Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Christmas Decorating Dilemma

Debby Ray of My Favorite Things sent me this. Too funny!
 I can't believe it has come to this.
The decision had to be made.
After years and years of decorating for Christmas to the nines, it is just NOT going to happen this year.
No bottle brush jars and beaded tree on the parlor table. No more vintage red tree decked out in Victorian style. No more window seat nativity scene and village (there's a small peak of both in the background).
No more snowman tree (with a cool new tree this year).
No more hubby's tree (with a cool new tree this year!).

   No more decorating the dining room bench.
        And especially no main tree in the living room!
So why, you ask?
Because of him....Cyrus the Terrible!
I know he doesn't look terrible but he already took down the window treatment from the bay window over my couch. He knocked over my antique brass lamp and broke it. How many more disasters can my heart take?
It is so hard to be mad at him for long, because, like a baby, he is so sweet when he is sleeping.
I could try this.....
 But I may try this instead....

or this...


We have double pocket doors in the living room that the tree usually stands in front of. It would still have to be high enough because Cyrus can jump pretty high.
Not crazy about those ideas though.
Putting all common sense aside, I am still on the fence about getting a main tree, even with the window treatment and lamp disasters in the same room the tree would go! I really, really, really want one but I just don't want to get it all up and then regret it and then have to take it all down.
The decision has to be made soon! Instead of beating the crazy crowds for Black Friday,
we are usually out in the woods picking out a tree. It is supposed to be in the 60's on Friday, not snow as usual!
There are all kinds of tips online to keep a kitty away, like orange peels on the base, or dryer sheets. Neither one sounds appealing to me to have laying around.
Next year should be fine because both kitties will be 1 1/2 years old. But for now I don't think having two 4 month old kitties and a Christmas tree will work!!
Can anyone help me decide? Do you have horror stories of cats and Christmas trees that would steer me away from the idea? Or maybe you had no problem with cats and trees....convince me that way!
Any suggestions or help would be great!
AnnMarie xoxo

Many blessings to you and your family for this Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. Hahaaaaahahaaaaa a christmas tree in prison, haaaahaaaaaaa this is a perfect idea! I love your sweety

  2. Oh dear, it would be so sad not to have even one tree. I had a kitten at Christmas and it climbed the tree and popped out on the branches. I did decided to only decorate with non breakable ornaments but I found them all over the house. Still at the time I had kids and we had to have a tree! Good luck.

  3. Can you spray the tree with apple bitter or something like that? Something that cat's don't like to smell??? Check the internet!

  4. Bless your heart...what a mess! And you are right, how can you stay mad for long when he's precious asleep! I do like your alternatives though...well, not that cage around the tree...LOL Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. Too funny! I think he would love climbing the cage, or playing with the string tree or ornaments - don't think any would be off limits with this cutie!

  6. I had a young cat years ago that decided the tree was a perfect place to climb - had to tie tree to window lock to keep it up. Is there a spray you can use on it before bringing it inside to decorate? Have heard kitties don't like certain citrus smells. No solutions for all the little decor.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. I say get a tree decorate with cheap ribbon anchor it well...and let him have fun...you may even get a kick out of watching him....Just an Idea...I am a dog gal..so what do I know! Happy ThanksGiving

  8. Aw, AnnMarie, what a dilemma! I used to have cats, so I totally get it. Is there any way to close off the room to little Cyrus this year, so you can at least have your main tree?

