Saturday, October 31, 2015

October One Day at a Time

I haven't written a "one day at a time" post since Spring so I decided to do it for October, my favorite month.

October 1...

The perfect way to start Fall......a barn sale. These are my treasures.

October 2
My crazy girlfriends and I celebrate each other's birthdays, usually with a day of shopping and lunch. Kim came up with a fun birthday purse to bring to each get together filled with dress up items for the birthday girl. Colleen was all into it and put on almost everything in there! She is silly! Happy Birthday Sweet Colleen!
 October 3

I finally started to decorate for Fall with a little vignette at my front door. I found the fabulous branch/stick in my front yard. Benita, it's because of you that I picked it up!
October 4
It has been 8 days since we adopted Sprite and Cyrus. They are getting along like true kitten buddies and we are having a blast with them! Here they are in one of their more serene moments.
October 5

 We have been pulling out overgrown shrubs and trees from along the south side of the house little by little all summer. I wanted to move my lilac bush over from the shade where it was not blooming. On a whim we decided to cut down the 8' cedar tree by the porch. It looks so much better. Now I need to fill in the ground all around the replanted lilac. I stopped at the garden store today and bought two purple Anise Hyssop plants and two pink Creeping Phlox to plant now. The rest can wait till Spring. That gorgeous mum is the prettiest pink and is a true hardy mum. We will see if it comes back next year after the winter's we usually have!

October 6

Just put the finishing touch on these two sweet stools. The Barn Sweet Barn stool started out brown. Lots of layers of chalk paint, antique wax, finishing wax and elbow grease on these and I think they came out great! They are listed in my Etsy shop.

October 7

Today I took a ride with my daughter Jena, granddaughter Chloe and grandson JC to Naples, NY. It is a quaint town at the end of Canandaigua Lake, known for it's vineyards and wine. We went for the goodies to be found at Joseph's Wayside Market.  I bought gourds, concord grapes, apples and a piece of grape bar, something I always get there. Chloe LOVED the pumpkins!

October 8

Still enjoying my favorite summer lunch....fresh tomato and cucumber sandwiches....on toasted whole grain bread. YUM!!

October 9
My son still likes the same school lunch he has had since elementary school....he is a senior now! Even today when he is home sick. The sandwich is a pb & j (homemade strawberry!).

October 10

My sweet bloggy friend Benita from Chasing Quaintness sent me this cute pumpkin filled with scented beads as a Fall gift. It is hanging on the cupboard at the entrance of my kitchen, where I can catch a whiff of it each time I go in....and think of her sweet, funny self too. Visit her blog for a fun read each time you visit!

October 11

I am so excited about finally finding a vintage wire egg basket. I found it in Naples on our day out at a cute country store. It was only $12 and when I went to pay for it the lady sighed and said "that would be my husband", implying that he underpriced it!! Yup! I filled it with the giant pinecones my sister in Florida sent me.

October 12

I had to go for my yearly (dreaded) mammogram today. It was in a new facility and the bright spot there were these fabulous decorated bra's on every door! I had to take a picture of them all and show them all to you! They were decorated for a hospital event and now adorn each door.


October 13

On the 13th of every month my husband and I celebrate our wedding day (July 13) with a little gift for each other. This is what I found on the kitchen island this morning....

The note on the candy corn says "Happy Anniversary...some seeds for you" and on the bird seed it says "some seeds for your birdies". He knows me so well!

October 14

My sister Michele is visiting here from Florida so we had a girl's day out with my other sister Rosanne. Eating, shopping and laughing all day. What else do you do with your sisters on a girl's day out? :-)

Oh, take bad selfie photos!

October 15

MMMmmm, yum, yum, breakfast! I'll eat a little from my bowl....

.....and a little from her bowl....and a little from my bowl....and a little from her bowl....and a

October 16

Today I treated my friend Bonnie to lunch for her birthday. She picked the restaurant and the shops to browse and it was a nice day. She bought yarn to make socks for her daughter at the yarn shop, we both bought cute socks at the boutique and we ate at a bakery café that has fabulous coffee and sandwiches on homemade bread. And of course, a stop at Trader Joe's pumpkin aisle. I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE!! I can show you the cute socks I bought and the gift I gave her.....

