Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting Ready For The Big Day........

I wish I could say that my big day is a wedding, or the arrival of a new baby, or the opening of a new Etsy shop.

But I can't. It's just not as fun as that!

It is a Big Day though because it has been anticipated, postponed and anticipated again for over 4 months. And oh, the  pain and suffering in the meantime! : -)

On May 1st I am going to have my second total hip replacement surgery.  My first was February of 2011. And because of that I know what I am in for. In some ways that is good, in others, not so much.

On the good side, I know the tools I need to get through and I am ready.......

That's my "surgery" chair, from my husbands bachelor days, and my son-in-law is waiting anxiously for me to be done with it so he can have it! I need the walker and cane to get around, I need my Slanket and remote while I "rest" all day in front of  the TV, and I need the crackers to snack on because healing is hungry work. Last, but definitely not least, I need the bible for strength and encouragement!
Oh yeah, and I need this....UGH!!!! Unfortunately our bathroom is too small for a fit over kinda potty seat...UGH again!
On the not so good side, (meaning the fact that I know this) I know the tools the doctors are going to use to get their job done.....

Yes, this is a little bit of an exaggeration of what the doctors will actually use, but in my mind, that is exactly how they look! I know that the surgeon uses a scalpel (represented by the huge, blue Tomodachi knife), a saw (theirs is probably a little more petite than this), a hammer (probably looks just like this), some screws (they definitely look just like this...I saw them in the x-ray of my first hip surgery) and of course a clamp (I just keep hearing "clamp please"). I threw the ruler in because last time the surgeon said he noticed I was a little uneven in length and so he fixed it for me. Something about how far they bang the metal rod down into my leg with a chisel and mallet. Sorry, I didn't have either one of those to add to the picture!

So I won't be writing blog posts for a little bit. I will miss linking up with all the blog hop parties I have recently been joining in on, and I will miss all the comments and email replies.

My Etsy shop will be "on vacation" until I can get up and around and fill orders again.

I will definitely miss the garage sales and thrift shops and barn sales that are just now starting in my area. I try not to think about all the treasures I CAN'T grab!

So, I decided to spoil myself with a few small gifts for having to go through the surgery and the year after that it takes for a full recovery. I will be lounging in this brand new chair all Spring and Summer.....

while admiring how the sunshine makes my new ring sparkle on my hand.....
Till I blog again.....
AnnMarie :)



  1. I wish you the best recovery ever! I think your preparation and sense of humor will get you through it all. Take care of yourself and enjoy the peace that comes with healing!

  2. We will be thinking about you!! All the very best to you.

  3. Ah what a great post. You will do very well. You got attitude !! LOL you know what is coming and you are ready. I think you should take one of those tools into the hospital with you!
    Will be remembering you in my prayers and looking for you to return. I know it is a long recovery period, but you are up to it for sure.
    xxoo Anne

  4. Physio too. The tools were a good bit of humour of the black kind. Broke up the tension a bit. Glad you have the 'get around' stuff at home ready to use again. Take good care of yourself and maybe you will feel like reading a few blogs after you get your strength/energy somewhat recovered.


  5. I hope everything goes well! I'll keep you in my prayers! Sweet hugs!

  6. Oh AnnMarie, I'm sorry you have to go through this.
    Yes, it's good to be prepared. I hope the surgery goes smoothly and that you recover rapidly. Keeping you in my thoughts.
    hugs, Duni

  7. Oh, AnnMarie, I had no idea! I will be praying for your speedy recovery! Will miss you while you're "gone" on vacation :) Maybe I'll see you on FB?

    Hugs and MANY PRAYERS!....Bonnie

  8. Oh I am so praying for you! A speedy recovery and no pain. Remember, God is with you!!! We love and will miss you in your absence but we eagerly await your healthy return. God bless!!!!

  9. Praying that this recovery is the smoothest ever! I love how prepared you are. Those crackers are definitely a necessity. lol
    Take care. We'll keep our eyes out for your return.

  10. Will be praying for you, AM, as you make your way through this event

  11. praying for a quick recovery and fast healing!!!

  12. Anne Marie I'm praying you have a speedy recovery! I pray the Lord's healing touch on you.

  13. Oh, I'm so glad you have a great sense of humor over this! (the tools!!) Praying for a wonderful recovery and perfect healing!

  14. Hope and pray you are recovering and all is well.

  15. Wishing you all the best as you enjoy your "chairs"!! Speedy recovery :)

  16. May you soon have painfree days.

  17. Bless your heart ... hope you are on the mend!

  18. AnnMarie:

    By this time your surgery is all over (it's June 15) - I've read ahead you see! God bless you with continued and complete healing. I'm sorry that circumstances have kept me from keeping up - but I do check in from time to time.



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