Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dumpster Diving (it's the little things that count!) a clean dumpster, that is. Filled with boxes and bubble wrap.

I just have to give a huge shout out and thank you to my wonderful husband Frank. He makes a trip to the dumpsters at work several times a week looking for boxes and bubble wrap for me to use for my Etsy shop.
sorry about the picture quality...I had to copy and paste and this is what I got!
That stuff is expensive to buy! But it is an essential because when you sell something you have to wrap it and pack it in a box. I probably couldn't do my small business without the huge help this is.

I have quite a collection going. I should be ashamed to show you the pile of mess it is, but I do straighten it about once a week!

Aside from all this at home he has a stash at work, waiting for me to give him the go ahead to bring it home.

He gets the good, large bubble wrap (which my son and granddaughters always wants to pop) and those plastic pillow thingys that come in handy to cushion fragile items.

Yeah, this is overflowing too....

I can't seem to contain it all. 

But I am not complaining. It is a wonderful thing when you have this kind of support from the one you love.

Like I said, it's the little things that count!

AnnMarie xo


  1. I get to have my hubby bring boxes from work as well. Lately I haven't found the right fit for my clocks. Thankfully, I live near a Uline. I ordered my boxes, then picked them up later in the day.

  2. You are fortunate to have access to an on going supply. Cost of shipping now days is bad enough, but to have to pay for supplies also really adds up.
    Hope you are enjoying your week.

  3. I have just started collecting boxes and bubble wrap in case I sell something. It really can be costly. Your hubby is a real trooper!

  4. Kudos to your husband & his dumpster diving skills! Kudos to you, too, for getting out of your winter blues slump of nothingness. You've published about 4 or 5 posts this month while I've only managed the one small heart-breaker. So good for you! Perhaps there was some spring fever in those boxes your hubby brought home! Hopefully it will be contagious! :)


  5. How sweet that he goes out of his way to support your business and bring you supplies! He's a keeper.

  6. Oh my, yes, I do know what you mean. I have a similar pile. :)

  7. You are lucky to have a good dumpster filled with bubble wrap AnnMarie !! That stuff is expensive...and lucky to have someone that brings it home too.
    It is so true, the little things mean so much. :) Tami

  8. So glad I found your blog. My dad works next to a gun shop and they save all of the boxes and bubble wrap for him to bring to me. It saves sooo much. Good job AnnMaries husband!
    Adina @ Simply Country Life


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