Monday, June 8, 2015

On a DIY Roll!

DIY projects, up-cycling and repurposing are pretty new adventures for me and I have had more fails than successes.

I crafted in the 1980's, which included stenciling, sewing and tole painting and a little of everything else in between. I am not really interested in the sewing or painting or everything else anymore but my love for stenciling has been renewed!

I have my blogging friend Diana, from Adirondack Girl @ Heart to thank for that. She featured some stencils from Decor Art and the great things she made from them on her blog. Click and visit her for all her own great DIY ideas.

I quickly clicked over to the website and ordered three different stencils from the Americana Decor Collection. They are very inexpensive and great quality. There are seven different collections to choose from!

I already had the brushes (from the 80's!) and lots of paint.

I was hooked.

My first project with the stencils was a small wood table my husband got for $5 at a yard sale. He wanted something small that would fit against the wall for materials for our community theatre. I made him agree that it was going to be my first attempt at stenciling again after 30 years. It was ugly and needed a makeover before it went to the theatre!

I was anxious to try out the Distressed Harlequin and Olde World Numbers stencils I had bought.
I painted the whole table with Oatmeal Chalk Paint, distressed it lightly and then stenciled the Distressed Harlequin in Cascade, a pretty aqua color, on the top.

Then, dying to try out the numbers, I stenciled No 201, also in Cascade, on the bottom, which is the address to the theatre. It is a little off center but for my first try I decided to leave it.

I buffed the whole table with MinWax Paste Finishing Wax and it was done!

Here it is at the theatre with materials on it. My husband had both shelves filled but then took most of it off. He said I did too good of a job to cover it all up. Sweet!

I needed a gift for my friend Tree's (nickname for Theresa!) birthday and I hadn't gotten enough of trying out the Harlequin or numbers stencils yet. I asked her what her favorite flower, favorite number and favorite color was. I had an idea.

I painted a terra cotta pot in a pale sage green except for the inside. I wasn't worried about the edges either because they would be covered up.

I started stenciling the Distressed Harlequin in a darker shade of sage onto the pot and quickly realized that it was going to be harder than I thought. I was so excited to order stencils that I didn't realize that there is a collection specifically made for pots and rounded things! The one I was using is quite stiff. I made it through though, after a few attempts. Learn a lesson ahead of time from my faux pas!

I struggled pretty much the same through adding the No 4 but I got through that too.
Her answers to my favorites questions? She loves Hydrangeas, dark purple and the number 4, her birth date. I was happy how it all turned out and so was she!

My last DIY is not a stenciling project but rather an idea I got from my friend Susan. She and her husband Ken are quite talented in all areas of home décor and do most of the work themselves. I was shopping with her one day while she was looking for a light for over her new bathtub. Nothing was just right that day. Later I got a text from her with a picture of an old rusty birdhouse she had in her garden, swagged over the tub with a light bulb in it. It looked fabulous! I wanted one too!

Lucky for me I soon found my own vintage, rusty birdhouse. It didn't take long to decide that it would be the side porch hanging light I had always wanted.
I filled the bottom with faux ivy vines, got a hanging pendant light from Lowe's, and in about 20 minutes had a great light fixture and I did it myself! It was as simple as fitting the pendant light between the wires on the top of the cage and then hanging the cord on a hook, creating a swag over to the wall and stapling it down.

The birdcage was already painted white, distressed and a little rusty.

It even has the porcelain water cup on the side.


Now that I got that out of my system, back to what I do best! Thrifting and picking and garage saling!
I may get brave and try another stencil project. I still have a great Vintage Keys stencil to try out.
What DIY projects are you good at?
AnnMarie xoxo
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  1. I am not crafty, either. I think you did very good...I love anything with numbers....

  2. I have always loved to stencil Ann Marie! I did love those stencils when Diana showed them. You did a great job and I love the table! The pot is a sweet gift for your friend too. The birdcage light is darling! I have a birdcage just like that. Hmmmm, wonder if I could turn it into a light somewhere?

  3. It's always great to re-visit an old craft love.
    Love the flower pot!
    Thanks for visiting

  4. Dear AnnMarie, You did a great job on that table!! I love it. I really like the birdcage light fixture too. It really is a good feeling when you fix or bring an old piece back to life and the money saved is so rewarding.
    Have a great day my dear. xoxo Catherine

  5. Oh my gosh...look at you go! I will be back to crafting/creating once school is over. Can't wait!!

  6. Pretty projects AnnMarie. I have a love/hate relationship with stencils. I'm always envious of those people that can stencil perfect.

  7. You have certainly been on a roll, my dear! Love the stencil projects, and I MUST copy that birdcage lighting idea! Love it.

