Monday, August 10, 2015

Pickin' in Massachusetts

We are back from our week long vacation in Massachusetts and I need a vacation!

Fenway Gardens is an area in the heart of Boston where residents can rent a
plot for $30 a year to have their own garden.
 I went with high expectations of picking at flea markets, browsing at dozens of quaint antique stores, walks on the pier and lobster rolls.

Three out of four ain't bad! We had just missed one of the biggest flea markets in the area in Brimfield <sigh>

We arrived late Saturday in Southbridge, a small town about an hour from Boston. Sunday we drove to Boston and spent the day at Fenway Park for a Red Sox game. I never saw any flea markets or tag sales (as they call our yard/garage sales) on the way or over the weekend. Monday we headed out on our "down" day to find some places for me to pick.

Everything was closed! I knew that! Or I should have.

It wasn't until Thursday when we stopped at an antique barn sale that the pickin' began.

I found these two great framed photographs and had a fun chat with a local antique dealer, full Boston accent and all! He gave me a great deal on them after I told him that I sell on Etsy and can't afford his prices and then resell them.

He gave us a great tip on where more antique stores were and several great restaurants that we could sit outdoors to eat. We had to travel to Putnam, CT though! It was only about a half hour away.
It was worth the drive to find a flea market/antique store there. One of the booths was 70% off as the owner was in her 80's and was retiring from the business. I found this great Bakelite vanity set....
this cute rose chintz upholstered doll couch....
and this Lincoln bank bottle from the 1950's.

We ate at a restaurant that had a patio in the back within a few feet of the railroad tracks. We asked the waitress if a train ever went by and she said once in a while and maybe we'd get lucky. We did! It swooshed right by our table.
Friday, August 7th was my son's 17th birthday......the reason we headed to Massachusetts to begin with. He is a huge basketball fan and the Basketball Hall of Fame is in Springfield, Mass. We spent a whole day there and then he got to go to the gift shop for his birthday gifts.
On his birthday we had dinner at a great Italian restaurant....pasta just like I make! One of the antique stores that was closed earlier in the week was across the street and now open. I politely asked if we could please, please, pretty please go through it after dinner. Knowing what a bad pickin' time I had already had, he said yes. I found these great reproduction antique set of keys made of cast iron in the shape of animals. There is a rabbit, elephant, tiger, and horse. Keepers!
I also found this cute toy telephone with a working dial. I think it may be bakelite.

 At the end of our trip we stopped in Stockbridge, MA (think Norman Rockwell and The Red Lion Inn) and Great Barrington, two quaint New England towns with plenty of gift shops, restaurants and country stores. I found one antique shop and couldn't believe my eyes when I spied this late 1800's gathering basket. It was priced at $12.
When I looked inside I realized why....
But I didn't care! It is a great example of a hand woven basket with hand carved splints and the handle that is chiseled to fit down in between the weaves just so. The basket next to it, without any breaks, was $165. Another treasure for me!
Some other highlights of our trip.....
Fenway Park with it's old fashioned charm. They played Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" during the game.
After the game, a street performer playing his "drums" which were old plastic buckets and a metal cover. He was fabulous.
The L.L. Bean boot mobile.....
Quincy Market where we had a Lobstah Roll.

Room for dessert?

 The Wharf at Boston Harbor
And dinner at Le Galleria Italian Restaurant where we had a street side table and a delicious Italian seafood dinner in Boston's Little Italy.

We had perfect weather, great meals, great sights and a memory making trip for my son. Oh, and I did get some pickin' in.
What more could you ask for in a vacation?
AnnMarie xoxo
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  1. What a fun vacation! We're skipping our annual trip to Salem, MA because we're taking a cruise to celebrate our anniversary. You should take a trip to Cape Ann someday - I'm sure you'll love it. If you ever get a bit farther south in CT, stop in to Seymour as they have several nice antique shops all within close range of each other. It's a fun destination. No hotels, though, but they have a nice tea room. We'll be in Boston in October. Can't wait! Hope your summer's going well. Regards, Karen

  2. Wow! That looks like a great summer vacation for all...Happy birthday to your son! :) Great keys!!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Your son looks like he could be a basketball player! He looks like he is super tall and thin. You managed to find some neat things. The keys are my favorite and the doll sofa is a close second. Too cute! The food looks divine! Glad you had a safe and happy vacation. Have a restful week.

