Thursday, June 5, 2014

Obsessed with Baskets

I am obsessed with baskets lately.

Picnic baskets in particular.

And old tool boxes, chippy chairs and enamelware. Old rusty stuff and teapots. Garden tools and dolls....and....

Oh yeah, this post is supposed to be about my obsession with baskets! Typical wicker picnic baskets, pie baskets, large picnic baskets, and woven picnic baskets. Oh, did I mention that they are all vintage baskets? What other kind are there?!

I just can't seem to resist the aged, honey color of woven wicker made into a basket. I was out picking at a street long garage sale event, trying NOT to buy anymore picnic baskets when I spied the gorgeous one above. It is a bicycle basket with openings on each side to hold a thermos and a wooden compartment in the middle for other picnic goodies. The gentleman at the garage sale said it was made at the Webster Basket Company in Webster, New York where his Aunt had worked. My research came up with a phone directory listing for the company when it was on Donovan Park that dates back to the 1930's! Not sure of the age for this basket but it is quite unique and quite old.

At the same street long sale I found this wooden berry basket. Simple and primitive, it looks hand made.

This orchard fruit basket brings back memories of the 1900's farmhouse that I lived in when my girls were little. The house was built along Lake Ontario in an apple orchard next to an orchard lane with a row of poplar trees. These baskets were always filled with apples for sale in the apple farm store across the street. I thought nothing of them then, but now, 25 years later, they are vintage and collectible!

This large basket with a lid found at a local barn sale, is another orchard basket I could not resist. The stamps on the top indicate that this was a basket for cucumbers. The top makes a great wall hanging as a base for anything you can think of to attach to it, perhaps the base for a wreath.

This great basket is more like a suitcase which could be used as a picnic basket.

I chose to fill it with different items from my shop for a unique vignette on my dining room bench during the holidays.

I also love market baskets. Large, painted white and crackled and chippy painted market baskets.....

Primitive grapevine baskets, also painted and chipped away over the years....

And unique, different baskets made from unique, different materials. Like this denim fabric basket woven between a sturdy metal frame with a twisted wicker edge and handles.

Then there are the really unique ones, like this floral funeral basket. It was left at our house when we bought it. These large baskets complete with a metal insert date back to the early 1900's and have a Victorian flair. They were filled with floral arrangements and set on the floor around the casket. Perhaps it was left here by the original owners who may have had a funeral service in our home, which was the custom then. My house was built in 1870 so this basket holds a little piece of history....

I started with a great basket and so I will end with one. This basket is a 3 tier basket great for holding sewing or knitting, craft storage and even a light picnic lunch.

It was a favorite of the previous owners' and she was reluctant to give it up. It dates back to the 1940's and is quite unique. It has three compartments, two that are removable, and a lid for the top one.

These are all available in my Etsy shop NaNa's Things. There are 28 baskets of all kinds listed there. There's a widget on my sidebar that will take you directly to my shop.

I bet you will have your eye out for baskets next time you go thrifting!

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. Oh, nice baskets! I love baskets too and have several. My hubby brought home a huge one from an old, abandoned building that was going to be torn down. Love the thing. It's big enough for a load of laundry! (vintage laundry) :-)

  2. Used to have lots of baskets, then years ago went on a declutter frenzy, and decided I was tired of keeping them dusted/clean, etc.. Gave away, sold in yard sales, etc.. Think I may still have a couple around.

  3. I am in LOVE with that 3 tier basket! And the bicycle basket What beautiful and unique finds!!

  4. I also have a basket obsession! I have a basket for everything! I love old baskets, new baskets, Longaberger baskets..all baskets and these are great looking baskets :-)
    Cathy @ three kids and a fish

  5. My living room is stacked with baskets being prepared to sell at the shop. I always choose a few special ones to keep. Love your collection especially the bike basket and white market basket. Going over to visit your shop.

  6. I have a basket obsession as well!! I want that bicycle basket!!!
    Great finds, good for you.
    xx oo

  7. I love baskets too - I just can't ever figure out where to put them. Great finds!

  8. Love this post and all your baskets. I am a bit obsessed with baskets too, especially the styles that I can paint on the lids.
    You have a grand collection.
    Have a nice weekend.

  9. I, too, love baskets. I collect them when I can spare the space for them. I use them in my craft fair displays. That three tiered one is awesome!

  10. It amazes me the variety of baskets out there. I work part-time at a thrift shop and you couldn't imagine the baskets that come through. A wonderful post to spark those who love and have begun to appreciate baskets and all they have to offer! Thanks for sharing your lovely baskets and post!

  11. Hi AnnaMarie, thanks for stopping by and your comment, yes, the island is like going back in time, I will have another addition to this post sometime next week, I love baskets too! Have been really good about not collecting too many lately, yours are beautiful!

  12. Such beautiful baskets AnnMarie! I especially like that bike basket (I could use it for my bike!). I am also enamored with the three tiered one--quite lovely and unusual, too. Hope you have a great week!

  13. Hi AnnMarie!
    What a collection you have. I love gathering baskets too, but I find I gravitate toward more wire and metal baskets. As a floral designer wicker is the container of choice. I have an exclusive design I do called the French Gathering Basket...the illusion of some fresh flowers in a basket bundled together.
    I love doing custom orders for people at my Brown Gingham Shoppe for shower items.

  14. What a great collection of vintage baskets! I just love an old fashioned picnic, I see you have a basket for every occasion. Lovely!

  15. We share so many of the same loves! I too am obsessed with baskets. I have three funeral baskets and each one is unique. One is similar to yours. I love picnic baskets, especially stacked together. I even bought a new basket at Walmart yesterday. Just spied it on an isle and it was too cute to not bring home. lol! Love your basket vignette. Wish I had that geranium plate, or is it a tray? Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. You have a wonderful collection. That bike basket is so fun :)


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