes for breakfast!

April 20 ~

I make Easter baskets up every year for my granddaughters Chloe and Cassidy and fill the baskets that their Mom's used when they were little. This pose on the floor in front of the couch is significant as I have a similar picture of my daughters, around the same ages, in front of the couch in my farmhouse with the same baskets in front of them. I couldn't get it to download so you will have to use your imagination!

April 21 ~ 

I had to use those three very ripe bananas up soon so I whipped up a batch of my Banana Chocolate Chip bread.....the only one I will make, it is so good!

April 22 ~

My daughter Candice just cut mine and Bonnie's hair in my "salon in the kitchen"! Then we all ate turkey sandwiches, chips and brownies.

April 23 ~

I gave in. I finally went for an update on my Tracphone flip phone. My daughter set me up with a Motorola Droid X. No clue how to use it. It's for business related reasons ;-) 

April 24 ~

The forsythia is blooming! My husband and I chopped off about 6 feet of depth from this bush last Fall and I really wasn't sure what we were going to see this Spring!

April 25 ~

This barn sale was pretty far but I went for it and it was well worth the trip. I found so many unique items that I don't already have and a few that I do (the picnic baskets) in my shop. I am currently working on getting them all listed!

April 26 ~

Our friend Karl hung out with the guys today while I was off doing my own thing. We were all going to meet his wife in a few hours for dinner to celebrate his birthday. Yeah, he's eating two totally loaded hot dogs in our kitchen. Not my fault he couldn't finish his dinner!

April 27 ~

This weekend was just non-stop eating out, first at a wedding, then a birthday celebration,  so what better way to end it than to have a clambake at home? We made my famous garbage can chicken, salt potatoes, grilled corn, steamed clams and cornbread. Monday morning came and the scale was not my friend.

April 28 ~

Too full from our pizza and wings lunch (more eating!) with our dear friends Rosie and Floyd to eat it again for dinner, our son Michael benefited from the leftovers......NY style sausage and cheese pizza and garlic parmesan charbroiled wings.....from our favorite place for wings, Ciccino's in Geneva, NY. Don't you love seeing food from a restaurant in another part of the country that you may never get to try? :)

April 29 ~

I have been invited to a last minute surprise birthday party this Saturday and I needed a gift idea fast! A little birdie told me that the birthday girl likes colorful owls. I had all the parts for the idea I came up with except the owls. No worry! Walmart came through and I was able to put this frame together in an hour. I have no idea of her decorating colors but it has colorful owls on it!!

April 30 ~

 April started cold and snowy and ended damp and rainy. It was the perfect night for Sweet Potato Hash. Picture perfect and tastes as good as it looks!

My April was pretty routine. Just filled with everyday things to do with my family and close friends. I realized by doing this blog that there really is something to be thankful for everyday, even in the little things.

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. Bravo, AnneMarie! I love your April! There's something wonderful about having a sneak peak into someone's everyday life. I was smiling through your whole post! Thanks for linking up at our party! PS - I am a big jellybean fan, too!

  2. This was fun to view ! :) Your grands are adorable and that lime green basket was a find for sure! :) The snowman had me laughing at the beginning there :)

  3. Your April sounded wonderful :) My family and I LOVE Sequence and my husband even made a special board for the game.

    Your youngest daughter is just a year older than me - how fun!

    And how fun that you finally got to wear sandals. I am "patiently" waiting for the weather to warm up here in the mountains. We had snow and rain this last week, but this weekend it's supposed to get up into the 70's - yay!

    Happy May Day, sweet friend. Hugs!

  4. Hi Ann Marie,

    One more thing we have in common - a jelly bean addiction! I polished off two bags by myself and gave the guys chocolate bunnies. My little grandsons got little toys from me this year - if their parents want to pay the dentist it's all on them lol!

  5. This is so fun. Thank you for sharing. :-)
    I loved the snowman too...I was laughing right away as well.
    I love that you use the same baskets from when your own kids were small. Sweet!

  6. Hi Ann Marie, What a great month of April for you, your family and friends. I loved this from the great pics of family to the delicious food you share in pics. Now I'm hungry!! Loved the darling frame you created. I bet she loved it!!
    We love to play sequence too!! Wishing you a great weekend and Happy May!!

  7. You have been a busy lady! It was great seeing into a month of your life... a great way to get to know you... a neat link party!

  8. What a great way to remember you month! You had a lot going on and it looked like you all really had fun!

  9. Great pictures. Looks like it was a fun month, even if it did snow!

  10. Happy Pink Saturday, AnnMarie. I am so glad you joined us this weekend. I may have missed it, but if not, I would appreciate you including a link back to Pink Saturday, too.

    I love your photos through the month of April. It looks like it was a good month. And, your Chocolate Chip Banana bread has me licking my lips. Yum!

  11. Well you don't need to feel sorry for me for seeing the pizzia and wings and never being able to have them. I live in Geneva and visited Ciccinos last Friday. Yummy! Love all that good old Italian food. I'm happy to hear that your family enjoys their food too.

  12. Ok, the sausage bites look amazing. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Debi and Charly

  13. It's those everyday things that make life so grand! I enjoyed your month in review. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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