Saturday, August 20, 2016

Thrifting on a Whim - Part 2

I have been thrifting and picking for treasures all summer.

I have found great items and it is always fun.

The most fun, though, is when I go thrifting on a whim. I wrote about that back in March if you want to read about what that is all about.

On a recent Sunday we had a couple hours after church and before an outdoor concert we were going to. I really felt that I should go visit my local Goodwill again. It was time. I had never gone on a Sunday. It was very crowded!

I usually just run in and look around and then have to go back for a cart. This time I took the cart in first.

I had high expectations!

I was not disappointed.

I am now buying for my Etsy shop and for my booth in a local shop. Double the fun! I am on the lookout for Christmas items for both and I found quite a few.

There is a soap and tumbler set with a Christmas wreath on them, a metal tray, a cookie gun, a pair of birch candleholders, a ceramic snowman cookie jar and this great, rusty metal door pocket with holly and a ribbon. The holly leaves are pierced through.

Not sure I am going to part with that one yet.

I just loved the painted green basket with the snowman hand painted on. It needs a little cleaning up but it is very sweet.

The cookie press is always a seller before the holidays so I don't pass on buying one when I see them.

I found this great heavy wire basket, which could also be a door hanger. The flat basket with the handles will get a makeover with paint. For $.50 I just had to have the metal address file. No pages in it but the refills are available to buy.

The suitcase basket is actually an American Girls Bitty Baby suitcase which is a retired item. It is for my granddaughter Cassidy for Christmas. Have you priced American Girl doll items? Crazy high. This suitcase, like new, at Goodwill....$2.99

That is just one of the two non-vintage items I picked up. I am saving the other one for last.

I thought this Winter and Spring set of wood hand painted wall hangings was adorable. Very Folk Art-ish.

These round pocket door baskets were very popular in 80's and 90's and can be filled with a lot of faux flowers to make a statement on your front door.

I think this bank for Grandma is adorable! How cute to give it to her to announce a new arrival and prompt some savings for your new baby! The vanity mirror she is sitting on is very heavy and so pretty. I have a thing for those and have quite a few in my collection!


These are heavy resin wall plaques. I just love the rustic chippiness on the blue one. The cornucopia wreath is cute for Fall as a centerpiece on the table with a candle in the middle or hung on the door.

So this is my other non-vintage find that I unexpectedly found. I love it! I had been looking for another purse for summer/early Fall because I was frustrated with the one I was using. The color and summery look to it caught my eye and for $4.99, I figured why not. It has lots of room and pockets on the inside for organization. It also had a designer name on it that I didn't know, but I really don't care about that stuff anyways. I don't seek out designer clothing or accessories. If I am in Walmart and I see a cute shirt, I buy it!
The curiosity got the best of me so I looked the name up online...Eric Javits, New York. I found the exact purse that I have and the price is $390. Whaaaat?! Thank you Goodwill!

As much as I love thrifting and old, rusty crusty things, I also love getting new pretties, especially in the mail. Today I received a package from Stephanie at Rose Petal Blessings and I just love how much thought and love she puts into her handmade items and the packaging.

The pretty snowflake ornament, I just had to have for my Victorian tree, came in tissue paper tied with a pink ribbon and pretty washi tape. There was an envelope of lots of little pretties like tags, flowers and a teabag. She even embellished the mailing envelope with pretty stickers. Her Etsy shop is full of her hand sewn things and it is hard to choose which to buy. I also love reading her blog, The Enchanting Rose. Her posts are full of sweetness and love, great recipes, devotionals, and book reviews.

All my new, old things will be showing up in my Etsy shop and maybe Instagram in the near future. I will be enjoying my Designer purse the rest of the summer and I can't wait to decorate my Victorian tree with my new ornament.

I love shopping :-)

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. Sunday thrifing - that is a bonus on use of time. Great finds, busy you !.

  2. Thrifting on a whim sounds like a fun idea. Junkiń when bored is fun too.

  3. Well, aren't you a doll! Thank for the kind and beautiful words, my friend. I am so glad the ornament arrived safe and sound {I was fearful of it breaking!} You truly are a sweetheart, AnnMarie.

    I just LOVE the things you found and the purse....what a steal! I wish I could come thrift shopping with you {{smiles}} Have a blessed Sunday! Love and hugs!

