Friday, May 17, 2013

Munching My Way Through Recovery

It has been 17 days of recovery from my hip surgery and I am doing okay. I don't like being out of the loop of blogging and my blog parties so I am posting a little update on what is going on around here. It has been mostly low key and boring with a little excitement built in.

Mostly I sit in my surgery chair all day, in between visits to the bathroom and the kitchen for something to eat. I have visitors in and out all week, ie. the Physical Therapist, the nurse and the crazy lady that runs in, takes my blood and runs out all in about 15 seconds...really! She told me she does about 30 patients a day. She may stay a little longer to chat if it is about QVC or fashion!

I have had dear friends visit also, bringing me wonderful dinners and to chat for a little bit. It is so funny how people think you are so fragile while recovering. I have to convince them that they can hug me and that I can talk for more than a few minutes!

My mantle looks like this these days......quite different than the bunnys on parade I had as decor in March for Easter and Spring. There is a combination of Get Well and Mother's Day cards and one of many bouquets of flowers I have received.

Speaking of Mother's daughter and family, along with my husband and son cooked a Seafood Boil for dinner with Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble for dessert! Yum! I will post the recipes later in another post. My daughter had gone to the Public Market (downtown Rochester, New York) Saturday morning and got most of the ingredients for this delicious dinner. I was sitting in my chair the whole time they were cooking waiting to hear the words, "dinner's ready!"

So now that the weather is getting a little nicer here I am feeling a little cooped up inside. I went to the side porch, hobbling with my walker, to have a peak outside to my side yard. There I saw that everything is growing abundantly and in need of a bit of weeding. Oops! forgot....I can't garden for a year, according to the surgeon. Just try and keep me away! Anyways, I got to see my fading grape hyacinths and my red tulips blooming.

And then I spotted them! Two lone purple lilacs on my lilac tree! That tree is only about 4 years old and only has bloomed once! I was so excited to see them there finally, but it was a little bittersweet having to view them from a distance! They bloomed just in time for Rochester's famous Lilac Festival.

As soon as I am able, these Impatiens will be potted into various containers to be put around my garden. They were a gift from my son for Mother's Day.

So I mentioned at the beginning that there was a little excitement during this two weeks of recovery. This past Monday night my husband asked my dear friend Bonnie to come over and stay with me so that he could go to his softball game. He missed the first one of the season because of my surgery and he is the coach and the pitcher of our church softball team. 
Part way into the game I got the dreaded call. He had been hit by a line drive ball off the bat right in the forehead and was down for the count. It was just one blessing after another from there on. Two of his teammates are EMT's so they immediately attended to him. They also went to the hospital and stayed with him the whole time he was there (till midnight) and called me with updates. One other guy on his team drove his car home from the field to our house, which is about 40 minutes away. My friend Bonnie's presence was so calming that I actually did not panic and we prayed and chatted in between updates. She also stayed way longer than planned, just not to leave me. I felt helpless but the Lord blessed me and my husband so much during the whole incident.
Yes, I have been very blessed through this whole surgery and recovery, having my daughters and husband take care of me, friends visiting with food and lots of well wishes through cards and email.
Today I got a really nice surprise from my sweet friends Lisa and Ron......a special delivery from QVC of Germack Gourmet Medley......

Something new to do while I sit in my recovery chair......crunch and munch my way through 3 jars of this delicious mix!
Till I blog again.....
AnnMarie :)



  1. Sending you lots of healing and good wishes! Lovely pictures!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery! Enjoy the treats as you journey toward wellness!

    Antique Shop Girl

  3. Hope you're recovery continues on schedule. What an awful thing to happen to your husband, hope he's on the mend too.

  4. Your poor husband. Ouch. Not fun for you to be home and not be able to run to his side. So glad friends were there for you both with their expertise and their prayers. Nice to hear you are on the mend and feeling well enough to write a post. Your garden is gorgeous and lilacs are my favorite thing.
    Please do post the recipes. The whole meal has me drooling. I got shingles on mother's day and missed out on family fun. Making up for it this weekend though.

  5. That dinner looks so delicious. Receiving old fashioned mail is the best! Happy to see you got so many cards. Hope you'll recover quickly.

  6. That dinner looks AMAZING! :) Mmmm As one of the co-hosts from the My Favorite Posts Weekend SHOW OFF Party! I wanted to personally thank you for linking up with us. Also, I'm hosting a Facebook like party on my blog where you can link up and increase your Facebook likes! I'd love it if you joined in too! It's here:

  7. Glad you're on the mend. I remember - I had one done in May also - the whole summer is out for gardening. So next time, I chose November. But no matter when you select, a hip replacement is an awful inconvenience.Mother's Day dinner looks awesome. Looking forward to the recipes.

  8. Seems like a YUMMY way to recover! Thank you for joining us at Let's Get Social Sunday and I hope you get back on your feet soon!

  9. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I just started following you ;)
    those dishes look amazing!
    I've made seafood plenty times, but never a boil like that... oh my, I must try it!
    and that crumble... I'm almost too hungry to finish typing now...
    must go eat breakfast!
    xo- Kaara

  10. Glad you are on the mend. Looks like you are surrounded by lots of love and goodies :) Thanks so much for joining us at the Let's Get Social Sunday. Have a wonderful week. Diane @MamalDiane

  11. Here's to a speedy recovery! Your Mother's Day dinner looked delicious, made me hungry. Thank you for sharing and joining our Social Sunday. Get better soon.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  12. The dinner looks fab! I hope you have a speedy recovery :D and thankyou for linking up at Sweet & Savoury Sunday this week :D

  13. Good luck on your recovery! Thanks for stopping by!! =)

  14. Were those mussels I saw? I love mussels!!! Your daughter did well taking care of you on Mother's Day :). Speedy Recovery and thanks soo much for sharing with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain


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