October 17
I went to a movie and dinner today with three of my most favorite people to hang out husband Frank, 4 year old granddaughter Chloe and son Michael.
Chloe was keeping us entertained.....when I told her to hold her horses because she was bugging me for something she said "I don't have any horses!". At the end of the meal I asked her if she wanted an ice cream sundae and she said "No, I want it today!" Ba dum bum ;-)

 October 18

We had our first snow today! I have plants waiting to be planted! It's too early!

October 19

No words needed....okay, maybe one...PRECIOUS!

(On a side note but exciting for me....I hit 1,000 sales in my Etsy shop today!!)

 October 20

I like to change the top of my old dining room cupboard with the seasons. This is how Fall inspired me this year....

 October 21

Time flies when you're a Grandma! JC is now 13 months and big enough to play with the block table. It was my son's favorite toy (now 17) and then Cassidy's (now 10) and then Chloe's (now 4).

One thing I look forward to in the Fall.....a wall of burning bushes dressed in their Fall red surrounding my front porch.

October 23

Today my son had the day off from school so we planned a Mom and Michael Day. We went for lunch at  Joe's Brooklyn pizza, where we ate the best Sicilian pizza I have ever had. Then off to Power's Farm Market where they have these cool, huge teepee's made of corn stalks, with a surprise inside.

They are huge! See the girl at the bottom of the picture?

There are hand carved, lit pumpkins on shelves all around and all the way up to the tip of the teepee. There were even some hanging down the middle.

We picked out a great pumpkin for Michael to carve. He is 17 and it will be his first. We do not participate in Halloween so he never had the interest until now. He picked out a design and created this...


October 24
Our community theatre group The In Your Face Players performed at Artisan Works, a renovated factory building that houses many facets of art. Incredible is the word that describes this place!
There is literally wall to wall art in there, and lots on the ceiling too!

October 25
It was a full moon tonight......pretty eerie looking too...


 October 26

Been craving some kind of candy bark and since I have a bunch of candy corn around I decided to make Candy Corn Oreo Bark.  I needed something to blog about too. The recipe is in a post here.

October 27

I had a very productive day today. I baked two things (one made two), glued three things and painted one thing.

Apple Crisp and Pumpkin Cranberry Chocolate Chip bread
October 28

Wednesday is my day with Chloe and JC. Chloe is in school now mornings while JC takes his nap. They come to NaNa's for lunch and play time. I am the referee!

 October 29

I went on an adventure today with just me, myself and I. It was rainy this morning but the weather cleared and the sun came out as I made my way to Naples. The drive is just gorgeous and I wanted to visit some antique shops, get some apples and see the pretty leaves again. This is the scenery on the way down....

and these are my treasures....

October 30

I started a Fall tradition with Cassidy about six years ago decorating homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Last year Chloe joined in. In a few years JC will also come over to NaNa's to decorate the cookies with peanut butter or buttercream frosting, candy corn, mini M&M's, raisins, chocolate chips and sprinkles. They take home the ones they decorate.  I eat the rest.

October 31

The only thing we have around the house that's a little bit Halloween is our Black Burmese kitty Cyrus. He looks like the typical black cat you see in vintage Halloween ads. We adopted him and Sprite 5 weeks ago and they have grown so much! They are very naughty but we love them!

 That's my day at a time!

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. AnnMarie, You and your sisters are very pretty ladies. I love my sisters too. You little kids are so cute !! I loved those bras...I did not get my notice for my mammo yet..I better call the Hospital. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  2. I absolutely loved this post, AnnMarie...being newer to your blog I had not read one of these before so I feel like I know you better now.
    Your grandkids are as cute as can be and it looks like Michael had a lot of fun carving the pumpkin. How great to spend a day alone with him.
    Your sisters are just lovely. How lucky you are. I never had a sister- just one younger brother and he passed very unexpectedly a couple of years ago. I always wanted a sister, too.
    Looks like you had fun with your friends and I love the little anniversary tradition you do every month. 19 years and counting-I think?
    Hope you have a blessed Saturday. xo Diana

  3. This was a beautiful post- brimming with precious family time, Faith, love, crafts, food, happiness, and success for your etsy shop!!!
    Beautiful photos and you!

  4. Wonderful found treasures. Love that little wheelbarrow cart.
    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos. I enjoyed looking at each and every one of them.
    What a great looking family.
    Have an enjoyable weekend.

  5. AnnMarie this is a very delightful share of your October day by day. Some of my favorite photos are Sprite and Cyrus (Ahhh how they have grown) Loved the Pumpkin hug at the farm. The bra's are adorable and loved your capture on the 25th of the full moon. Sending you Boo kisses and Halloween fun wishes.