  9. Oh my AnnMarie! I was reading this and thinking why is she not able to decorate this year. I was wondering if maybe you were going on a Christmas trip like myself and didn't want to drag out all your decor. I just had to chuckle when Cyrus popped up as the culprit! LOL! I totally understand now...:) I will tell you I had a kitty years ago...our second year we were married and Miranda was a baby. He looked just like Cyrus....seriously! Anywho, it was Miranda's first Christmas and we decided to spend the night at my parent's house. We left the kitty inside and returned home to find the tree laying in the floor with broken ornaments and such surrounding it. In the process of knocking it over, it took one of my wedding goblets with it and broke it too. He also proceeded to poop in the kitchen sink even though he had a litter box. So, I totally understand. But, my cat did it because he was "mad" at us for leaving him home alone. LOL! Funy story now but it sure wasn't funny to me 25 years ago. Hope you had a good laugh at it too...:) Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  10. AnnMarie, you can't not put up a tree because of your kitties! I say use a squirt bottle! What would your grandkids say if Grandma has no tree, they might call you the Grinch! lol Whatever you decide I'm sure it will be good.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Awww...so sorry about your lovely decorations but I can certainly understand how frustrating that can be. I don't have a kitty but I do hope you can figure out a way to put up some kitty friendly decor. I bet you can!!

  12. I truly wish I could help, but oddly enough, I have the exact same problem! An adorable little black cat. Sooty his name, and wreaking havoc is his game. My poor Christmas tree is going to get it this year. I just make sure the breakable ornaments are securely attached, and then I just keep redecorating for the few weeks that I have my tree up. Best of luck to you, I hope you find someway to have a tree that you enjoy and that won't get destroyed.
    Thank-you for dropping by my blog!

  13. I am really tickled by your quandary. Never had a cat or kitten, so didn't know they would ruin trees and such. I think I would have fun with it and put those dryer sheets around like snow!

  14. Oh boy, that's a dilemma. Sorry you've had some breakage already. No kitties here, so I can't offer any advice, but I hope you figure out a way through.

  15. Sorry, AnnMarie, I have no experience in this area. Maybe a table top tree? Or would Cyrus just jump up on the table and knock it over? Oh, it must be torture for your Christmas-loving heart! (Cyrus, you naughty cat! You're spoiling mama's fun!) xo


  16. LOL

    I had to laugh becuase any of us that have casts knows what your talking about.

    Last year was my first year for my cat I adopted from the streets and he did good with the tree a couple of times I seen him play with balls on bottom of tree and I said NO and he ran LOL

    Your kitties are sooo cute

  17. lol. Cyrus is adorable!. I can so relate to your dilemma. There have been several Christmases when we haven't decorated as much because of a new kitty. I have pics of two actually climbing inside a fully decorated tree years ago. Even though our 4 cats are quite good now we still tie our trees with fishing line so they won't be toppled over, and I don't use my good vintage ornaments on the trees. They are used elsewhere where they'll be safe. That tree in the cage is hilarious. Not sure any tree is safe from a curious kitty.

  18. I have 4 cats & have had cats for 27 years now. 1st you put up a tree w/no ornaments for a day to see what will happen. Then I add non breakable ornaments only. I have loads of old glass ornies that I hate not adding, but I don't want to have any breakage and potential injury. The one big problem is light strings - if he chews on those, bad news! Since you get a real tree w/o lights, try putting 1 string on for a test before you light the whole tree. You must have a tree!! Mine are good except for removing the ornies near the bottom. Those ornies are cat friendly & they are welcome to play with them. Please get a tree.

  19. OMGosh! I can so relate! This post is hilarious! I saw that cartoon on FB and wanted to save it somehow!
    Cyrus is a real ball of fire! I don't know what to tell you, except I like Mary Scott's comment, above. Somehow I think if you agreed to share a tree with him, he might not be so determined to bring it down!
    In any event, God bless you for making these two kitties a home. Wish people would spay their pets so the cat overpopulation ends.

  20. Oh, AnnMarie, I'm so glad you can keep your sense of humor through this dilemma...and it IS a dilemma. We've had our wild kitty girls for 15 years (I still have Licky Lou, but sadly we lost her sister Pookie Bear last month). During this decade and a half, we have lost our share of treasures along the way thanks to kitty curiosity. I'd like to say the problem got better as the cats got older, but just last year one of the girls climbed the tree....

