Saturday, September 26, 2015

Meet Sprite! Meet Cyrus!

We adopted two kittens and brought them home today.

The whole family was involved. Even my son who said he didn't like cats and especially Miss Kitty. He says now he can start with these two with a clean slate!

I have had cats as a part of my life as long as I can remember. My first kitty's name was Nosey. She was, well, very nosey. She was mostly white.  She spent most of her life with spaghetti sauce permanently stained on her nose.

Yeah, we gave her spaghetti.

It's been a long year since my sweet Miss Kitty passed away in February.

I knew I wanted another kitty but not until Fall when we could all settle inside for the long, cold winter. Another cat would be an indoor cat. My husband grew up with cats also and he agreed. We tossed around the idea of getting two kitties. One for him and one for me.

I have never had two kittens at once. I hear it is a lot of fun.

When it was impossible to decide on just one after going to our local humane society, we dropped the idea of two. It was a little pricey too!

Then my daughter sent me this picture. This little kitten stole my heart! I knew this was going to be my next kitty to love. Her name is Sprite!

She isn't even old enough to adopt here, but I went online to the shelter and applied for her. I was willing to wait. She is a black and white Calico.
Did you know that all Calico cats are females?

This time around our new kitty would be an indoor cat for many reasons. I have never had an indoor cat and wasn't sure I agreed with keeping a cat indoors. Miss Kitty loved prancing around our yard and sitting in the sun with her other kitty friends.

But after multiple cats getting hit by cars, getting lost and then found, and giving me poison ivy every year, it was time.

So I waited, and waited and waited! Three weeks! Sprite had to weigh at least 2 pounds to be spayed. One day before I got the call she would have the surgery, I went back online to see what other kittens there were to adopt.

For my husband. I was just looking.

I found Presley. He is all black. I just knew my husband would love him. He did. He said "get him!"

I called the coordinator right away and told her to add Presley to our order! We'd pick them up at the same time.

It was all too easy. I was already approved to adopt, so they just added a second kitten and reduced the price a little too!

He is a black Burmese or Bombay cat

Presley will not be his name. My husband is changing it to Cyrus, after the movie Warriors, where Cyrus is a gang leader. Sprite will stay Sprite because I love it. A sprite is in the fairy family of creatures and I love that whole fantasy world. Perfect for me.

We picked them both up today.

They did not get along.

Sprite was in a foster home with two older cats that just batted her away as a nuisance. She needed a new friend her own size! Cyrus was in a foster home with other cats and kittens and got along with them all. He had to leave his friend Cecilia behind to come home with us. He needed a new friend his own size! He just wants to play!

One of the first things Sprite did was crawl into the armoire shelf under the TV.

The first thing Cyrus did was to follow her in!

She wanted no part of it! A fight broke out. A lot of hissing on Sprites part. Cyrus just wants to be friends!
Cyrus was left on his own.

My idea of having two kittens is that they play nice together, sleep together, maybe even share the same food bowl. I am sure it will come in time. It is only the first day!

So,  I don't have any cute pictures of the two of them together yet. Tonight will be their first night together in a room upstairs. We have separate litter boxes for them, separate eating bowls and water bowls and we're not sure where they are going to end up sleeping. I made a comfy bed for them but I have a feeling it won't get used!

Have you ever had two kittens at the same time? If you have any tips or advice I would love to hear them!

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. Oh AnnMarie, aren't they just the sweetest! I am so glad you were able to adopt two precious kittens - they will certainly be well loved :) I hope the two of them get along and become the best of friends.

    Have fun, my friend! Hugs to you!

  2. So much cuteness! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your little family members with us at Best of the Weekend!

