Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This Boy Can Run!

He's number 2 on the right with the goggles.
I apologize up front for the blurry pictures....not an easy subject to photograph with a point and shoot camera!
Man cannot predict what God has in mind.

A true statement when it comes to my son Michael.

Sixteen years ago the doctors at the hospital told us that our 1 pound 10 oz son, born a very, very preemie (their term back then) would never run. He was born at 28 weeks with mild Cerebral Palsy in his legs and tone in his arms. My husband asked about whether his new son could ever play baseball, his favorite sport. The answer was no because of the complications of his disability.

Little did we know that he would grow up to live and breathe basketball.

And not only know all the stats of all the teams in the NBA plus the stats of all the players, but that he would get on the court himself and continue to work on his game 3-4 times a week.

Going for a basket. 
He has proven the doctors wrong many times over the years. And after last Monday nights' game, I'd say he has found the way around his disability. He got a lot of minutes play time in each quarter of the game, scored a basket and nailed the two foul shots he took. He ran back and forth on that court more times than I could count and he ran it fast.

He doesn't have to wear the ankle to knee braces anymore that he did as a little boy. He is not in any Occupational or Physical Therapy anymore either. They told us that his disability would never improve and never get worse. That he would have to find a way to adapt to it and work around it.

He did. And you would never know that this smart, lovable 16 year old has any physical limitations on his life watching him play basketball. He has the Lord on his side who has a plan for his life that no man can interfere with.

He puts all he's got into playing too. Always ready to defend, hands up to catch a pass, eyes peeled for his next move.

His size 11 LeBron James sneakers may have a little something to do with it all (wink,wink)!

AnnMarie aka Proud MoM xoxo

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  1. Dear AnnMarie, That is a beautiful miracle. Miracles are all around us and you have one before your eyes.
    I am both happy and touched reading about your boy. I will keep him in my prayers.
    xoxo Catherine

  2. With God, all things are possible........Beautiful testimony of God's hand at work in your boy.

  3. Oh Praise the Lord! What an inspiring story, thanks for sharing that with us. You are so right, man cannot predict what God has in mind. Just beautiful!

  4. What an amazing young man! God truly has a wonderful purpose for Michael. He is definitely blessed to have you for his Mom! Thanks ever so much for sharing. I am blessed even more today after reading your blog!

  5. I loved reading about how hard your son works towards his goal. So many people these days (not just kids) think everyone owes them something and that life is gonna be easy - obviously that is not always true. What a great kid!

  6. Thank you for this post. It has warmed my heart and lifted my spirits. Go, Young Man, Go!

  7. Such a beautiful and inspiring post, your son is an amazing young man! Looks like a great game was had by all :)

  8. Thanks be to God for His never-ending grace towards us! What a beautiful testimony. Thank you so much for sharing it with us :)

  9. What a wonderful story. Your amazing son is a real inspiration to all of us! Thank you so much for sharing.


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