Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Thrifting on a Whim

There are all kinds of thrifting outings.

There's the planned, search the internet and newspaper for sales in your area and then hit every spot there is in one day, kind.

There's the huge show you have been waiting and waiting for, kind.

And then there's the thrifting on a whim. You know, when you had absolutely no plan to stop and hunt for anything but you did anyways. On a whim.

I had one of those kind on Sunday and it was a good one!

We had gone out to lunch to Dinosaur Bar-B-Cue in the city of Rochester. It is an Upstate New York restaurant chain with the best barbecue ribs and pulled pork. The one near us is located right on the Genesee River. We got a window booth with a great view.

I am sharing this fact because it adds to the full thrifting experience. It is always better to thrift on a full belly.

Full to the brim with Pig Salad (salad greens with pulled pork, candied walnuts and spicy blue cheese dressing), cornbread, fries and chocolate cream pie, we headed toward home.

On a whim, we stopped at the Goodwill near our home. I had just been there with little luck but I wanted to walk some of the food off and, it was on the way home. As soon as we walked in, there were our good friends and avid thrifters, the Merrill's. I didn't expect to find much so I took my time chatting with them.

When I finally pulled away, and did my three times around, I came away with a pretty good stash of different stuff.

This cute bunny is a bank. She is flocked and has the cutest little face. I cannot resist items that trigger memories from things I may have had during childhood. So sweet to put in a child's Easter basket.


These peg coat racks are always a great find and a great seller. I have never seen a whitewashed one though so this is unique to my shop.


I could not believe my eyes when I found this next item at the Goodwill. It is a wooden lap desk painted in a gorgeous aqua. It is quite distressed and chippy. Perfect! It has a medallion on the lid that starts with L and ends with "ess". Other than that I cannot make out what it says.  I thought about trying to redo the top but quickly talked myself out of it. A great DIYer I am not!


Another item I thought about upcycling is this vintage cutting board. I never turned it over until I got home and that is when I saw the carved sunflowers! I originally thought to stencil the plain side. In the end I decided to let the buyer decide what to do with it. I kind of like it's rustic, retro look.


This vanity mirror is another item I could not believe I was seeing at the Goodwill. It actually caught my breath as I was running to grab it! I knew it was a Syroco the minute I saw it's lovely gold finish.


It is marked 1949 and a perfect décor piece for Victorian or Hollywood Regency style. Hmm, I may have to keep it awhile on my parlor mantel.

This sweet Shaker style bench or settee is doll sized. I own two others very similar to this from the 1980's. That is the only way I am selling this one!


I learned sewing when I was about 12. My mother was a seamstress and I am sure my grandmothers were too. Never have I seen one of these vintage hem markers. This one is from the David Traum Co. Inc. from the 1950's. I was so intrigued by the fact that you could pin the hem right through the openings on the adjustable marker. Such technology!


This last item and the first one of the post, the Zenith radio, were given to me by my 85 year old friend Fred. He was a real cigar smoker in his younger days. This is the second Humidor he has given to me to sell.

Both items are great vintage finds but need to be cleaned up and given a coat of wax finish before they are saleable. I just love that Fred thinks of me and that I know his stuff is the real thing!

I will chalk that trip up to a successful thrift on a whim. They are not always like that.

I have to keep my fingers crossed for another one to come along!

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. You did find some really nice things on your day out. That mirror is beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful shopping trip, it obviously helps to go on a full stomach LOL. And what a great view from the restaurant. I had that exact bunny bank when I was a kid, it sure brought back memories. I think I bought mine in Florida. I especially love the lap desk and the cutting board. Everything you purchased is very interesting pieces. Have a great evening, Kelly.

  3. Now that was a GREAT WHIMsicalSALE day! You really hit the mother lode at GW this time. I remember those flocked bunnies . They were cute then and that one is cute now. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  4. Wow, you found a lot of good stuff...I am always amazed. That bunny brought back memories to me, too. I loved mine!

