Thursday, April 23, 2015

Oh To Be Thrifting Again - A Week of Treasures

I have definitely made up for lost time.

Having been sick since the beginning of April, I have been off the hunt and not liking it! And if you know how us thrifters are, and if you follow the thrifter's creed that I spoke about here, you know that we can't go long without a fix at the local thrift.

My first trip out, still dazed from sickness, was originally for the need to get groceries. Why not make a stop at the local Goodwill? I stopped there first in case I couldn't make it to both. I was willing to forfeit food for the hunt. So glad I did!

A red Rubbermaid dish rack. A 70's made in USA Coca Cola pitcher. A hand painted and signed wooden Chesire cat. A silver plate baby bank and a cute baby photo/trinket box. Three green chalkboards to practice your cursive and a camping sandwich iron.
Look at that face....

The next day I had to make a run to another grocery store, which just happens to be conveniently located by my favorite thrift store. I stopped by and scored again.

Three ironstone pitchers marked USA on the bottom in graduated sizes. The first one in line is mine from my collecting days in the 1980's. I just may have to keep the next three. They will stay in line on my shelf till I decide.

The cute ironstone pitcher on the scale is loaded with crazing with a tea stained looking patina. It may be a keeper also.

I have been wanting a model car from 1957, the year I was born. Don't know why, but I do. When I saw this sleek, yellow 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible I had to put it in my cart. Didn't even see the grunge all over it I will have to painstakingly clean off. Or some of the tiny missing parts. For now it will sit in my Etsy room on the top of my cupboard along with the other things that are so me!

I saw potential in this wooden mail box. The back is solid pine. My plan is to paint it because I haven't learned my lesson yet that I struggle way too much painting items to up-cycle them. I couldn't pass it up. Maybe it will come out great!

Even though it was snowing and in the 30's this morning I was at the local church rummage sale by 8:45 a.m. to get my place in line. I was in and out of there in 5 minutes with these three fabulous vintage suitcases. The dark blue train case and suitcase are Lady Baltimore and the light blue train case is Amelia Earhart. So happy to have found these that I treated myself to a cinnamon scone at the baked sale.

Three days in a row of great finds.

I can go back now to being sick. I need a nap.

Check my Etsy shop for any of these items as I will be working on listing them. Except the ones I'm maybe keeping, of course!

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. Hey Ann Marie - we are the same vintage, hehe. Atta girl, gettin' back into the swing of go, girl. I don't what it is about those crazed and cracked ironstone pieces, but they are most definitely my favorites. Probably because they show age.
    Hope you're back to yourself soon. Rest well.
    Rita C at Panoply

  2. You got some good stuff but the train cases are my fav!!

  3. Awesome finds! I love the white pitchers. I have xcollected quite a few of those over the years. The vintage luggage is great too! I haven't been thrifting in a while and am getting the itch for sure! Have a great Friday and weekend...:)

  4. You found some great things. Aww - the memories. I had one of train cases. Have no clue what happened to it over the years. Dated someone in high school that drove a baby blue chevy bel air, and thinking it was a 57'. Don't think a speck of dust stayed on it more than a few mins. LOL
    Enjoy the weekend.

  5. 1957 is the best year for everything. The Chevy 57 Bel Air is my favorite car of all time. Not to mention my pink '57 Sunbeam Mixmaster, or the Broadway debuts of West Side Story and The Music Man, and the teleplay of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella. 12 Angry Men, The Three Faces of Eve, and The Pajama Game were in the movie theaters, and The Everly Brothers and Sam Cooke were on the radio. And now I know you were born :)

  6. Some great finds, the white pitchers are very nice.


  7. Hi AnnMarie, you sure found some great treasures. I love the ironstone pitchers. Finding that 57 Chevy is a real score. I love finding train cases to paint and have several waiting for a redo right now. So glad you could get out to do some junkin. Hope you get to feeling better too. Saying a prayer for you.
    Hugs and have a nice weekend.

  8. I just marvel at the finds some of you dear ladies come up with!!
    Our area doesn't offer much of that and what thrift store we have is not worth taking the time to go in very often. They really jack up the prices.

    You hit the jack our! How special that you were able to find the old car you have been wanting, and it's a beauty.
    I can remember cooking on those sandwich cookers when camping, as a child I thought they were impressive.

    nice tho visit with you,AnnMarie.
    Have a beautiful blessed week-end.

  9. Where does one thrift in the 315? Or are these Rochester purchases? Love the chalkboards!!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear you were sick. Don't you just NEED a good thrifting fix after awhile?! Awesome finds--love the suitcases!

  11. AnnMarie, you make me laugh! I can totally relate to sacrificing food for the hunt! Hope by now you are feeling 100%. Thanks for linking this up at Best of the Weekend!

  12. I had to laugh at your decision to possibly choose thrifting over food, I'd probably choose thrifting too. Hope you're feeling better. Love all your goodies especially those green chalkboards and the scale. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  13. So many great treasures! I really love the Chesire cat, so cute!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing this at What'd You Do This Weekend? I hope you will join us again this Monday!

  14. So glad you are feeling a bit better! I can see why you would want to keep those Ironstone pitchers! Looks like you have so much fun :)
    Thanks so much for sharing with Something to Talk About!

  15. The cat is so great! Get well soon!

  16. The cat is so great! Get well soon!

  17. What a wonderful haul! I adore the scales, everything really. And it is good to see that you have your priorities firmly in place :-)

  18. This is that time of year for illness! I have been battling pneumonia but I'd much rather be thrifting!! As always, awesome finds, AnnMarie. Even when you're sick you've still "got it!" Here's hoping you are on the road to recovery. Best wishes! AntiqueShopGirl

  19. I too have been battling sickness. I tried to go out for a little while last weekend, but got too exhausted and didn't find anything I had to have. Now that I am feeling better, I hope to go out this weekend. Love your finds, especially the white ironstone.
    Hope you feel better,

  20. I am so sorry that you have been sick! Hope your are feeling better!! Great score on the ironstone pitchers. I have two very similar and I love them! The chevy is fabulous! Sure has been a lot of sickness going around. Hubby and I have been lucky and had no sickness this winter/spring. Keeping fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. I really like the ironstone pitchers and scale! Snowing? 30s? You have to be in Michigan! The lady I met in line at the Country Living Fair over the weekend said it was snowing and in the 30s when she left home to drive to Tennessee! :-) Feel better soon and take care!

  22. Hope you're feeling better, we seem to have a lingering crud too! UGH I like your priorities, thrift first, food second, amazing how that works eh? Cheers!

  23. I believe your sandwich iron is an Italian Pizzelle Iron. My Grandmother had one and made Pizzelle cookies with it. It has shorter handles than the sandwich iron and a decorative design inside the iron. I enjoyed seeing all your great finds and hope you are completely well soon.


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