Monday, October 24, 2016

The Two Buck Five Buck Flea

Don't think that because I haven't done a thrifting post in a while that I haven't been thrifting!

The opposite is true.....I have been picking and hunting at barn sales, flea markets and the good ole' Goodwill so much that I am still trying to dig myself out from under it all!

I thought I'd share my recent finds at a new local flea. My new vintage loving friend Deb bought an 1840's house because of the three out buildings. Imagine if you can what they were all filled with this past weekend!

We have had nonstop rain since last Thursday and it continued on Saturday. Everything was moved inside so I went, bundled in three layers, gloves and a scarf.

She had a flea market in August and I filled my trunk up then. The best part is when you ask her "how much?" she almost always says "2 bucks". I paid 2 bucks for the great little shelf and the rusty metal tin box.

Her husband had a "man area" and I always check those out for unique things. I found the really rusty Bee Gees lunch box amongst the junk.

This green spring is from a motorcycle. It is thick and very heavy. Found in the man area. I was thinking candle holder....the guys thought I lost MY springs! Two bucks.

This next treasure is some sort of box made of wood and cardboard. The whole outside and bottom are covered with very nicely worn soft leather. I have no idea what it is for. Any ideas? I loved it so I had to have it. It was 3 bucks because Deb loves it too!

A heavy wrought iron plate or frame holder. Two bucks.

These are the most adorable kitschy little Christmas scenes. The pinecone tree house has lots of little critters, a welcome sign and a Christmas wreath. The small wood crate has a cornhusk doll, tree, fireplace, wreath, curtains and a little deer by the tree. The half circle is all embellished on the outside with ribbon and plastic holly. Inside is Santa and a squirrel. Someone put a lot of time into these! Two bucks for all three.

Deb and her husband found old large very tall ladders and cut them into sections for sale. Five bucks each. Pretty ingenious and a pretty good price.

I saved the best for last. One of the vendors made tray tables out of vintage coke crates. She had two  with the tray holder for sale. I had to get them for my booth. She hand painted the legs to make them look vintage. Way more than two bucks and five bucks!

Most of these will go to my booth and a few will be listed in my Etsy shop. I may not be able to part with the Kitschy Christmas scenes!

I did get some things for me to keep surprise surprise.

I bought a very long rag rug from the flea in August for my wrap around porch and I love it. When I saw she had another basket full I had to go through it. There it was, perfect for my front hallway. Five bucks.

This little pumpkin is made out of a man's shirt and the buttons are left down the front. How could I pass it up when my kitchen is blue and white? Five bucks.

That is my latest and greatest haul and now I need to organize and list and price. NOT my favorite part of thrifting!

The weather man is talking snow so my favorite past time will be over soon until Spring. Can I say I am envious happy for those of you that live in the southern states and can thrift year round!

Happy Hunting!

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. I love what you said -
    "Don't think that because I haven't done a thrifting post in a while that I haven't been thrifting!"

    Me too!
    I love your treasures.
    Isn't it fun?

    White Spray Paint

  2. Oh my goodness, AnnMarie - snow already!?! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised because we will be getting the white stuff soon enough here in WA state. Already there is snow in the higher hills.....Love, love, love all your vintage goodies! The coke crate tray is wonderful and those little Christmas scenes are too cute. I will be interested to check back and see if anyone knows what the mysterious box is used for. Love the old ladders and little shelf. You always find the best things! Hope you have a lovely week. xx Karen

  3. Two bucks, two bucks, two bucks?? Lucky you!! You picked up some great pieces, but I love the idea of that chopped ladder and the spring. They guys may not get it, but I totally do!! ;) Fabulous!

  4. Two buck,
    Three bucks,
    Five bucks,
    A dollar--
    If you love AnnMarie's goodies
    Stand up and holler!

    What finds and what fun. Love how that gal prices things. That leather box thing is pretty interesting. Looks like it fastened onto something somehow. Hope someone knows what it is for.

    Have a great 'thrifty' week- xo Diana

  5. AnnMarie, I loved all your clever finds. I think the mystery box is for gloves...dress gloves, not gardening kinds. :):) I wish I could have gone junking with you. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Oh how I love your treasures and I always, always marvel at what you find!
    Happy Tuesday:)

  7. Lol at nana Diana's comment! Consider me hollering! Look at you Ann Marie! Wheeling and dealing and scoring some amazing items!!

    I envy your friend having three out buildings. I would love all that extra space :).

    We had a quick snow fall Saturday, but it didn't stick. I think it's going to be a cold winter.


  8. I heard there were flurries in the southern tier! You got some great finds!

  9. Hi AnnMarie, WOW you found some great treasures. The sound of 2 bucks is great. Love the blue and white shirt pumpkin too. You sure did good. Hope your weather cleared. It is gorgeous here so far and we are enjoying it. Have a great week. xo

  10. Bunches of great stuff but I love the Coke crate tables!!

  11. Lots of great finds! My favorites? That funny little leather-covered box--no idea what it was for--and the rag rug runner.

    Thanks for the eye candy!

  12. I love everything you scored and especially the pumpkin, it's so cute. Have a wonderful week.
    Julie xo

  13. Well you certainly can't go wrong with $2 bucks! :) You found some great stuff. The coke crate on legs is super cool! Wish I had a barn to pick! :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Hi Ann Marie, well you must have had so much fun out junking and boy did you find some bargains, l love the kitschy decorations too they're great. Also the shirt pumpkin is ingenious isn't it? The coke tray and the mat are my favourites absolute awesome finds and how wonderful that you can part with the coke tray l don't know that l could:-)

  15. You did really well, I always come home with something on a thrift outing, maybe I need to go again today, LOL!!

  16. Those Coca cola cases always get me, even though one doesn't differ much from the next! You did well, AnnMarie; enjoy your treasures!

    P.S.: Have a lovely stay in my hometown this weekend!

  17. You found some great things AnnMarie. I love that little ladder section, and the rag rug is lovely. I'm a sucker for rusty iron thingies and that plate holder is perfect. I have no idea what that leather box is. It's pretty cool though. We had some of the white stuff the morning, but thankfully it's already gone... but I know it will be back. Hopefully not for a while though.

  18. AnnMarie, you found a lot of great treasures. I love the ladder and would have bought as many as I could. LOL!

    xo Dianne

  19. I love the ladder! I had been looking for an old ladder to display scarves and/or blankets, but never found one. So I finally caved and purchased a bamboo one. Then I received 6 bamboo ladders. Which is cool because I use them all! I love all of your flea market finds!


  20. You always finds such fabulous items, my friend. LOVE the Coca-Cola tray.

    Happy weekend, sweet AnnMarie. Hugs!

  21. What amazing finds you came across... an incredible sale for sure! Yes, it is always more fun to shop, than to price and sell, I can only imagine! :)

  22. Great finds! Love those prices! I need to get out there and hunt for stuff... the winter is going to be long! LOL.

  23. You can't beat two bucks,,,great finds! Pam @ Everyday Living

  24. AnnMarie, thank you for sharing your treasures at Vintage Charm. I pinned your Coke crate turned table! Hugs,Cecilia

  25. The "man area" is cracking me up for some reason! Congrats on a fabulous haul, AnnMarie! Thanks for sharing at Best of the Weekend!


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