  5. I always enjoy your posts and seeing what you found. Loved the view from the restaurant window.

  6. First, I'm still drooling over the lunch you had! I'm sure that having such a hearty and delicious meal heightened your thrifting senses! Glad you are happy with your finds - the mirror is very pretty!

    1. Thanks for linking up with Best of the Weekend, AnnMarie!

  7. Oh, that pig salad sounds wonderful! Nice view, too! Sounds like you had fun - you found some wonderful things. My Dad was a pipe smoker and had a pipe stand like that. I love the mirror. x

  8. You found some great things. Sometimes thrifting on a whim is the best. Love the mirror and that sweet little settee, but that aqua lap desk is my favourite. I kinda think it's perfect just the way it is.

  9. Yes, it was a good trip for you! My fav might just be that lap desk. :) Thank you for sharing it with Let's Talk Vintage!

  10. Oh what a wonderful view out that window. It looks like you were right there on the edge of the river. I loved your finds - so glad you had a good "pick" there! Also, so glad to have you link and share at BTTCG!

  11. Lunch sounds delish. You found some great things on a whim. I love the rabbit bank and the hem marker. I've never seen one before. sb

  12. Goodness you found some amazing treasures! This bunny steals my heart!
    Hope your week is going well!

  13. Delightful finds as always, sweet friend :) I'm glad you had a nice time.

    Enjoy your day, dear AnnMarie. Hugs!

  14. You have such talent to select those lovely items out of a whole store full - and that bunny is too cute!

  15. Hi AnnMarie, You sure found some great finds after a nice lunch. Love the mirror and that sweet bunny is too cute. Have a great weekend ahead. xo

  16. What great finds. My favorite is the lap desk - great patina.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  17. I'm with Carol. The lap desk is my favorite; I love that patina, too. Second is the bunny cuz it's so very cute. You did good, my friend. Happy upcoming weekend! Hugs, Nancy

  18. Well, for just a whim, you came away with great stuff. I have a bunny bank like that my husband gave me for Easter way back in 1974! Love the blue lap desk.

  19. Thrifting on a whim can be fun. Your did great! I found an aqua flocked bunny bank at our thrift a while ago. I'm going to give it to our little Saydee for Easter. I also have one of those hemmers that I picked up at an estate sale. Love that lap desk. The patina is wonderful and love it as is!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. That hem marker brings back memories.I stood by one many times so my mom could pin my dress or skirt.The great thing about it is if you have a little junk in the trunk your hem would still be even.

  21. Great Finds! The easter bunny bank is my favorite! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Hi AnnMarie,
    Wow! You really found some amazing things! I love that rabbit piggy bank and the aqua lap desk is right up my alley! ;)
    I love everything you found! It is so true that some days you can go and nothing and then other days you have to pinch yourself!
    Your lunch sounded delicious!
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Kimberley

  23. What great finds AnnMarie! Love that little bunny! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  24. Thrifing on a whim never disappoints, especially on a full stomach. You sure found some wonderful goodies. I found an aqua box really similar to yours several years ago and sold it "as is". Thank you for sharing your thrifing adventure at Talk of the Town.

  25. So much fun stuff! I love all kinds of thrifting...the planned and unplanned.
    Mary Alice

  26. What a great thrifting day! I can't decide which I like the best the bunny or the aqua box. The bunny probably since Easter is coming.

  27. What a fun day! And such great finds. I adore the lap desk, so lovely and a perfect color too.

  28. It seems like you find the best things on a "whim", and I'm sure that delicious lunch was one of them. Congrats on your feature at Bernideens..Happy Monday..Judy

  29. I think that restaurant is also in Manhattan, and yes, very good food!

    The lap desk is lovely, and I kinda like that what's left of the markings spells 'less'. Very cool.

    I came across a flea market yesterday 'on a whim' that you would have LOVED! What treasures!



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