  6. Thanks for sharing all your cute photos! October is my favorite month too. Love your baby kitties!

  7. What a great month! I don't have any horses...ridiculous! 1,000 sales and lots of family...I love it all! Your kitties are getting big. Enjoy them!

  8. Hi AnnMarie, I always enjoy your month in review like this. You had a great month. Looks like you had such fun with your sisters. Your pics are gorgeous. Love the door bras on the door for the mammograms. Fun little display for them to do.
    Your grands are adorable and the kitties are so cute!
    Happy Halloween.

  9. Enjoyed your month in review. You have had a busy month with good food and fun thrown in. Looks like your kitties have become best of friends. Don't you love some of the things children say. :)
    Enjoy the weekend.

  10. What a wonderful month in review! So many fun things and memories made! I love this idea of a month in review and that is one thing I am planning to do with my Project Life albums. It is so easy to forget all the little things we did throughout the month but if we document them...via a blog or scrapbook, thenwe have those memories forever. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I love this post! It looks like you really had a fun-filled month. I love the plants bordering your porch - they're so beautiful. I also like how your granddaughter didn't want to wait until Sunday for her ice cream. Kids say the greatest things!

  12. AnnMarie, I really enjoyed seeing and reading all about your October! Your grandkids are just adorable, as are your two kitties. So nice that you had days out with your sisters and good friends; those bras are awesome; the views are spectacular, and it's so great that you had a day with your son, who did a great job on that pumpkin!

  13. What a fun post! Loved seeing your cute grandkids ~ looks like a month filled with family & fun! Blessings, Cecilia

  14. You had a great month, didn't you? So many neat things you shared. I think it's very romantic that you and your husband celebrate your wedding day every month. I don't know anyone else who does that. Your grandchildren are beautiful. Chloe's comments made me laugh out loud. I had to share them with Dennis and he laughed, too. So glad you shared that with us. Also, I love the photos of you with Colleen and the one with your sisters. All lovely ladies. xo ~ Nancy

  15. I can't believe that October has already come and gone. Time simply flies. Looks like you had a great month.

  16. What a fun October! You're amazing and so disciplined to capture a picture every day of the month. Happy November!

  17. Sounds like a great October for you! What a fun recap! 'Precious' is not only precious, but what a darling kid! Loved all those pumpkins. Hope your November is just as nice.

  18. The fancy bras are so amusing. They create a gigantic smile before being squished. Love this post.

  19. Ann Marie, love looking back at your month! I chuckled at the twig. I remember Benita buying a white twig and bringing it home. I told her it was something I would do. Funny gals aren't we, that we love our twigs! ha, ha!

  20. What an interesting post! I really enjoyed this "one day at a time" post and love the colorful bras and photos of you with your friends!! Hugs!!

  21. Fun post and a great way to get to know you and your family. I am a cat lover and your new kittens are adorable! Love the bras and what a fun thing to hang on the doors! Enjoyed my visit!


  22. What fun reading about your month! Loved it all.

  23. You had quite a busy and interesting month full of fun. I had a black cat like that and always made sure she stayed indoors, especially around Halloween. The tent full of lit pumpkins would have made me a bit nervous! I have three sisters and we love to go out together especially when our California sister visits. I've always felt blessed to have sisters. Hope you get a chance to visit Stuart Florida and have tea. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've added yours to my blog list.

  24. I love this share! What a fun post and so many wonderful pictures. Your cute Grand Girl and those kittens! You are quite adventurous. Have a great weekend and HPS!

  25. Your adorable kittens, beautiful family, and outrageous bras (ok, I know they're not yours but how cool are they!?) all combine to make this one fun filled post on what was a very interesting, adventure filled month!

    I see we share a few blog friends, as well as a love of the Berkshires. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Ann Marie! Your sweet comment made my day!


  26. Your October looks so fun. I love that you combined it all. Great idea.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  27. Wow! What a great month you had! I love that you and your husband celebrate your anniversary every month. That's really sweet :)


  28. This post makes me think of an Anne of Green Gables quote about the preciousness of ordinary days. Angels to you and yours.

  29. I feel like I KNOW you now after reading this post. Grands are precious, as are the kittens. You sure are busy. Enjoyed this post very much. Your photos are great!


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