    Hugs, Vicky

  4. It sounds as though you had a wonderful trip! All that yummy food and you did end up bringing home some wonderful treasures!! Happy belated birthday to your son! He's so handsome!! Did youse guys have any chowdah? ;-) I love those Boston accents! When we were up there, one of the fireman said "youse"...I asked him to repeat it and he got embarrassed. I told him thought his accent was adorable! He gave me a big smile and gladly said "youse guys" again...LOL

  5. I love Boston! Looks like you had a great trip!

  6. Looks and sounds like an enjoyable trip - thanks for sharing it with us.
    The lobster rolls and shrimp look so good!

  7. lol! you made me laugh! Yes, we often need a vacation after our vacations. Us gals just go, go, go! Hubby and I are headed to OR for a week in the morning. Glad you found some treasures! The Bakelite set is awesome and I love the little phone. Happy Birthday to your son!

  8. You found some wonderful treasures - I love the photos :) I was in Boston last week visiting family nearby. Grew up south of Boston. There's no place better to find antiques and clam 'chowdah'! Happy Birthday to your son!

  9. Love these treasures and oh yum to the great looking food too! I love Boston, we have only been there once, but it was such a memorable and fantastic trip.
    Wishing your son a Happy belated birthday! I am chuckling over the needed vacation after your vacation. I think that means you had a really good time!

  10. Love, love, love Boston. Such a wonderful city. I've only been there one time and I'm dying to return. Thanks for the post! xo ~ Nancy

  11. Looks like a wonderful trip, fun finds, great time for your son and interesting sites!

  12. I enjoyed your recap. We went up to the area several years ago for a long weekend. Now after reading this, I want to go back!!

  13. Sounds like you had a great time even though the pickin' was off to a slow start. I'll take the basket with a hole in it any day at that price. Thanks for sharing your vacation at VIP.

  14. I was wondering how your trip went. I love the worn gathering basket and the portraits. Glad your son had such a memorable b-day.

  15. It always seem like someone needs a vacation after a vacation! It sounds like you had a great time...and seen so much. The pickin might of been off but seems like it finished pretty good.

  16. Great finds and sounds like great food!!

  17. Glad you had a good time...and I LOVE that olden basket

  18. what a great vacation you had! Those lobster rolls look amazing!
    I'm glad you got some pickin' in, and found some treasures.
    Your son is very handsome, and looks pleased with his gifts.
    Have a nice Saturday.

  19. I'm featuring a Norman Rockwell painting today you might like. I've seen that Brimfield Flea Market on Flea Market Flip - one of my favorite junking shows. I think I had one of those phones in the 50's. Great shopping and eating.

  20. Oh my, the L.L. Bean mobile gave me a good chuckle! :) And the doll couch is adorable! I wish it came in adult size :)

    It looks like you had a fabulous time, sweet friend. What great fun to go to the baseball game! Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration - have a lovely Sunday. Hugs!

  21. Sounds like a great trip, AnnMarie! Lobster rolls, yum!

  22. It's always a disappointment when antique shops are closed...I know the feeling!
    My husband and I were in Boston for a couple of days in July. There's quite a large antique store (4 stories) in Cambridge where I found a lot of great priced items for the shop.
    Mary Alice

  23. I've been to Boston once...about 35 years ago...would love to go back some day. It looks as though you had a wonderful time....great pickin' finds too! Did you say something about lobster rolls??? Oh yes, please! :)

  24. Great vacation, AnnMarie. My husband & I traveled some of that path on one trip through New England Rt 7 (Great Barrington, VT), and parts of MA, ME. It was fun, and I shopped mostly in Great Barrington. Great trip, and yours looks as much or more fun. I completely understand the need for a vacation after a vacation.
    There's something to be said for home and routines - that they are good!

  25. Hi AnnMarie! Sorry for being so late in letting you know that you are one of the fan favorites at the Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty party at The Dedicated House. We are in the final push for getting Little Dedicated ready for school. Anyhoo, here is the link so you can check out your feature. Have a great evening! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  26. Sounds like a really fun trip, AnnMarie! Something for everyone! Love the basket that you found. Looks like your son really enjoyed the Basketball Hall of Fame! And that LL Bean boot mobile is too funny!

  27. Hi Ann Marie! Looks like you had a great time. I should have warned you about Mondays around here but it looks like you made out pretty well in spite of it all. In the future Sturbridge is another place to find goodies. I hope you come back for a visit soon. Let me know and maybe we can meet and have a lobstah roll.

  28. Hi AnnMarie! I wanted to let you know the Weekly Feature Series is live in which your post is being featured. Sorry for the delay in letting you know. It's the first week of school and I'm super behind. Anyhoo, thank you for joining in my parties! Here is the link so you can check out your feature. Have a lovely week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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