    When the kids were still at home and we had a HUGE artificial tree, we literally bolted the darn tree to the floor. That was back when we had carpet in the living room. :-) After we had hardwood floors installed, I got a smaller Christmas tree and unbreakable ornaments. We still can't put wrapped presents anywhere the cat can get to...she feels the need to "unwrap" them. Cats....gotta love 'em.

    I look forward to seeing your solution!

  21. I sure do understand your dilemma. Love the idea of creating something on the wall or on the door. The picture of the cage around the tree is hilarious! We always had a bigger problem with our dog trying to get into the presents; our cat was oblivious to all of it, lol.

  22. I thought there was a spray to use on trees and such to keep cats off....hope you can come up with something...:)

  23. AnnMarie, that IS a dillemma, but I love your attitude! I wonder if orange pomanders on the tree would have the same effect as orange peel and deter Cyrus. The kind I make are decorated with cloves, another strong scent. If all else fails, I do love the string tree on the wall. I can't wait to see your creativity flourish to solve this problem! Hugs, Cecilia

  24. So cute! Makes me recall when we adopted a little black kitten (who looked just like Cyrus) and brought him home Christmas Eve day. He proceeded to climb up the middle of the Christmas tree, knocking off a few ornaments along the way. I removed the precious and breakable ornies, hubby used fishing line to secure the tree (which was in the corner of the room) to the wall, and we enjoyed our tree and our new kitten, :) Hmmm, maybe I should have sent you a couple freestanding ornaments for Vicky's exchange. :)

  25. Oh AnnMarie! I can't believe you have to go through this! I just had to stop by after reading your comment and see who the culprit was. He is indeed a sweetie, and I couldn't stay angry for long either. Wish I had a solution other than the alternatives I posted, but hopefully next year he will have grown out of being so frisky! lol

  26. lol I can totally relate! I felt that way my daughter's 2nd Christmas. She was 13 months old and started to walk at 9 months. There are only so many times you can say no. I like the wall trees and that sounds like a fun way to go. Check out my post too: http://katspurrfectboutique.blogspot.com/2015/11/pink-christmas-2015.html

  27. You do have quite a dilemma, but sometimes simple is freeing. :-))
    I don't have any kitties so I'm afraid I'm not much help in the suggestion department.
    Mary Alice

  28. It is a dilemma Ann Marie. Those kitties just love those shiny and bright trees! How about just a small table top one that Home Depot sales? Best of luck! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  29. We too have a mischievous cat. She climbed the kitchen wall to get the second hand on the wall hanging clock if that tells you anything. I mean it's not like we're first time cat owners. We have 4! And we've been fostering dogs and cats for 16 years so we're certainly not newbies. We do have a tree this year and like every year it's tied to the wall so it doesn't tip over. Most of the ornaments are nonbreakable so that helps. I won't put anything on the tree that I don't want to be broken. The special ones will just have to wait for another year. We do our best to give her plenty of toys and other things to occupy her when she's not sleeping. We even bought a cat "tree" for her to climb. I can hardly wait for it to arrive. I wish you this best!

  30. AnnMarie ... looks like you have one big problem to solve. Hope you find a way to put up a pretty tree and not have the kitty use it as a play toy. The clove studded orange that Cecelia suggested might work. Also group cinnamon sticks and tie with a pretty ribbon. I made clove stuffed oranges and apples years ago and they still smell good. I love the deer and bottle brush tree in a Mason jar you gifted to Cecelia @ My Thrift Store Addiction. So sweet of you.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  31. Oh no! Shame on little Cyrus! I had to laugh at the tree in the cage :) Whatever you do I know you will make your home bright and beautiful, sweet friend. Love and hugs to you!

  32. LOL! I can totally relate! My cat, Minnie, who is almost 20, used to climb the tree the first couple of years. Needless to say, I kept the tree up but used non breakable ornaments. Now that she is older and her tree climbing days are over, I love to look at the photos I used to take of her looking at me from within the tree!


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