Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blah Blah Blogging.....

The winter blahs, that is.

So I have been feeling a little guilty about not posting anything in 2 weeks. But I've got nothing to post because I am having a severe case of writer's/ideas block. I thought for sure by now something would have popped into my head.


Winter is just tough. If you don't snow ski or ice skate or do outdoor activities, what's left to do but eat out, rent a movie or go shopping? It is all good for awhile but by around March 1st it has gotten oh so old and not really good material to blog about.

Oh, but it is so pretty!

So I googled "blog ideas" and there were lots of sites making suggestions. One site, 101 Fabulous Blog Topic Ideas, did not really help. I liked a couple of them, like the how-to blog post and the list blog post.

Now I need ideas on what to how-to about and what to list.

How to survive winter in the northeast. Hmm, if you live here and don't know by now, I hear that North Carolina and states south are nice places to live. Oh, yeah, wait, they've been having the same weather!

How to get your garden ready for Spring. First, wait for all the snow to melt. Second, wait for the new snow to melt.

How to transition your clothes closet for Spring weather. No hurry on this, we will be wearing boots, winter coats and sweaters till mid-April. For now you can just drool over all the fashion magazine pages, store displays and racks of Spring clothes that are already out, that you won't be wearing yet.

Okay, let's try the List blog post idea.

A list on stuff to always have in stock in your kitchen. Boring.

A list on 10 ways to beat the winter blahs. Number 1....some sunshine.

A list of great books to snuggle up with. ZZZZZ, what? Oh, yeah, I'm here.

Maybe I am expecting too much for wanting a really unique topic to write about. I've done the personal story post, the family recipes, the holiday recipes, the flowers in my garden, the decorated mantel. I even did a blog post about nothing, during my last bout with writers block. I've done the inspirational post, the trip to an interesting place, and wrote about all my fabulous thrifted finds. More than once.

Actually that has been the most fun I've had this winter. Picking and thrifting the local VOA, Goodwill and Savers for donated goodies from people who have actually put their time to good use cleaning out their basements and attics. Right now though, I am in the business of filling up my basement with great old stuff! But I digress.....

For now I will blame my writer's block, along with my non-stop head cold, dry skin and achy joints on winter. He can take it. Because He (Old Man Winter) will be back next year and we can do this all over again.

Any ideas for me for posts? I have another 6 weeks of winter to fill!!

AnnMarie  xoxo

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  1. Hi AnnMarie,

    I can sympathize with your winter blahs, even though we don't get the snow or the cold of North America, and my hometown's (Toronto), Arctic Vortex temps! As I write it is raining cats and dogs and it's extremely windy, which doesn't compare, I know, but you have to understand that Southern Europeans feel quite claustrophobic if they're not outside gardening, swimming, bbquing, or simply just basking in that Mediterranean sun! So, it's all relative, I guess.

    As for what to write, why not browse the blogosphere for pretty images for what inspires you? Case in point: the actual post you read, 'Farmhouse Fascination' on my blog, says it all. Good luck and don't sweat the small stuff, cause it is, small stuff. Happy 'windows' shopping!:))


  2. Hopefully just writing this post was enough to get your juices flowing. Your writing is a wonderful gift that must be shared! I, for one, would love to see all your thrift shop scores in a post...

  3. I'm SNOW sick of winter, too!! Loved your post! Who says you need other ideas? This hit home with "snow" many of us!
    With happy thoughts of spring,

  4. I know exactly what you mean!!!! It has been tough. Really tough and the snow, more snow, and still snow is getting so old.

    I just posted about my trip to FLORIDA again just so I could see sunshine! LOL. Hopefully this weekend we will have a break and see temps in the 40s! Whoo hoo!

  5. I just did a Photo Diary for the month of February. Another blogger and I are going to collaborate on a linky party for bloggers to link their photo diary for the month of April, on May 1. Would love it you join us! Do a photo diary for March just for fun!

  6. Winter has been long - but like all bad things, it will come to and end and we will be complaining about the heat!

  7. Oh, Anne Marie I am so sorry you are having such a rough winter. It has been terrible for so many people across the country.

    Have you blogged about favorite movies? Maybe a vintage item that reminds of one of your favorite movies.

  8. Same here, MaryAnn. But, of course, we are close neighbors, experiencing the same of everything. I do have a white board in my office to jot down ideas for blog subjects. That actually does help.

  9. It's raining like crazy here. I do remember how tired I got of the snow when we got the Easter blizzard while growing up in Nebraska. Hated having to wear pants, boots and a heavy coat with my Easter dress. The snow pic is gorgeous. I always love to hear about movies--watch a lot while I crochet!

  10. This seems to have been the Winter with LOTS of snow everywhere! Thankfully it has been melting here and there is actually grass showing - yippee! I hope Spring is just around the corner.

    Hugs to you, sweet lady!

  11. South Carolina girl here - we are currently anxiously watching the freezing rain line drop across the map closer and closer. Maybe blog about ten things the Weather Channel says that do not come true - like the ice will not be in your area.

  12. ahh the winter blahs, I almost wish we had them here. Our winter was brief and we really need the moisture. Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥

  13. This post made me smile. My daughter, Amy, wrote about this on her blog this morning.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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