Friday, August 9, 2013

A Room Fit for a Teen - a Total Makeover

The unsuspecting birthday boy eating his breakfast.

My son Michael turned 15 this week. And for his gift he got a surprise total room makeover!!

And not just any boy themed makeover.

The LA Lakers! Purple and gold!! My husband Frank has been buying LA Lakers (particularly Kobe Bryant) posters, buying basketball themed decorative items, spray painting things purple and gold and printing up all the basketball stickers to fill in the walls. I made the purple valance and table skirt. It was a total guy thing so Frank did it all!

Michael "inherited" the apartment upstairs in our Victorian home from his two older sisters, who each used it in their teen years. The wallpaper was newly hung when we bought the house and so it stayed. It is pretty....but not for a boy!

Not wanting to tear the wallpaper down because of what we might find behind it (the walls are plaster and other rooms revealed lots of cracks!) we decided it had to be covered as much as possible to give it a different look. And it had to be done with a minimum of holes and damage to the wallpaper.
My husband just happens to work in the Media Technology Center (where they test cartridges, paper, etc.) of his company and it just so happens that they were going to be testing some post-it material to see how it took designs.  He asked the boss if they would use his designs (which happened to be  black and white basketball images). They did and we got a whole room full of stickers to fill in with the posters. The stickers are removable and don't damage the wallpaper. We used glue dots to hang the posters....also not supposed to damage wallpaper. I am the only one who cares about that!
Here are the before and after pictures of each wall of the makeover. We only did his bedroom area.....there is also a sitting room, a kitchen and a bath! Nice for a 15 year old, huh?


There are some unique details only my creative husband could come up with.

He spray painted an old lamp, put basketball stickers all over it and added a
a figurine of Shaq. That ring is a replica of Kobe Bryant's 2009 Championship ring.
There's a basketball court on the top of the dresser and
a purple painted lava lamp with a basketball on top
A Lakers covered switch plate with a fiery basketball....
Those are basketball stickers all over the ball,
wedged in on either side of the headboard
My husbands old E-Reader is hanging on the wall with a basketball
slide show continuously playing. Notice the CD player that has been spray painted gold and purple.
Michael's childhood clothes rack has been painted purple and holds his first
pair of basketball shoes, and his Laker's jersey and jacket that no longer fit.
Another spray paint job.....Michael had been
wondering what happened to his garbage basket!
Michael was downstairs the whole time my husband, I and daughter Jena were hanging everything. He kind of knew he was getting a Lakers room but had no idea how it would look. He was pretty surprised. He said it was way more than he expected. It is a WOW in person and the girly wallpaper
fades away!

The bedding was his birthday gift from his sister Jena.
The other rooms in his room are not plain by any means! In the sitting area he has an Irace wall (our last name), a Michael wall, a reptile wall and a superhero's wall. They all have the same kind of decorating style done by the same decorator! My husbands study has a similar look but that is a post for another time!

It was a joy to do this for Michael since he has been such a blessing to us. A true labor of love.
What will turning 16 bring? And how will we out do ourselves after this?!
AnnMarie  :)
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  1. That's my kind of birthday breakfast! Great job on the room, he looks very happy with it! ~Ann at Tarnished Royalty

  2. I have to tell you, I got a little teary reading this! So much love went into transforming this room! I have a 14-year old son, and can relate to how much this room must mean to yours! Thanks for following my blog. I am returning the favor :)

  3. Wow, you went all out! He looks SO Happy and SO surprised by it all. FUN for the whole family, really!

  4. How fun! I'll bet he doesn't come out now. LOL!

  5. Yep, definitely a total makeover! You really can't tell the wallpaper is 'girly' at all now.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

  6. Hi AnnMarie! My jaw is still on the floor! That is AWESOME! (Purple is my favorite color, so that helps too :)) Your son must be in heaven. What a beautiful gift for your beautiful gift.

    What a wonderful Mom you are!


  7. wow, that is a TOTAL transformation!!

    <3 from your newest GFC follower at

  8. I adore your room re-do with that vintage wallpaper!
    Your creativity is so kool! Love the button frame and up-cycles!
    I thought it was a real basketball in the bed frame which is also beautiful!

    I saw you on Hometalk, followed you to Pinterest and pinned you, also Etsy Cottage Style!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  9. Great job, looks great! Thanks for joining us at the Let's get Social Sunday party. have a wonderful week :)

  10. What a great birthday gift !!! For his 16th, how about a purple and gold jalopy ????? (partially joking)

  11. The birthday boy's room looks great. For his 16th, how about a purple and gold car??? (just joking)

  12. Now that's what I call a boy cave! I know he is going to enjoy his new room.

  13. love this!! And I also loved the look of pure joy on his face :) what a great surprise this must have been for him!! :)

  14. Wow - you are such fun parents!

  15. Wow you went all out -- such attention to detail. Something he will enjoy for some time to come at least till his next birthday.

  16. It is over the top I know he will enjoy it with his buddies.

  17. That looks like you and your husband and daughter had a lot of fun!! The creative touches are amazing - especially that waste basket! And what a great job - the wallpaper seems to be non-existent. Your son looks so pleased - and I would like to see how you will top this. :)

  18. Fantastic job! Your son can sure tell he is LOVED! What a wonderful family. And I'm proud of your husband for diving in to a decorating job.

  19. Aw, looks great! I love seeing the before/after, such an awesome makeover. :) Following along from the GYB networking party, can't wait to read more!



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