Thursday, April 19, 2018

Flowers for My Home - A Review

As much as I look forward to Spring and new growth in the garden and yard, once those flowers bloom, I can only enjoy them in the garden. I can't bring them into my house.

I am highly allergic to most kinds, especially my favorites like Sunflowers and Queen Anne's Lace.

I am so happy to say that I found a way to have one of my favorite flowers indoors, and they are fire retardant too.

I was introduced to Thermaleaf® by fellow blogger Debbie who featured some beautiful wreaths she got from the company on her blog Mountain Mama..

I was offered to choose something from their website in exchange for a review. They specialize in fire retardant artificial foliage products for commercial use and home use.  

Why use fire retardant artificial foliage in your home? A great question and one that Thermaleaf® answers in detail on their website. I did not know that many fires can be caused by artificial plants and trees used in commercial settings because they lack fire resistant materials. They can catch on fire very quickly and the smoke from these plants can be deadly. Not something you want in your place of business or your home!

It took a few times of browsing their website to choose something because of the large variety of potted plants, trees, and topiaries, as well as wreaths and a large selection of floral sprays and stems to make wreaths and arrangements.

I finally chose the Queen Anne's lace stem pack of 12 so that I can arrange them in a vase or use them on a wreath. All 12 stems are in this vase.

I have always loved this pretty white flower that grows tall and lean in fields and roadsides during the summer. They have a lacy, Victorian look to them. 

While on vacation one summer there was an abundance of them growing along the roadside where we were staying so I picked a bunch and decorated our cabin with them. 

When the allergy symptoms appeared, I knew right away what the culprit was. Reluctantly, I have stayed away from them ever since. 

I am thrilled to be able to have these realistic looking stems in my home and they look lovely in my large stoneware pitcher. 

They have long stems and spots on them to cut through and shorten if needed. They also bend so you can arrange them.

I took some out for a leaner look in the vase.

Then I decided that the stems were a little too green for the coloring in my room and I walked around my home looking for other places to add them.

I thought they looked pretty added to my stoneware jug of Pussy Willows.

I also tried them in my glass demijohn bottle and although only three stems fit in there, I love the simple look in the living room.

I hope you will visit Thermaleaf to see if there is something pretty for your home.

The way the weather is going in the northeast, we may have to rely on pretty faux flowers to fill our vases!

I have a unique offer for you from ThermaLeaf...
Use the code BLOGGER10
to take 10% off all products
except custom items.

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. Well, that's pretty interesting about the fire retardant. And these look beautiful no matter how you arrange them or where you put them. A breath of spring.

  2. Hi AnnMarie, oh I love the way those flowers look so real. They look great in the pretty vases and perfect for your allergies.
    My allergies have been really bad the past few days because of everything budding.
    Hope you have a nice day and weekend.
    Julie xo

  3. I love wild flowers - so sorry to hear you are allergic! When the Queen Anne's lace come out, i love to pick it!

  4. I just found your blog through Pandoras Box. I too have allergies but as far as I know I'm not allergic to most flowers. Of course, there is the dreaded goldenrod and a few other weeds that do bother me. We have LOTS of Queen Anne's Lace growing wild in our area. I just love it. I sometimes add food coloring to the water and after a few days the Lace will soak up the liquid and change the flowerhead a different color. It's a great science lesson for the grands too:) Now I'm off to copy that recipe for cookies from your last post...I love baking cookies (check out my Cookies Pinterest Board:) I'd also like to invite you to visit my blog sometimes. (My grandchildren call me Cheri). It was nice to meet you...have a lovely day.

  5. I love those beauties Ann Marie. They look so pretty no matter how you arrange them. Love them though in that beautiful white vase. Looks so vintage to me. Oh I hate it that you are allergic to so much. Girl, I am like that with poinsettia's. Now if there are only a few in my house I can deal. But you put me in the middle of lots of them and it ain't pretty! My nose goes to running and I start hacking! It's horrible. I also can't take strong does of pine and girl, I live surrounded by pine trees. It is crazy. Ragweed the same. I never had those issues until about 7 years ago. It is a bummer indeed. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. Flowers add such a special touch to any room! I'm especially fond of white flowers like you used. Nice job!

  7. The forstnthia in that first photo are beautiful! If that’s your property, you’re one lucky lady Ann Marie.

    I love Queen Anne’s Lace, and it grows so abundantly in so many areas, but I’m not sure about here in NC. We had so much of it in Mass, it was practically treated like a weed! Too bad you’re allergic, but you found a wonderful solution.


  8. Loving the things that are busting out in bloom right now here in TN. It has basically been mostly trees but flowers will be starting soon. Thanks for sharing.

  9. AnnMarie, I am right there with you. Allergic and it stinks, doesn't it? You found a super alternative and I love the different ways you have styled them. Enjoy your pretty flowers and your sneeze-less time around them!!

  10. I must go and visit.
    You have placed your flowers in beautiful locations, nicely done and great review.
    Because of my knee surgery in July I may not be in any condition to look after my window boxes and actually thought about avoiding the real flowers. This may be what I'm looking for :-)


  11. How lovely! Thanks for sharing them with Home Sweet Home!

  12. Those are lovely, AnnMarie! I have allergies also which is not the best for a gardener, is it? I never had them until I got into my 40s and they get worse every year, sigh.

  13. Your spring showing outside your home is absolutely beautiful, AnnMarie. I like the queen anne lace that you chose. It is really pretty by itself, and would look great mixed in with fresh flowers too. It is sad that you can't bring the flowers that you love inside, I am beginning to think that I can't have my lilacs inside anymore either. Most flowers don't bother me, but they seem too. When they get blooming pretty, I will try, but just walking by them is enough to set me sneezing. Happy Wednesday..Judy

  14. I've never heard of this company - will definitely check it out. I love having fresh flowers in the house but it sure is great to have an option like this if you're allergic! All of your options look great. Here in the Midwest, we are JUST now seeing green . . . no spring flowers though. I think they all suffered a slow, painful death in the cold temps and snow!

  15. How lovely you can enjoy one of your favourite flowers in your home now with no allergies. The Queen Anne Lace looks so lifelike and yes they have a Victorian look about them. I love the different vases and rooms you have decorated with these lovely flowers. Yes, I think Spring is a ways off in your neck of the woods yet. =)

  16. They really are pretty and so life like! I can see that you had fun playing with them. :)

  17. They look pretty, AnnMarie, and certainly light up the room. A great find.

  18. I came to see your Forsythia. They are beautiful. I can't wait till mine get bigger. My mom had a while bunch like you when I was growing up and we knew Spring was here when they bloomed. The Queen Anne's Lace you got looks so real. I love it.


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