Sunday, July 16, 2017

Burnap's Bed & Breakfast and Beyond

"I needed a spark in my life and this has done it".

Spoken from the heart of Kendra Burnap who has dedicated the past year to opening a magnificent bed and breakfast in an 1876 Victorian brick house in the heart of apple and wine country in Upstate New York.

I love a good day of thrifting and picking and treasure hunting. Today I found a true gem in the Burnap's Bed & Breakfast and Beyond. It is all that I imagine a bed and breakfast to be.

Being a farmer most of her life, Kendra never imagined she would be an innkeeper of a bed and breakfast. It was never a dream of hers but when the stately brick home on Lake Road, Sodus, New York was offered for sale, it all fell into place. She loves events, food catering and entertaining so to incorporate that into a newly restored home makes a winning combination.

Since Memorial Day she has been hosting guests in the Bed & Breakfast and holding events on the back deck, gazebo and lawn.

There is a very private, serene and relaxing feel in the back area where acres and acres of apple trees can be seen, the orchards stretching back away from the lake.

This view is from one of the bedrooms on the second floor....

Her brochure says it best....

The 1876 Victorian Brick house has been
transformed into a gorgeous B & B
in the heart of apple and wine country.
Sitting on 120 acres of pristine orchards and vineyards
it overlooks Lake Ontario and is open to host
overnight guests and custom events.
The B & B offers 4 grand bedrooms,
each with private bath. It is proud to have it's own
Chef to cater to custom weddings, farm to table luncheons, dinner
parties and events.

Shall we take a tour of the inside? Let's enter through the grand front entrance....

All of the wallpaper in the house is original, as are most of the chandeliers. Kendra has done a wonderful job of sourcing chandeliers to match the originals and finding furniture from the period of the house at area antique shops. She quickly had to become a picker, junker, antique hunter (as I like to call it) to fill this home with wonderful furnishings and accents. She did a wonderful job with all the details, right down to the tassels on the doorknobs.

To the right of the staircase is the parlor....

To the left, the common area in a gorgeous aqua which has been updated to match the original color.

Toward the back of the house is the dining room. Wake up to a gourmet breakfast cooked by the B & B's own Chef. There are eight different hot choices plus a buffet and coffee.

There is a nice sized kitchen and pantry that will be expanded to a commercial kitchen, and behind that a newly built apartment for Kendra's parents. At a later date three more bedrooms will be added above that as guest rooms.

The upstairs has four beautiful guest bedrooms, each with a private bath, all named for heirloom apple varieties, which I think is so special having lived in apple country for over 30 years. The furniture was found in the Boston area by Kendra's sister who was given the "mission and a credit card" to find period bedroom sets.

Two of the bedrooms have private balconies...

The Monroe has the original red rose wallpaper, a four poster bed and lovely details.

The Winesap room has pale pink rose wallpaper....

and the most interesting bathroom set up. Three of the bathrooms in the bedrooms were made out of small existing closets. A solution to fit all that is needed in a bathroom turned out so pretty in the room....

.....the toilet and shower in the "closet" and the sink outside in the room. The faucets do work
right out of the wall!

 The Liberty has pretty blue wainscot walls and the original bathroom of the house.

The details in the rooms are so pretty and styled perfectly. Kendra worked closely with her contractor to renovate and decorate each room to recreate the original decor. I think she did a wonderful job, don't you agree?

 The Braeburn has pretty beige walls and a unique bathroom that has it's own hallway.

It has a gallery wall of Norman Rockwell prints....

There is a full elevator that goes from the basement to the attic.....but let's take the stairs back downstairs and walk around the grounds.

Herbs and flowers outside the kitchen door....

The back view....

The area that this B & B is located in is a beautiful part of Upstate NY, rich in farming and abundant in fresh fruit and produce. If you live anywhere in the country and have always wanted to visit New York State, this area is a wonderful place to start.

Right down the street is Burnap's Farm Market and Garden Café, part of Kendra's family for 20 years, offering garden fresh produce, baked goods, ice cream and so much more.

Contact information if you'd like to book a stay or an event at this beautiful B & B....

Kendra Burnap
7094 Lake Road
Sodus, NY 14551
(585) 820-1114

For private events at the B & B....

Sarah Cramer
Event Coordinator

I was excited when I found out that the construction company that renovated this home is a family I have known for over 20 years and are very dear to me. I was honored to see first hand the high quality workmanship in each room that they worked on.

Randy Cornelius and his sons Adam and Michael make up the crew at Cornelius Construction.

Cornelius Construction


  1. As a southern Missouri gal, it's a place I'll never see with my own eyes, but it's so beautiful! It was such a privilege to see it through your camera and your words. Thank you!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
    Carthage, Missouri

  2. Oh how gorgeous. I love,this period home and furnishings that is now a beautiful bed and breakfast. Looks like you found a jewel! I enjoyed the tour!

  3. What a beautiful place - thanks for sharing your visit!

  4. Oh my, what an amazing and beautiful building and grounds. That still my beating house. I can only imagine how you felt walking through each gorgeous room drinking in all the furniture and pretty touches that are in abundance. Thank you for allowing me to stroll through each room, AnnMarie. It would be heaven to spend a night or two in this beautiful B&B.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! It's on the list of places to visit. Thank you for the charming tour.

