Monday, November 13, 2017

I Lost 2 Pounds in 10 Seconds!!

It's my scale.

Or scales. I have three.

Warning: This post may seem obsessive to some, funny to others, and may be relatable to most women. If you don't even own a scale, or care how much you weigh, you may want to sign off now.

If you do and you do, read on. I have not been diagnosed with OCD.  This is mostly tongue in cheek.

Or is it?

So I have three scales. The first is the one I used 10 years ago when I lost 10 pounds on Weight Watchers. I was so proud of myself then. Of course to dash my victory over weight, the scale would always be at least 2 pounds higher at the doctors.

Can I get an Amen?

It is a well known fact that doctors scales weigh higher, even after I deducted for my clothes and whatever I ate that day. I actually weighed my clothes once before I went to the doctor, in the winter, and it was almost 2 pounds.

I started thinking that my trusty old school scale wasn't very accurate anymore. I bought a new digital light-up scale. I weigh myself every morning so I need to see in the dark.

Here's where the OCD starts and where my title comes from. I always weigh myself first thing, before coffee. If I use my old scale in my bedroom under the light of the window where the floors may or may not be even, I weigh one weight.

If I take my new digital scale into the kitchen where the floors are even, I weigh 2 pounds more. The time it takes me to lose 2 pounds is the time it takes me to walk from the high weight (ie. the kitchen)  back to the better weight (the bedroom)....about 10 seconds.

Yup, I timed it. Just for this post.

So I started using the new light-up scale every morning.

I just couldn't keep lying to myself anymore.

And there's more.

There is a third scale.

I have been wanting an official Weight Watchers scale for awhile. I was starting to lose trust some mornings in my digital light-up, wondering if it was really telling me the truth about my weight. I found myself getting on and off  3-4 times because it was giving me 3-4 different numbers.

I believe in checking at least twice. The same number twice is the truth.

That relationship has to be trustworthy or it is just not worth getting up in the morning :-)

So back to my third scale. The Weight Watchers scale. I got it at a church rummage sale for half price. I paid $2.50.

The price does not make it less trustworthy but it weighs me the same as my untrustworthy digital light-up scale.

And it doesn't even light up!

At this point you may be wondering why I keep all three scales. And why I weigh myself every morning. I know so many woman who are flabbergasted at this and a few who get me.

The old school scale is there for nostalgic reasons. It was my friend while I was suffering through Weight Watchers.

The digital light-up scale is there because it is a digital light-up scale.

The Weight Watchers is there because it's name alone gives it credibility and worthy of more chances at weighing me correctly.

I weigh myself every morning because it has become a discipline and helps me stay disciplined throughout the day.

This is very important to a woman's well being. Or maybe just mine.

If I am at a good weight one morning, I may have the option of a peanut encrusted donut at Wegmans while I am grocery shopping.

If I am on the high side, it is a boring day of light eating, no sneaking M & M's and certainly no donuts. I know if I do this, within a few days my weight will again be where it should be.

It's the three day rule. Every three days, if you are eating healthy, your body will reset and maintain itself in keeping a healthy weight.

For example, if I eat 3 pieces of pizza and some brownies and oatmeal cookies one night, obviously my weight will be higher the next morning than if I ate a salad. If I eat light the next few days, my weight will return to it's normal weight on the third day.

If you overeat or indulge for three days straight, guess where your weight will be the fourth day??

Not pretty.

That's what vacations are made of.

I am scared of vacation eating. That's a whole other post.

Speaking of scary, this is the scariest time of the day....

weighing myself in the the dark
Just to clarify.....this is MY routine to maintain my weight. It has worked so far. To lose weight is another set of OCD practices that I will spare you from.

I haven't even talked about exercise.

And I won't.

In closing, here's a tip for you that will work great with disciplining yourself throughout the day.....

All silliness aside, this discipline and weighing myself every morning stuff does work for me. I do indulge in all my favorite foods regularly and then lighten up the next few days.

