Friday, March 7, 2014

Bunny Musings

My love of bunnies goes back to the 1980's when I started decorating my farmhouse. I love vintage or new....whichever one tugs at my heart when I see it. 

I treat myself when I see one I just have to have. I never purposely started a collection, it just kinda happened.

Some have a special spot in my home year round and others come out to play in the Spring. These floppy eared stuffed bunnies have been sitting on my oak wash stand since the 80's, first in my farmhouse bathroom and now in my spare bedroom of my Victorian home. They are faded and probably a little dusty but they bring back memories that I want to savor for a while.

This resin bunny nibbling on his carrots finds a place somewhere in the house every Spring. This year he will be nibbling at the foot of my just acquired chippy rocker.

This is a pipe cleaner rabbit with a vintage paper face. He likes hanging around my corner cabinet.

I just found this great mini wooden sideboard/dresser today and thought that Mrs. Bunny with her 2 boy bunnies and 4 girl bunnies would look great on top. Her children all fit neatly inside her when they are done playing.

Now, I am not complaining, but the bright sun today made it kinda hard to get the pictures I wanted in my window seat! The hydrangeas are dried from my yard, the pink pumpkin is still in great shape from last Fall and the shiny pink vintage bunny is one I found at a thrift store last year. 

This is one of my most favorite places in my house to create a seasonal vignette. The vintage rose doily stays year round, the lamp is a vintage find I just had to keep for myself and the bunny on a pedestal is one of my favorite in my collection.

Down at their feet is my Victorian bunny that comes out every Spring. I have had her forever. When she appears it means there are brighter days ahead.

This cute Lefton bunny planter is listed in my Etsy shop. I can't resist sometimes decorating with some of the great items I find to sell. They are usually the ones that go the quickest!

Peter Rabbit has a backpack full of dried flowers, "fur" and the cutest face. He hangs out in different places every year. This year he likes the paint splattered, chippy chair I found at a garage sale for $2 with a basket full of veggies from Mr. McGregor's garden! My bunny rabbit rug is out from hiding near my bed for a Spring debut.

This bunny is not vintage but is made to look it using paper mache and a great paint technique.

I am not sure where I got this large, cardboard two piece egg. It is quite old and beat up. It has a new baby and bunny family on both sides.

I found this great ceramic Easter basket dated 1986 at a thrift store and it brought back memories of my 20's when I would go to a nice lady's home to make different things for myself. I have a small basket like this of my own. The bunny is also from the 80's and glazed to look like the chocolate ones.

Here is the same basket with my collection of Jim Shore carved eggs. Love his quilted look items.

A local artist made chalkware bunnies for a limited time so I grabbed two of them.

The ceramic basket bowl is another thrift store find that I filled with Jim Shore eggs. Great to fill with jelly beans or those Cadbury mini eggs I am afraid to buy....I would eat the whole bag! I found the nest in my yard. There are always abandoned nests laying on the ground. I have one that the birds made from the pinata pieces left after my son's birthday party.

The two Peter Rabbit's are collectibles I originally bought to sell. May not happen now! The small one is a salt shaker and the large one is a trinket box.

These three bunnies are off to deliver their eggs. They are paper mache, painted to look vintage and then dusted with clear sparkles.

They have a special place on the parlor table every year with my granddaughters and a very old picture of my daughter and son.

These next set of bunnies are from my farmhouse in the apple orchard and now sit on my dining room windowsill year round in my Victorian house. I couldn't get a good picture with all the bright sunshine so I had them sit in the vintage high chair while I took their picture. The wooden bunny is an actual puzzle. I took it apart once and then never again!

The chocolate mold is a real treasure. The small bunny with the cute smile is a shelf-sitter, or in my case a windowsill sitter.

Some of these treasures are listed in my Etsy shop and some probably will never be! I am not ready to part with them yet.

Another reason to keep thrifting and picking new ones to sell.

Spring is almost here and for me, the official start of picking, garage saleing and antiquing season.

Pickers, get your eagle eyes and dollar bills ready! See you out there!

AnnMarie xo

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  1. I love your bunny collection. I have been collecting Peter rabbit and friends figurines for years, so your Peter is my favorite. I love the vintage bunny chocolate mold as well. Your bunnies make me smile, thank you.

  2. Thanks for sharing you bunny collection. I am another t=one that has a few bunnies setting around.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. you have a wonderful collection of bunnies.
    It sure makes your farmhouse look like Spring is near!

  4. What a wonderful collection of rabbits, all with their own personalities. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I used to collect Beatrix Potter animals and the bunnies were my favorite. i love that chocolate mold bunny.

  6. You do have quite a collection of bunnies. So cute and perfect for spring!
    Mary Alice

  7. Hi Annmarie...I love bunnies too. You have a wonderful collection. Isn't it funny how our collections get started? Thank you for sharing.
    :) Tami

  8. I love seeing the doilies. My grandma used to make those. :)

    We like bunnies here too. We have a mama and baby bunny in the planter out front.

    I'm visiting you back from Paula's hop. Have a great weekend!

  9. You have a great bunny collection! I can't decide which is my favorite!

  10. You have a great collection of bunnies! The chocolate mold is a beauty! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment!

  11. Wow, you have quite the collection! Your Easter decorations put mine to shame this year. Since we're moving (house is for sale) I don't foresee doing much Easter decorating:( Love the one with the "fur" the best! xo Kathleen

  12. Hi AnnMarie! Thanks for linking up with my No Rules party and for putting my button on your blog! I'm going to add your button to my "blog buttons" page :))

  13. What a fun collection. You have reminded me to get my Easter box out of the basement. But, I think I should wait for Bebe .... it is one of her favorite boxes to open with me!
    Have an awesome week.

  14. Hi AnnMarie,

    What a charming collection of bunnies, some sentimental, others, simply pretty, all very welcoming and lovely! Spring sure has sprung in your Victorian farmhouse!


  15. Wow. Great bunny collection. Loved looking at them.

  16. I love all of these!!!!! I have to stay away from bunny things because they are TOOOOO cute! :D

  17. You do have a charming collection of bunnies. That's how collections start, by buying one then.... Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my Ann Taylor lampshade!

  18. Wow... I must admit, rather sheepishly, that I do not know what a "vignette" is... must look it up! Also, haven't heard of Jim Shore, but the carved eggs intrigue me... I love the glimpses into your world... keep them coming! Oh, and do watch out for that Peter Rabbit... he's a mischief maker, that one is.

  19. I know what you mean about collections just happening! Your favorite bunny is MY favorite bunny in your collection, too! Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life!

  20. Great bunny collection - rivals mine - I think you win, though

  21. I love bunnies too, you have a great collection! Thanks so much for sharing at Amaze Me Monday...

  22. You have a lot of great and unusual bunnies! I will be pulling mine out next week. Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  23. Love all of your bunnies!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  24. I love your bunnies, AnnMarie! I have loads of them at my house, too. I also keep most of them out year round and bring a few that are specific to Easter out in the Spring. My son tried to count them up once, but he lost count since I have them in just about every room. : ) Love those chalkware bunnies!


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