  6. Hi AnnMarie, Just beautiful. I loved this tour and seeing the great way this gem was transformed into a fabulous B&B. I am keeping the info for future thoughts on a visit. Thank you for sharing. Your photos and tour was very well done. Have a great week. xo

  7. What a lovely old home! I would imagine the weather is nice there this time of year too.

  8. Loved the tour AnnMarie! What a beautiful historic home--I'd love to stay there some day :)

  9. My SIL lives on Lake Rd in Williamson, right down the road from here!! This home is lovely and decorated to perfection!! Great tour!

  10. This B&B is perfect in every detail! You didn't say, but I assume you stayed there?

    Since the rooms have no closets, did she add armoires for clothing? I didn't see any in the rooms.

    I'm going to check out their Facebook page and see how far they are from us. My guess is less than 4 hours, but I'm off to find out :)

    Fabulous tour Ann Marie, and thank you for sharing!


  11. Wow, such a beautiful place! She did a great job keeping with the original themes. I'm reading a fiction book about someone inheriting a Victorian home and doing a similar thing with it.

  12. I really enjoyed seeing this gem, AnnMarie. It's so wonderful that she was able to preserver the original feel of the homem. This is just the kind of place I'd love to stay in for a weekend. So of course, I had to check and see how far it is from me - just under 300 miles. It's doable! I'm pinning it, just in case we need a weekend getaway!

  13. Wow! So beautiful . So glad you enjoyed and why wouldn't you ? Oh my ! I'm so jealous . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  14. Amazing place to visit. Thanks for sharing for sharing those beautiful photos..

  15. Wonderful tour of the B&B, AnnMarie. I'd love to stay there, the rooms are charming. So much attention to detail. I've traveled to the wine country of New York state, and I think it's one of the prettiest places I've seen. Thanks for sharing. xo

  16. I'm very late in coming here to thank you for stopping by Marmelade Gypsy but I'm so glad you did, as I've discovered yet another upstate NY place that looks wonderful! We travel through upstate NY, usually stopping in Geneva or close by, every March (yes, not the best porch weather, but I'm hoping next summer will bring a trip that way, too.) My good friend who grew up in Palmyra now lives in the region as well, so there are lots of reasons to discover more. Thanks for a wonderful post. I look forward to signing up to follow your blog and many happy future visits! ~ jeanie from Marmelade Gypsy

  17. Oh, AnnMarie, what a gorgeous home. The perfect place for a B&B. That was something I always wanted to do. When we were just coming here on weekends we stayed at a Victorian B&B and made good friends with the couple who owned it. We even got to "baby sit" it a couple of times. Such fun. But now it just seems like a lot of work to keep a house that big up..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  18. What a fantastic place, perfect in every detail. You can feel all the love that's been put into it.

  19. My oh my, what a stunning home! I agree, this is the perfect place for a Bed & Breakfast. The rooms are truly amazing and full of beauty.

    Thanks for giving us a tour. Hugs to you!

  20. What a beautiful B&B! Love the pretty rooms with soft colors, wallpaper and gorgeous chandeliers! The grounds are wonderful, too. This would be a great place to stay! Thanks for sharing, AnnMarie. xx Karen

  21. What a lovely B&B, and right in one of the prettiest areas of the U.S. I will definitely keep this place in mind - we're planning to take a few days in September/October to travel through the wine country of New York.

  22. That's just the kind of place that I'd love to stay. Such a beautiful home and grounds too. So peaceful and relaxing. Great tour!

  23. What a beautiful B&B and I love how beautiful the rooms are decorated. It looks like such a nice a peaceful place to stay. I know you had fun thrifting and staying there.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. This time of the year we all need something wonderful to experience and for me a pep me up because of this Texas heat. You have surely found the cure and shared it beautifully! Love the colors, the oven and the grounds. I feel like I just had a little get-away!

  25. Oh my I am in love with this old home. I love her B & B and will keep it in my eye of places I want to go visit with my hubby. I enjoyed this tour so very much! Great job. Happy I stumbled here from home sweet home linky party today! Yay.

  26. Oh my gosh what an awesome retreat! I love the brick, the veranda, the view .... you name it! I really miss the east coast! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  27. Ann Marie, this B&B is beautiful both inside and out! I love that the wall paper and many of the chandeliers are original to the home. Love all of the furniture! Kendra's sister did a great job with that credit card. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC. Pinning in case I ever make it to NY.

  28. The house is a gorgeous dream
    I when I was younger wanted to live in a house like that now I think of all the work to keep it clean and pretty LOL
    Love those bathrooms
    My neighbors added a toilet in a closet in a bedroom similar to that ,myself would miss the closet space
    Thanks for sharing

  29. Such a lovely place. I have never stayed in a bed and breakfast, but this would be a fine one to try. We have many in Texas but nothing to compare to this. Thanks for stopping by.

  30. Oh I wish I could go there and sleep in that room and bed!
    What a stunning house... mansion rather.
    Thanks for the visit dear friend.

  31. Wow, this place is incredible. I love everything. Thank you so much for sharing, and thank you for making Pink Saturday special.

    This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this weekend as "the one with the most clicks".♥


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