I can't list what they are because then I would have to get up from this computer and go have some.

Why go through all of this, you ask?

I just HAVE to do it this way because I have a fear of waking up one day and getting on the scale only to find out I gained 10 pounds. That really happened to a girlfriend.

I kinda like my clothes right now and don't want to buy bigger ones.

At 60 I am within 4 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight at age 25.

That has to count for something!

Bottom line, it is how you feel and how you look for YOURSELF. If you like where you are at, great!

I will love you no matter what size you are!!

AnnMarie xoxo

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  1. You are hysterical, Ann Marie. So, so happy you will love me no matter what size I am!! Your post is a most delightful read making me laugh rather loudly. Oh the travails of weight and scales and food. I have one of those scales that tells me different lies. =) I am impressed you are the same weight now as it was pre-pregnancy. Wish oh wish I was. Back in the day, I rather loved those vintage scales, you know the big, big ones that you stepped on and the dial moved to the right, to the left and back to the right again. Thank you so much for making me laugh this fine day; I am off to eat a lettuce leaf! =D

  2. Ha! I love it! I am a firm believer in doing what you need to in order to feel well. Sounds like you have it down to a science. I have always been very underweight, terrible stomach. At one point my doctor told me to "throw away that scale", since I used to obsess over each pound. Then about a year ago, the scale started going in the other direction. Thank you middle age. Now I am back on the scale again. Ugh.

  3. Oh sweet girl, you are doing so very well. I will tell you a story of scales, to lift anyone's spirits. A fellow at work was reading about a talking scales. I said , "Oh boy, that's what I want...a scales that yells out my weight for the neighbors to hear. " NOT !! He said it could be could says, "one at a time, please". Well it made me laugh, but no I do not have one of those scales. Keep up you good diet practice and you are truly doing well. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. I love this post and your attitude, Ann Marie. I am pretty careful about my weight too but could stand to lose 3 or 4 lbs. right now. Do you know that we have a scale that talks?! It's awful! There you are minding your own business...barely step on the scale and she yells it out for the whole house to hear.

  5. haha....when I saw your three scales lined up I wondered why you haven't put one foot on one scale and the other foot on another - NOW that would show some hefty weight loss!! Good for you to be almost back to your pre-preg weight....I will never be that close! I am NOT disciplined, sadly!

  6. I completely understand this. I'm on the scale as soon as I leave the bathroom in the morning, sans PJs. And while I don't have the scale in the bathroom now, I used to and I could gain or lose weight within a millimeter or placement. And yes, I can skip a day or two but if I skip too much it's very easy for it to creep. So, we are definitely on the same page.

  7. Haha! LOVE this post and I totally get it! You've got to catch those pounds early. You're such a good writer, AnnMarie. Hugs, Nancy

  8. I'm laughing at this AND Stacey's comment! I would most definitely NOT want a scale that talks!!

    I think it's a great practice to weigh yourself often for the reasons you mentioned, and you're spot on about the 3 day rule. Why can't it be one day, or even better, one hour?? No such luck.


  9. I love this post AnnMarie!! I am too obsessed about weighing myself every morning and just can't help it. I love that I weigh less in the morning than at night too!

  10. LOL I can SOOO relate!!! I weigh myself every morning, too...either my day is a smiley one or I am doomed. lol I have two scales, too, but I am too darned lazy to walk down the steps to weigh myself on the second scale.

    When I go to the doctor for my weigh-ins....sore throat...weigh in....broken finger....weigh in. Sometimes I used to feel like taking my contact lenses before I weighed in. lol xo Diana

  11. Oh, my, I think you are doing GREAT! To be 60 and at your pre-pregnancy weight? I would be utterly thrilled to be able to say that! Thanks for the funny post...I needed to lighten up today (pun intended!) Have a wonderful day!

  12. I think you're pretty amazing, AnnMarie--you look fantastic. I inherited my massive, old-fashioned scale from my grandmother when she died. It was the scale I weighed myself on when I lost weight in my twenties and it is extremely accurate (darn it).