  3. Aawww! I am so happy to hear you adopted two kittens. I know you are happy to have some fur babies again! They are both adorable! I had a calico and I did know they are all female. So neat! I had two kittens at once a few years ago and still have both cats. We had already brought one home from my aunt's house and then my cousin that lives across from me fount two under her house. Apparently the mom abandoned them or died. I took both of them in and bottle fed them. One of them passed away, but one lived and so I had her and the other one I had already brought home as well. I will never forget the first time I gave the bottle fed one some canned was hilarious! She was covered from nose to tail in that food! It was such fun raising two together! I love kittens.....and puppies! I wish they would stay babies...:) Have fun with your new babies!

  4. Very adorable post and wishing you much joy and love with your two very cute fur kids. I have had cats all my life, they have graced me in ways I can't even begin to express. I knew only females are Calico's but I never had one. Hopefully they will bond and entertain you with their kitten antics. Amazingly they usually find their way into each other's affection, it just takes awhile. I felt your excitement in your words, enjoy!

  5. Those are adorable kittens! Hopefully they will get along soon.

  6. They are SO adorable! I've never had two kitties at the same time, only one who immediately took over our dog. I'm sure they'll be the best of friends before too long.

  7. Congratulations! Babies are always a wonderful addition to the matter the form! ;) We had two kitties at the same time. One was a grown girl and one was a baby. They fought like crazy at the start, but ended up best of friends, cuddled close each day and night.

  8. They are so cute & cuddly!!! I love kittens. They're so much fun to see them play, chase, and get into mischief!!!
    We have had kittens couple of times at home. Our two current cats came home to us as babies and they were so precious! Ours are indoor only cats and they're fine!

  9. They are adorable.
    Introducing your new kitty to your other cat
    If you already have another cat in your home, it is especially important to place your new cat in a room of his own for the first several days in your house. The cats will quickly become aware of each other. They will be able to smell each other underneath the door. Some initial hissing is to be expected. You can also get them used to each other’s smell by exchanging their bedding or rubbing towels on them and letting them sniff the towels. Feed your cats on opposite sides of the door of the new kitty’s room. This way they will associate the smell of the other cat with a positive thing: food. After several days, switch the cats around and bring your cat into the new kitty’s room and let new kitty explore the rest of the house. Do this slowly, gradually increasing the amount of time you allow new kitty to explore the rest of the house. Work your way up to a few hours over several days.

    Now you may introduce the cats face to face. You can try propping open the door to new kitty’s room just enough so that they can see each other but not enough so that either can slip through. There may be some hissing, spitting and growling. Do this for very short periods over the course of a few days. Then try feeding the cats in the same room but at opposite sides of the room. Put them in the same room only at mealtime. Each day move their bowls a bit closer together until they are side by side. If this goes well and they are comfortable with each other, then they are ready to come and go in the house together as they please. At first, only allow this to happen when you are home to observe them and ensure that they are getting along. It’s best not to show more attention to one cat than the other when the cats are meeting. Most cats will eventually work things out between them, even though their initial greetings appear hostile. Remember though that not all cats will get along. Cats are territorial and a cat that is used to living on its own may not adjust to having another cat on its territory. The best combinations are cats that are of opposite sex (provided they are spayed and neutered) and of different ages.

    You should have one litter box for each cat to prevent a dominant cat from stalking the other. With both cats under stress, now is the time when one or both cats may cease to use the litter box. Make sure that you deliver lots of praise to each cat when they use the litter box.
    (information taken from here: )

  10. They're adorable! I'd love to get a kitten but hubbie says he's allergic. I may get my way at some point. Maybe I just have to bring one home and watch him melt!

  11. They are so cute and more than likely will become best of friends.
    Indoor kitties are best. I recently posted about what happened to the sweet kitty that adopted her family. He loved his good meals and safe, and warm place to sleep, but preferred to go on his adventures - so sad.
    I would love to have another kitty, but allergies say No.

  12. So cute, AnnMarie. They'll probably end up as best friends in no time. The only time we had two pets at once (both females) was when we had a miniature poodle mix and a black lab/shepherd mix. The little dog was older and she RULED. It was hilarious to see that big black dog back down in front of the little one. Have fun!

