Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Musings of a Mad Thrifter

I can't help myself.

I can't stop picking. I tried. I am so convicted.

I put a self-imposed stop on all manner of picking and thrifting, garage sale-ing and antiquing until:
a) I sell more stuff in my Etsy shop
b) I list all the stuff I already have (I could double my shop inventory just by doing this!)
c) I can't stand it any longer
d) I stop keeping most of what I find!

Because those that know me well know that picking is second nature for me, they feel the need to give me permission to break my vow.

Their reasons are good ones:
a) you love doing it and you are having a great time (my husband)
b) you will need inventory for over the winter since your all-time favorite thrift store closed (my daughter)
c) more items in your Etsy shop means more visibility in SEO (Etsy admin)

Of course they are all right, especially Etsy admin since it will get busier as Fall and the holidays approach.


It's all their fault.

Having said that, I hope you will agree that the great stuff I found at the Pultneyville Homecoming Antique Show this past Saturday is worth all the guilt and the fun-filled fabulous feelings I am experiencing. Besides, I think I missed this show maybe once over the past 30 years! I didn't promise myself I would be missing great antique shows.

These are my fabulous wood finds....

If anyone knows what the carving on the tray to the left with the handles is called, I'd love to know!
The cubby shelf may be a small printers drawer. I have been finding so many wooden bread boards that I now have a nice collection of them. I may have to keep them for awhile. I had to have the rusty shovel on the blue chippy board.....as simple as that.

 My funky and unique finds.....

The wreath is made from vintage fabric with various vintage items sewed on. The pink vase is from the 50's marked Japan. The truck is handmade and the beveled mirror hangs by a gold cord with gold tassels hanging off each end.
My fragile finds.....
I love the two tier dish marked Japan. The green glass juicer and clear glass dish are unique. The vanity tray is missing some of it's filigree and the duck is just cute!
My typical but still nice finds....
I say typical because you can find an enamel tin, a vintage Christmas tree stand, an old toolbox and thermometer and a vintage globe in most vintage shops. They are still great items and highly collectible.

My pretty finds....

The runner on the top of the suitcase is linen with the prettiest floral design. Suitcases are very popular items in my shop. I loved the shape of the basket and the granny square throw....well, I just love granny square anything!

My vintage Christmas finds....

A collection of three white and two red winged flocked angels with gold or silver wings. I think they are from the 40's or 50's, my favorite era for Christmas items.
My garden find.....
I bought this chippy wood and metal table/stool just for me for my garden. I haven't found the exact place for it yet, but it is a very special find.
My favorites, up close....

I have been wanting a vintage chippy metal pick-up truck to put a bottle brush tree in to decorate for Christmas. This handmade, worn, primitive looking truck is the next best thing. I think I will leave it as is and just tie a nice tree to it's flatbed.
The more I look at this wreath, the more I love it. Simple in design but with such a vintage nostalgic look to it. It is a keeper for now.
I fell for the rust on the shovel and the chippiness of the blue paint of this wall hanging as soon as I saw it.
There are some keepers here but most will be listed in my Etsy shop before the holiday rush. If you see something you have to have before they appear in my shop, we may be able to strike a deal! Contact me via email.

AnnMarie xoxo

It's the final week of my CHRISTMAS IN JULY sale in my Etsy shop, NaNa's Things. I am offering 20% off my Vintage Holiday section HERE:

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  1. Oh, the cotton tablecloth and pig cutting board! Think long & hard before giving up the pig. I had one, sold, and still regret it two years later! Good stuff, all. Btw, I have the same illness.

  2. Oh, the cotton tablecloth and pig cutting board! Think long & hard before giving up the pig. I had one, sold, and still regret it two years later! Good stuff, all. Btw, I have the same illness.

  3. I love all of your finds! I wouldn't be able to stop myself either if I had a shop. I keep telling myself that I'm going to sell some of the things I find on my blog, but I can't seem to let go of it! :-)

  4. Great finds, Ann Marie! My favorites out of all of your categories are the TYPICAL finds! So un-Bella Rosa of me! :)
    Looks like you had fun... and yes, winter is long. you can always purge after you clean out after Christmas, right?

  5. Really GREAT finds Ann Marie. Loved every single piece.

  6. I actually collect pig cutting boards! Looking for some here in the 315.

  7. I had to LOL at your self-imposed list because this is so me as well. I said the exact words to my husband this weekend. I promised i'd sell 5 things from my shop before I buy another thing, and I sold one today. I had better sell 4 more before this weekend....