  13. Oh my goodness, this was so funny! I used to have 2 scales for the very same reasons! I also like checking twice to see if the weight is better one of the times.

  14. LOL. And I didn't know that there were talking scales, the horror! Must be related to that pig cookie jar.

  15. I was told by a doctor once to only weigh myself once a week, but now I see with your reasoning using the three-day rule that perhaps the pounds wouldn't have crept up had I weighed myself everyday to see when a little slip-up had happened, haha, well no matter what I am not getting a talking scale nope ... never! Congratulations to you for being at your pre-pregnancy weight of 25!

  16. I weigh myself every Friday morning....on ONE scale, in the same exact spot every time. But I have to weigh myself three times...the first time is always highest, and then the second and third time the number will be lower and exactly the scale is weird. Digital, light up, and weird!!

  17. Oh, this is too funny! Three, oh my! I have one scale - it is very vintage, maybe from the 50's, but it is accurate to this day. I rarely weigh myself - I always know when I need to lose a few by how tight my jeans are :) You are so disciplined - I admire that. I need to lose about 10 lbs. I'll wait until after the first - too many treats coming up with the holidays! x K

  18. Hi AnnAMarie. When I was youngER I was always skinny. I would force feed myself whipped cream so I could gain weight. Lucky me, huh? Until I reached 50 then the pounds were easier to come by! I really am lucky though as I stay about the same weight, give or take a pound or two, and I get weighed twice a year at my doc appointments. It funny though, no weight has ever gone down to my legs! Formally known as chicken legs! We all have our crosses to bear but sounds like you are doing the right thing for you and I thoroughly enjoyed your descriptions..Happy Thursday..Judy

  19. Girl, you make me laugh! I thought for sure you were going to show vintage scales. I think I have five or so of those. :) I do not weigh myself every morning. More like once a week or less. Hubby does though and he stays thin like you. I guess that says something! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. This post is so funny. Listen, I will do anything in my power to show weight loss on the scale. In fact, before I go to the doctor, I make sure to shave my legs and give my hair a bit of a trim. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  21. What a fun post and you sound just like me! Weighing myself daily is a discipline and I ate pizza last night...two pounds heavier this morning! Happy Thanksgiving-to you and yours!

  22. What a clever post! I am always about 10 pounds too heavy-seriously! It takes a small army to get those 10 pounds off and to keep them off, it's a viscous circle, and now it's the Holidays!

  23. Oh AnnMarie, you are too cute! And yes, I hate weighing myself at the doctor's office because I'm always more - HA!

    I must confess that I don't weight myself very fact, I think it's been 3 months since I last weighed myself. I go by my clothes and when they start to feel tight I cut back.

    Thanks for the cute post, my friend! Hugs to you!

  24. You crack me up girl and the pictures brought laughter this morning. I am horrible I guess as I never weigh myself. Matter of fact I refuse to have a pair of scales in my house. LOL! My man has scales in his barn that he has used in the past to weigh things on and he asked me once If I wanted him to bring them in the house. I told him only if he wanted to weigh on them cause I don't! LOL! You look good girlfriend. You are as cute as a button. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  25. I weight myself every morning too. Neeked in the birthday suit. I also do that so I know where I stand for the day. I try to eat correctly. But, it does not always happens. If I know I'm up a pound or two, I behave.

  26. Have you been spying on me, AnnMarie??? This post is me - every word, every pound. Yup - I do almost exactly as you do every day, but with one scale, which I don't always trust, either! This was a fantastic post! Hilarious!!!

  27. Oh you made me crack up ! Yep, you sound like me too, but I hardly eat carbs as is what makes me gain weight so I keep the best I can. I was a very skinny child and teen. After 50 the weight crept up, although nothing intense, but in my 60's now I keep a certain weight for five years.
    Your home looks lovely, so warm and inviting too. I love it and that hutch is adorable!


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