  4. The items are really nice! Glad you weren't disappointed ♥

  5. Great finds AnnMarie ;) Your granddaughter is going to love that American Girl suitcase! Blessings, Cecilia

  6. You find the best treasures. I had the door basket and filled it with geraniums in the 80's. I think it would be still great today maybe dry brushed in white. I see a vintage cookie gun in one of your pics. I have one that was my mother's and still use it every Christmas. It makes the sweetest butter cookie designs.
    Love your ornament from Talented Stephanie. She is such a dear and puts lots of love in all she does. Truly a blessing to all and I love all my goodies she has created too.
    Love junkin on a whim. I think that's when we find the best treasures. Happy Sunday. xo

  7. So glad you found some items you can use for your shop Ann Marie! Sounds like a fun time :)


  8. You really raked those bargains in! And in only two hours! My favorite is the tray basket and I'm curious as to how you will make it over. I love shopping, too and thrift shopping the best. There's such a thrill when you find something spectacular for hardly any money.

    Enjoyed seeing your treasures and reading your post.

  9. I'm with Deb, great purse, awesome score! I love the snowman and the painted panels. You find the best stuff. I know I've said it before, but I'd love to be your thrifting buddy, you have the magic touch!! :)

  10. Such great finds. You scored Big time.
    I spotted that snowman firs thing and thought it was a cookie jar at first until I read on down further. He's still cute tho.
    Spotted that apple cutting board. Super cool
    I went thrift shopping yesterday as well and wow, the Christmas items they had out on the shelves; Unbelievable.
    You really done good. Was a great thrift shopping day

  11. In order to find these treasures you have to develop an eye for them and that is what you have done!
    I could never in a million years find goods like these!
    So happy for you and sounds fun too.

  12. Wow! Amazing deal on that purse. I've had absolutely no luck finding any vintage Christmas stuff this summer. Garage sales are usually so good for that, but not this year. Love the holly leaf door pocket!

  13. You found some great treasures, AnnMarie - especially the purse! I love the vanity tray and Stephanie's snowflake ornament. I bought a little camera bag from her a while ago and she put such sweet detail into it. Everywhere I go, people ask about it. Hope you have a lovely week showing off that purse! xx Karen

  14. Good thing you grabbed a cart because you certainly did need it. :) Great scores! Stephanie does make lovely things for sure. The snowflake will be gorgeous on your tree!

  15. I love all of your great finds AnnMarie. I love how thoughtful Stephanie is and her lovely blog and how talented and creative she is. What a pretty snowflake! I hope you have a nice week.

  16. Oh wow, I need to follow you around shopping! You found a items, the little American Girl dolls' case is so sweet and that handbag! Love the Christmas items and the wall hangings, sigh!

  17. Hi AnnMarie....junking on a Sunday...that sounds awesome, our opshops NEVER open on a Sunday which is a bit sad:-) l loved seeing all your finds, what fun you must have had. Didn't you luck out with that bag, how amazing someone would give it away, but great for you:-) The painted panels are terrific too, what a lot of work has gone into them. Thanks for sharing all your goodies and l hope you have a fantastic rest of your week.

  18. Love the handbag! Great items for the holidays. Time to stock up.

  19. Wish oh wish I could wander through your booth and see all the gorgeous pretties you have found. So many treasures you have found, yet again. I love those folk art painted panels, they are so pretty with their painted scenes. You certainly have a wondrous talent for bagging a bargain AnnMarie.

  20. Jealous of that purse.It looks like a really nice bag and I sure would have grabbed it up also. My Goodwill here doesn't have that many nice things like you found. I guess the larger cities have lot better choices. I would say you made a haul.When I go to St Louis I like to stop at a Goodwill.
    You had a fun shopping event for sure

  21. You had a wonderful haul! I especially am fond of the wall baskets. But you had lots of great treasures! Three cheers!

  22. You certainly picked up alot of wonderful treasures! :)

  23. Great finds! I especially love your new designer purse, what a steal!

  24. Some great saleable items....have fun in your shop.;)

  25. You just might have to stop at GW more often on Sundays. Great finds and good idea to be thinking about the holidays in advance. I always wait until the last minute.

  26. AnnMarie, thank you for sharing your gorgeous purse and other treasures at Vintage Charm!

  27. What a haul you found! May it all sell well. I hope you have a wonderful week!


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