Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What D'Ya Think?

This is a "HELP me decide" kinda post and a "I would love your opinion" kinda post....

I just want your opinion on what I should do with a new fabulous find. I am leaning one way but I was hoping you can give me ideas I didn't think of!

I got this great mirror at another thrifting adventure this past Saturday. I always go out with the idea of finding things to sell in my Etsy shop and occasionally I just have to keep something!

My first thought was to upcycle this large mirror by painting and distressing it a funky color and then listing it in my shop....but then I am too afraid to ship it!
My second thought was to try and do something very fun and different which is to paint the frame and hang a plant inside of it like Tuula from The Thrifty Rebel did....
I picked up a planter just like the one in the picture at the same sale that I got the frame. I already bought the plant to go in it and I have a great wall to hang it on the front porch...right above my vintage 3 tier shelf.....

The plant on the top is actually the plant I would put in the planter. I haven't come up with colors yet for the planter or frame. My porch is white with different shades of sage green. I could use suggestions there too!
The only problem with this great idea is that I would have to disassemble the whole back to take the mirror out and I am not sure I want to do that....or do I? Ya know, in case I change my mind in a week.

As I was pondering all this I decided to hang the mirror from the cupboard in the dining room to get it off the floor and avoid breaking it! It is quite large at 24" x 30" and cumbersome.
TA DAAA! This became my third choice!
It looks great on my dining room cupboard and up till now that is where it has been! It is kind of  a different thing to do....hang a mirror on a cupboard....and that is why I like it.

It is not really practical here because I would have to move it every time I needed something IN the cupboard, which holds all my good dishes and serving pieces. I just won't entertain ever again!

So, do I have a dilemma or is the choice clear?

AnnMarie :)

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  1. I don't know a thing about vintage mirrors but if it's really at all old and has intrinsic value, I wouldn't dismantle it and use it for something else. I re-purpose or upcycle vintage items that are damaged but not ones that are in good condition. Is the mirror made of beveled glass? I think I'd keep it as a mirror.

    There are old frames at every garage sale, if you want to pursue the garden frame idea!

  2. Well, I am partial to the first choice... If you are afraid of the mirror breaking, maybe you could replace the mirror with cork board. Just a thought ;)

  3. What a delicious dilemma you have.
    a- I would not take the mirror out of the frame, especially if the mirror has a beveled edge. I can't see if it does or not.

    b - is the mirror safe on the dining room cupboard? If so I would leave it there for a while until another/better idea comes up.

    c - I would hang the wire basket plant holder above the tiered shelf on the porch.

    d - I have one of those wire plant holders in my powder room which I roll up hand towels in.

  4. Beautiful mirror and frame! What did you have in mind for the mirror if you de-framed it? Because the mirror would be hard to frame again, would it be sellable by itself.

    If you're like me, moving a heavy mirror every time I want in a cupboard - well it would just never happen.

    Maybe give yourself until the next 'get out the good dishes' occasion to make a decision.

  5. keep it on the dining room cabinet for awhile. I love it as it is and would hate to take a mirror out of a great frame like that.

  6. Why don't you try putting the frame with the mirror still in it, on the porch wall and see how it looks. I've seen how pretty a mirror and it's reflection can look on a porch or in a garden. If you think you might like it there, decide if you want to paint the frame. You also might try putting the plant and planter on top of the mirror. The reflection of the plant in the mirror might be really pretty. Frankly I don't care for the look of the mirror on your cabinet. I love both pieces, butI don't like them together. Two different eras.

  7. Hi Ann Marie! I was having such a good time reading the responses to your question about the mirror. You know, my Mom gave me a mirror that was much smaller than this one, and I didn't know what to do with it. I wandered around the house trying to find it a home.

    I ended up hanging it in the garage! At least I see it everyday, and it reminds me of my Mom :)

    Good luck!

  8. Hi AnnMarie! Great finds!I'm SOOO jealous! If indeed the frame is WOOD and the mirror in tact then DO NOT alter it! It's worth tremendous money in the right places! I have a tacky PLASTIC mirror that actually looks similar that I would GIVE to you before you dismantle that one! :)
    I kind of like it on the cabinet but Marcia Gonyea has a good point that I hadn't noticed at first. They are different eras for the combination. IF you decide to keep it on the cabinet, then you have another shopping task! Hang the larger mirror on only ONE door and find similar smaller mirrors to hang on the opposite door! Voila! Then you might "garnish" the frame with a greenery swag or, if you like rustic, loosely wrap some grapevine around it. I'm looking forward to your end decision!

  9. I like Marcia's idea. I've seen mirrors on porches before and they do have a nice look.

  10. I like Marcia's idea. I've seen mirrors on porches before and they do add a nice touch.

  11. Hi Ann Marie, thanks for stopping by my blog, so glad to meet you. I also just started following you. Can't wait to go through your blog this weekend. Loving the mirror, I know that it's worth so much more if you leave it alone. But I alter everything. I have a huge mirror on wall in my back porch and I love it. We had a family of frogs living behind it, yuck. But other than that I love it. Good luck, you have a hard decision , lol

  12. What a great find. I agree -- if the mirror is in good shape -- I wouldn't take it apart. The frame looks like it has so much potential - for painting or refinishing - although I don't really know anything about how that is done or what kind of paint you would use.

  13. Is there another wall you can use to keep the mirror the same? However, I think it would look great if you could carefully removed the mirror and have it on your porch.

  14. I absolutely love the frame! I'm partial to a shabby chic finish. Distressing the silver on the mirror back might look interesting too...maybe with prints of roses, sheet music or old poetry book pages decoupaged to the back and peeking through the distressing. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  15. Hi Annemarie, Christine visiting from Little Brags....love how you arranged the mirror on the armoire.....


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