  8. Hi AnnMarie, Love your projects and your creativity! The table is darling and I love you use of stencils. Great job!!
    Have fun! xo

  9. Brilliant transformations! You have worked wonders on your projects! Love them!

  10. Wow! You did a great job on the table and the pot. I absolutely love your birdcage light. So fun and whimsical.

  11. You are on a roll, sweet AnnMarie :) Your finished projects are absolutely the table!

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Enjoy the remainder of your week. Hugs!

  12. AnnMarie,
    Your projects turned out great and I really like how you added the number to the flower pot too. Years and years ago I stenciled a border down our hallway, I had such a stiff neck after standing on a ladder with my neck twisted. Oh well, it was "in," at the time!
    Have a lovely evening,

  13. All of your projects turned out great. Thanks to my daughter, I can now make my own decorative box out of a cardboard box and scrapbook paper.

  14. Hello, You did a wonderful job! I just loved that little table perfect for a wall that needs a little something! I need to try my hand at some stencil project soon! I had a friend that painted her wood floor in a bedroom years ago.
    Blessings, Roxy

  15. I used to do a lot of stenciling, but other than that, most of my attempts are epic fails! All of yours came out great, AnnMarie! That birdcage is great!

  16. Hi Ann Marie,
    Your stenciling looks great and I really like what you did with the birdcage, very cute. I like your blue and white tile too! I like what you have used to hang that clay pot with the red flower, that's darling!
    Have a great week and happy saling!

  17. You are so sweet AnnMarie to give me such a lovely shout-out--thank you so much! You sure have busy with those stencils; what fun :) Your table is just lovely; you did a great job. I had trouble stenciling my pots for the very same reason you did. I didn't realize they made curved ones for curvy things. I'll have to check them out. Your bird cage light fixture is simply amazing. You must be very satisfied with that little project! Happy crafting (and thrifting, picking, etc.)...

  18. Your stenciling projects turned out wonderful! I love those...absolutely adorable!!! The birdcage is fabulous! I love birdcages for decorating. You can put them in any room and put anything in them and it works!!

  19. Thanks for sharing the fun little table and the other fun stenciling projects at the VIP party!

  20. What a great job with the stenciling! I love each piece, and the gift flower pot is precious!
    Thanks for sharing at Something to Talk ABout!

  21. Lovely - especially the hanger with the terra cotta pot!

  22. Your stenciling is great! You haven't lost your touch since the 80s, and it's a good thing you kept those supplies.
    I'm loving the birdcage, too. I have a thing for birdcages...

  23. Wow, you're good, AnnMarie! That little table is super.

  24. What a great idea for the light. Now I'll be looking for birdcages too! Thank you for linky up at Chic By You Wednesday Linky Party!

  25. Love your DIY makeovers. The birdcage stole my heart! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  26. Great little table and love the birdcage light!

  27. Can't stop....just wrapped up VBS and wiped out but I wanted to acknowledge your note..thanks can't wait to get back here and dig in

  28. You go girl! Great projects. Visiting from Home & Garden Thursday.

  29. Great job!!!!! I think you are going to be hooked!

  30. They all turned out the table!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  31. You have been on a roll indeed! So many great projects! Love the table!

  32. I've always wanted to try stenciling, your projects turned out so pretty, I'm inspired! I love the birdhouse with the light bulb too, such a cute idea!

  33. Hi, I found your website from Best of the Weekend link party. I've always wanted to try stenciling, but lack the courage to do so. Great job! The table really turned out well!

    Veronika @ Tickled Pink Confetti

  34. Enjoyed reading about your stenciling adventure - I am back to stenciling after years of avoiding it. Love that table! Also drooling over the birdcage.

  35. Love the bird cage.
    And thanks for stopping by at my blog.


  36. I love what you did with the bird cage, very clever!! What a great way to add charm to that tired old table. Love the stencils, and I agree it's too pretty to cover up. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  37. You are impressive! I've been in a crafting funk...but you are obviously not. You've created some beautiful things. And, I love that you still have some craft supplies from the 80s! Makes me feel better about all the things I have saved :)

  38. Your stenciling projects are adorable, AnnMarie! Love how the table turned out.
    Mary Alice

  39. Very cool projects, AnnMarie! could open up a whole other Etsy shop with your clever ideas! Thanks for sharing! xoxo AntiqueShopGirl

  40. I love how the little table turned out. Thank you for sharing. You are one of the features at The Round-Up from the Before & After Wednesday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link so you can check out your feature. Hope to see you again at the bash today! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  41. Dear AnnMarie, Just stopping by to say "hello" and visit. xo Catherine

  42. You are so talented, you did such great job all over. I also love the stecil, wish I could do it too. The planters are so cue and that lovely place you have is perfect to spend lazy days of summer. The little table came out lovely too and you found the perfect spot for her.

  43. Thanks for linking up at Best of the Weekend, AnnMarie!

  44. I'm not very crafty either but I can paint furniture, scrapbook and make cards! I just bought vintage key stencils too!


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