  13. Congratulations on the new family members! They are ADORABLE! When my husband first moved in with me, I had a cat, and he did (they weren't kittens, though) and eventually they got along. Then one died, and we got a kitten, and it did get along with the older cat after some adjustment. I'm betting yours are best friends in no time!

  14. They are so cute! They will eventually love each other, especially since they are used to siblings & now have only each other. Cats hate routines changed & leaving their homes was a huge change. Thanks for adopting keeping them indoors. I no longer let my cats out - too much danger. Enjoy the circus!!

  15. They are such darlings! I see a lot of fun in your future :-)

  16. They are so adorable! Good for you adopting the two of them. I've had kitties all my life and maybe by now yours are getting along better. My advice is to play with them together, get a toy like those with the long plastic wands with a string and feathers etc on the end. Swing that back and forth so that each one gets a chance to play and they can watch each other play. Once they learn that the other cat is not going to attack them, they hopefully will learn to play together with other toys (catnip mice) etc. and then with each other. Let us know how they are doing! Looking forward to more cute photos! ~ Diane

  17. They are so sweet AnnMarie! I'm sure they will learn to get along and be best buds. It can take a little while sometimes. We've been a multiple cat household for as long as I can remember. We currently have 4, but have had 5. All were abandoned strays that we've taken in. Each time it took a little while for the new cat to be accepted so we kept them apart from the rest and let everyone get used to each other. Once cats get used to each other's scent, all seems to be OK. Years ago we got two kittens at once, not related, and they became best friends and it was the sweetest thing. Good luck with you kitties. They will be so much fun I'm sure.

  18. AnnMarie, they are just too adorable!!! I would have never been able to resist those cute little faces! And I LOVE those names!!

  19. They are really cute! I hope they get along soon.


  20. Oh we are cat lovers too! We have an orange male cat right now, but would like to get a female cat soon. Ours will probably have to be an indoor/outdoor cat, but I certainly understand your wanting to keep them inside. They have a much better chance of a long life that way. Two kittens are very entertaining, as they soon will be playing together, and loving each other, it may take a bit, but it will happen :)

  21. Oh Anne Marie, they are soooo cute! We have had three cats at one time. Now we just have two. It is best to get them when they are both kittens, which you have done, so you are off to a good start!

  22. Your new kittens are sweet, I hope it doesn't take too long for them to get along well. The feral cat who frequents our yard looks as if she is going to have kittens very soon, this will be the fourth year and I think she had two litters last year. So far between the neighbours and us we have been able to catch them and take them to the SPCA for rehoming. Hopefully we will be able to do so again this year.


  23. They are just adorable. I'm sure they will have lots of fun together once they adapt!

  24. Colleen has a lot of good advice. I've always had cats that came to me. My multiples (3) are littler mates so they were used to one another. As they have gotten older they like to have their own special territories, but mix well. The 2 females are more territorial toward each other. I did have 3 little boxes... they seem to only use 2 so I eliminated the 3rd for now. They poop in one, pee in the other. Who knows why. God Bless you for rescuing. There are some good sites to read up on how cats think and perceive the world . They really helped me connect with the strays I work with. Give lots of 'love eyes' and chin and cheek rubs. Angels to you.

  25. Oh, how precious the kittens are! No, our two cats have been together in the house for over a year and have known each for nine years and they do not like each other. I have to keep a water bottle handy to spritz them if they fight. We have had two cats for years that did get along.

  26. Love the names and they are both precious! I hope that they learn to be the best of friends. Never had two kitties at once, but did have two cats. Had one for a long time and then a stray came around and would not leave. Our cat, shadow seemed to like the stray so we let it stay. I learned to love them both! I grew up in a family that hated cats so I never had one and didn't really care for them. But the personalities in our two won me over. Who doesn't love a kitty? They are just so darn cute! Best of luck!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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