  8. Great finds! Nothing like a good thrifting day! My favorite is the globe...I love globes! I also love the little printers tray...or whatever it was. It would be great to hold rubber stamps. Good luck getting everything listed for sale. I am hoping to eventually get my Etsy shop opened. So much to it! Someday...:) Have a blessed week!

  9. You had some great finds! Love the cutting boards, globe, and table! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be sure to follow yours!

  10. You'll only get encouragement from me, AnnMarie! If it's something you love, do it! The table runner is so pretty, and I love your table.

  11. I am here to support you in your hobbies, and pleasant past times. If you enjoy it, and so do I, so I may be a bit biased, I say go for it! Great finds and I am smitten with the table and shovel!

  12. I am in your shoes. I have plenty of stuff but I can't quit "picking". LOL! I love the stuff you found. My very favorite is the table.

  13. I love the little garden table you have found, just the thing I am looking for to put out in my back yard. I'm thinking of eating my breakfast out there this coming summer.


  14. Beautiful treasures, one and all! That two tiered dish is lovely!

  15. Such great and wonderful finds.
    Love the pig cutting board. Hang on the all, put a cute saying on it like; Breakfast Special........Ham & eggs $.75
    Your mounted garden tool; make a sign to hang below......'Rust In Peace.' That is what I had done when my handle on the spade broke

  16. You find the best treasures. Love these finds and the little truck is adorable. I found a red truck, not vintage on sale at Hobby Lobby to create the same look you describe with the tree.
    The wreath is special and those darling Christmas ornaments are a favorite.
    Have fun and gather what you can before etsy gets busy again. It's a bit slow for us all right now, but we will make up for it during the holiday selling season.
    Have a great day. cm

  17. I'm drooling... You must have some prime junking venues in your area. Laughing, too, at your Etsy/junking angst... so me!

  18. Love your finds--esp the enamel tin and tablecloth! I have Etsy listings I need to post too, but....there is great estate sale tomorrow and a sale at my favorite thrift! I'm afraid I would only enable you ;)

  19. good luck selling things in your shop so you can shop for some more great finds, it is fun searching for treasures :)

  20. We all have enablers, they keep us going!! Love all your treasures, but I think my favorite has to be the chippy table. Thanks so much for sharing at VIParty.

  21. Oh AnnMarie, how you make me smile! I LOVE your sweet finds espcially that suitcase :) I truly hope you're able to sell lots online.

    Happy weekend, my friend. Hugs!

  22. I want to say that if you have someone to blame it's all good and you can go on picking, but the would just make me one of the Them, wouldn't it? So I'll just say great finds and leave it with you :-)

  23. Based on what you say and I see here, I would say God has given you a gift that you are using well! One that I would love to cultivate. And it's a special blessing as I bet it works well around your family needs. Something that is always uppermost in my mind, especially due to my caregiving responsibilities.

    So I agree with your family. And knowing how vital good seo is, I totally concur with Etsy Admin. So sounds like wise choices to me. :) And wow! What great finds! Congrats.

    Thanks for a lovely visit via The Dedicated House. :)


  24. You certainly have an eye for it!! I love everything you bought and I understand why you buy. I love finding treasures among trash, especially when they are so cheap!!!

  25. I do not think it is possible to stop pickin'. I know I tried. HARD! I would have bought most of what you bought. I would steal the truck and the trowel and the table if I lived nearby. Just saying.

  26. OMG, I have the same problem you do! I have not more room for anything, garage full, basement full, no shelving space open, and yet still I buy! Love your sweet finds and so glad you bought them before I did :-[

  27. Well girl, I have the same sickness and I don't sell! lol! I did have an etsy shop, but I just hated the shipping part. In fact lost money on one item because I didn't charge enough. I love the rusty shovel on the old wood and the chippy table! Also always love linens. And I have that green juicer. You did good! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  28. It would be a shame if you DIDN'T buy all those fun items for yourself and your shop! Lots of fun finds here! I'm trying to stay away from buying vintage, too, because we still have 5 windows to replace and lots of other fixes around the house. I'm allowing myself to splurge when we go on a road trip during my vacation. We can't be good all the time, can we? hehe


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