Saturday, May 14, 2016

Last Day Finds

It really stinks to not feel good and have to miss opening day at one of the best barn sales around.

Not only that but have to wait till the last day to finally get there.

Oh, but it all works out in the end.

When I arrived Saturday morning, I was pleasantly surprised that it was half off day and/or $3 bag day.

I first spied three boxes of Shiny Brites for $1 each. That is all that fit in my bag! No deal there so I opted for the half price deal and filled the bag with other things. Why worry about getting the best deal when I am holding Shiny Brites for $1 a box?? A deal is a deal!

These will be used in my porcelain sink flower planter, to be featured in an
upcoming post.
I quickly filled my bag with two pillows and a stuffed cat made of old quilts, a Christmas tablecloth, two sets of Christmas napkins, an old light fixture, a jar of old bottle caps and four sweet saucers/plates. All the items are scattered throughout the pictures with other items from the second great sale I went to.

This year the barn sale had a tent with wooden items and furniture, all half price. This is an old dispenser for foil, wax paper, saran wrap and paper towels. The cutting edge is under each dowel and they are sharp. I am now minus the tip of my nail from discovering that!


This wooden piece was in there too. Not sure if it is a book stand, shoe stand, or a wall hanging for linens. There is no indication on it that it was ever hung so the nice lady there and I decided it must be for shoes.

At the second sale  I found these two plant stands.

I really want to keep them both but I need to keep filling my new booth!

The metal mailbox reminds me of my 1960's childhood home. The large ironstone pitcher has an inscription on the bottom of where it was an abandoned house in my area back in 1969. I might have to keep it.

mailbox available

The jewelry  box is in excellent condition and I believe the hand mirror is Bakelite.


Buyers on Etsy seem to love the old wall mount outdoor lights. This black one is nice and rusty. I will clean it up but the rust is included! The other light was stuffed in my $3 bag. It is a double bulb wall mount utility light with a plug on it. I love the 60's style glass shade.

black house light available

This cute little chair was going to be made over for the owner's grandchildren. WHY?? If it didn't have chippy paint I would make sure to chip it.

The jar of old bottle caps has great vintage appeal. It was being sold with an antique wooden bottle capper. I just wanted the jar so in the $3 bag it went. It may be a keeper for my industrial display in my dining room.

I felt so much better having gone to these sales and finding great stuff, even on the last day. I can't stand knowing there are sales out there that I can't get to!

Now I have to decide what goes to the booth and what goes in my Etsy shop. And then there's deciding on what I keep for myself.

Such a dilemma!

I got my pickin' fix for the week and loved every minute of the thrill of the hunt.

Ya know what I mean?!

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. The wooden foil dispenser is awesome!!! What a great find. I also like the 1960's light cover. Those hold great appeal for me. I like all the 60's stuff.

  2. AnnMarie, you still found some wonderful things. Love the plant stands. Blessings, hope you are feeling wonderful now. xoxo, Susie

  3. The Shiny Brites and the plant stands!! Love!! And where is your booth?

  4. Wow, such great finds for a last day, and super prices too. Good luck with your dilemma of sell and keep, but yes keep the large white pitcher. :)

  5. Mercy, you had a very good day at the barn. Wish we had something like that here.

  6. AnnMarie, what a great dilemma to have! You found some great things. If I am on the fence whether to keep it or sell it, I just keep it for awhile and see if I still really love it after awhile. Thats the great thing about this business, you can always sell it at a later time. Love your finds!!

    xo DIannne

  7. You found such amazing pieces at such great prices, it's too bad you missed the beginning of the sale due to illness. Next weekend here is a long weekend and the official start of garage sale season although there have already been a few. I love to make a map of where I want to hit, I can't wait. Have a great week!

  8. Such great finds! I always find things I fall in love with on the last day of fleas & estate sales. thanks

  9. Nice haul. I hate when I don't get to a sale on the first day but sometimes it works out because they usually start marking stuff down. I have found some great stuff on the last day of a sale, looks like you did too!

  10. You have some great deals. I just love the Shiny Bright ornaments.

  11. Lots of great finds! Love the shiny brites!

  12. AnnMarie, sometimes going the last day makes for the best deals! Love the plant stands and the shiny brites!

  13. You have the magic touch for sure. I know I say it often, but I wish I lived in your neck of the woods...we could visit and thrift together!

  14. Good Evening!
    Well I sort of got stuck on the shiny brites!
    Those are always my downfall whenever I might have the chance to shop.
    All of your treasures are wonderful though and I hope that you are feeling better and that all is going well in your precious corner of the world.

  15. great bargains. you are a very thrifty shopper.

  16. I do know what you mean about deciding where to put what. You sure found some terrific treasures and those shiny brites are incredible to find.
    Hope you are feeling better. Have a great evening. xo

  17. Dear AnnMarie:
    The thing I like the most is the tall white plant stand as I think it would be so cute in a bathroom with towels, soaps, etc. So glad you shared and linked this fun items and bargains. Glad you got the best price of all!

  18. I'd say that's a pretty good dilemma to have. Good to hear that you felt better to get out to the 1ast day of the barn sale. Love those Shiny Brites and the old lights! I wish I could find a good barn sale around here. Thanks for sharing your treasures with Talk of the Town.

  19. Hi Ann Marie, I love your finds especially the plant racks. Thank you for sharing them at SYC! xx Jo

  20. Wow you found some really nice finds. I like the tree skirt and the plant stands too. :)

  21. So many fun finds.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Ha, ha Ann Marie, it truly is a dilemma! That is one that I have a hard time with. Don't have a booth, but selling at fleaology 4 times a year. I always want to keep more than I want to sell. lol! Can't believe how much great stuff you found on half price day. And that $3 bag is fabulous!

  23. Success! So many great finds! I especially like the plates.

  24. At first I felt bad for you that you had to wait until the last day of the sale until you listed your haul. Shiny Brites for a dollar a box is great. I always have a dilemma about to keep or sale. Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  25. There is nothing quite like the thrill of the hunt, is there. =) My you bagged some amazing finds. I love those plant stands.

  26. Glad that you felt better, and were able to go, AnnMarie! Congrats on all of your fun finds!

  27. Great finds! Love the plant stand, and the shiny brites. $1 a box is a fabulous deal!


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